YouTube Video Ads Training


For those just getting started, or for those looking to improve their knowledge and skill sets to grow their campaigns, this is the place to get free video ads training and many aspects of YouTube advertising. With screen recorded demos and video discussions, we cover everything you’ll need to optimize your entire campaign strategy and process. We cover types of YouTube ads, account set-up, scripting ads, tracking KPIs, how to scale and more. The free video ads training is delivered via screen recorded demos, video presentations, and short articles, these Free Video Ads Trainings have helped YouTube advertisers optimize their campaigns, scale and repeat. We add new topics weekly and dive deeper into existing themes and trends.

One of the greatest benefits of advertising on YouTube today, is being able to choose the channels and videos for their ads where they know their audience is watching. Watch this post for a breakdown on exactly how to position your ads for maximum return on investment.

On this video call we interview Founder Brian Moncada about some tips for how to scale with YouTube ads. Brian discusses the difference between facebook and youtube ads, ad creation, launch, targeting, scaling, and the importance of having a great offer.

Ad sequencing is a video advertising method that uses a series of in-stream ads to tell stories, remarket to your audience and engage with your customers. Watch this video for an over-the-shoulder demo of how to set up an ad sequencing campaign.