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Conversion Tracking for YouTube Ads

Tracking conversions with YouTube ads is a crucial component of successful advertising campaigns. Watch this video for an over the shoulder look at how to set up conversion tracking and how conversion tracking pixels work with Google Ads and your website.

Placement targeting YouTube Ads gets your message in front of your ideal audience.

Placement targeting is one of the best ways to get a fast and high ROI on your YouTube ad campaigns. Through millions in ad spend, we’ve developed a hierarchy of targeting options that is proven to deliver the best results on your ads.

There are some powerful options for effective targeting of ads on YouTube. Click to learn more.

Justin Sardi, founder of TubeSift, breaks down the best practices and his hierarchy of targeting options for YouTube ads. Watch this free training to learn how to achieve the highest ROI on your YouTube ads by targeting in the most effective places.

YouTube is a powerful advertising platform

Learn about the different kinds of YouTube ads and which ones work best for various marketing objectives. This post will cover In-Stream Ads, Video Discovery Ads, Non-Skippable In-Stream Ads, Bumper Ads, Companion Banner Ads, and Display Banners.