Brady Snow, Director of Content for TubeSift, takes a look at Blendtec, and their innovative (and successful) use of YouTube advertising as an engine for brand awareness and growth.
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Video Transcript

Welcome to TubeSift Case Studies 

Hi, I’m Brady Snow with TubeSift and welcome to TubeSift Case Studies. We’re going to break down different types of YouTube ads, businesses of all sorts that will hopefully give you some key takeaways that you can put to use in your YouTube ads.

Blendtec Product


So, first one we’re doing today is BlendTec. And if you haven’t heard of it, they make blenders very powerful ones. They’re not just for smoothies. Everyone loves a blender for smoothies, but if you look at their website here, they have lenders that can make flour, that you can turn into grain and bake breads, and rolls of all sorts. They have nutrition powdered fruits, and vegetables and if you take a look at all the different things you can make with their blenders, you’ll see we have smoothies, juice, ice cream, frozen coffee applesauce, nut butters, hot chocolate, cauliflower rice, hummus. I’m trying to eat healthier myself so these would be really good. Strawberry mangorita, healthy is good, but also you got to celebrate. So that’s fun. Brownies. This looks like a very useful set of products.

Blenders are a useful household item, but in order to sell them Blendtec had to demonstrate the product’s usefulness in a fun and engaging way.  

Blendtec has been an inspiration to hundreds of YouTube advertisers with their creative approach to content.
Blenders are a useful household item, but in order to sell them Blendtec had to demonstrate the product’s usefulness in a fun and engaging way.

Blendtec’s YouTube Channel


But anyway, so let’s look at their YouTube channel. One of the best practices, one of our keys at TubeSift to having a profitable YouTube campaign is creating engaging ads, having a dynamic YouTube channel and creating engaging ads. So look at their channel they have been channel art here draws in your eye. This is a question that looks fun, kind of has a game show setup. Then clearly here they, you can see an ad that you could watch, will it blend Amazon Echo that draws you in. That’s a good title. Then they have a link here that takes you to a page where you can purchase the product.

But first of all, they have these engaging ads. So let’s take a look at some of those. This one, will it blend? iPhone.

Will it Blend? iPhone


Will it blend? That is the question.

I love my new iPhone does everything, but will it blend? That was the question. Let’s find out. I think I’m going to push the smoothie button.

Smoke. Don’t breathe this. Now you fans on YouTube have asked me to blend an iPhone. So I did it, but I have another.

Grabbing your audience’s attention within the first 5 seconds of a video is crucial to ensuring they stay to watch your ad long enough to learn the benefits of your product.  

Getting your audience's attention is on of the primary tasks of any video ad script writer.
Grabbing your audience’s attention within the first 5 seconds of a video is crucial to ensuring they stay to watch your ad long enough to learn the benefits of your product.

Grabbing the Audience’s Attention with YouTube Ads


So we all know iPhones. Seeing an iPhone blend is pretty exciting. They capture your attention in the first five seconds by asking, will it blend. They have that fun game show set up and they got the background music, which very much captures your attention quickly and makes you want to watch more. Not only do you want to watch more, but when you do, you get to see a demonstration of the product. If a blender can blend an iPhone, which has all these metallic parts and chips and stuff, clearly it can probably blend fruit really well, make a great smoothie, not to mention the margarita and all the other fun stuff you can do with it.

Will it Blend? Glow Sticks


They have a whole series of ads like this. One of my favorite ones is the glow stick let’s take a look at that one just ‘cause it’s cool.

It says on the instructions do not puncher, cut or bite into light stick. Now it doesn’t say don’t blend the light stick. Let’s turn the lights off for effect.

That is a 12 hour lantern.

Don’t drink this.

Policy Guidelines: Announcing Product Dangers


So that’s a fun ad. You can see also that they were demoing something that was potentially dangerous, light sticks. You wouldn’t want to do that at home and have a kid drink it or anyone else clearly. So that’s another best practice adhering to policy guidelines if you’re demoing something dangerous, make a note, make a disclaimer. They clearly did that in the video.

Having Fun with Your Engaging YouTube Ads


So these are some great examples of highly engaging ads and it makes you want to watch more. So that’s a great way to draw an attention. There’s no right or wrong way. There’s no tried and true method. You can really get creative with these things so you can have fun with it. Product demonstrations are people’s favorite things on YouTube. It’s great way to show how awesome the product is and make people want to buy it. As you remember from their YouTube page, there’s a link to the product itself, or you can purchase it, BlendTec’s a great example of a company using YouTube ads for the best effect.

So not only do they have fun videos that you can watch of the series like that, they also have an ad itself.

Product Demonstrations


So as you can see, they also demo the product for its actual purpose and they showed a mom making smoothies for her kid. She was enjoying it herself. So this is a great product for people of all backgrounds, people of all walks of life, all age groups. They have a great collection of ads, you can go check them out on YouTube. BlendTec we have links below on this page. Yeah. We hope that checking these ads out, give you a few tips and maybe some ideas that you can use in your own YouTube ads to achieve high ROI and drive engagement with your brand and product.

Thanks for Watching


So thanks for watching. Please follow us on social media. If you’d like to check out more, we are posting new content every week at and you can check it out for free trainings on using YouTube ads. You can also see more case studies like this one from different businesses of all sorts and also we’ll be posting about industry news for digital advertising and using YouTube. So thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time.

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