Justin Sardi dives into Google’s latest YouTube ad updates about split testing CTA’s and automatic Short ads. Learn how to leverage these tools for more effective ad campaigns.

Video Transcript

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New update in Video Enhancements

Justin Sardi: What’s up, everybody? Justin Sardi here. I want to make a real quick video explaining a couple of the new updates that Google has made to their YouTube ad campaign setup process. There’s some really cool ones. Let’s just dig right in and I’ll show you exactly what those are.

So we’re over here in my Google Ads account. And first thing, as you can see, video enhancements. Now this is something that they’ve had for a while here. Before it was just like, “Hey, get video enhancements.” Cool. But what this is doing now is there’s two different options. You can get shorter versions of your ad generated by Google, so they’re basically going to shorten your video. I haven’t played around with this. This is the new one they just added. Basically, that’s going to make it so your ad can run as a short, right? So that’s a pretty cool thing there. So you can turn that on or off under video enhancements.

And the other one is vertical and square versions of your video generated by Google. You can turn both those off, but you can kind of check them out, see what’s going to happen. Basically, this is going to zoom and crop your videos, things like that. Previously you couldn’t really see these. You couldn’t just see what they were producing. That might have changed. I literally just saw this. I got to play around with these. I have been turning these off personally, but that is a pretty cool new thing that they just rolled out and you can check that out here.

Testing your call to action

Now the next one, this is one that I’m really excited about. This is when you setting up your ad, these are responsive ads. They’re both shown as in stream and in feed ads. But you can now test multiple calls to action. In order to do this previously, you had to take the same video and swap it around. And so your call to actions like that button that’s like sign up, it’s right here. This is what it looks like. So basically you can add up to five calls to action and they’re going to swap those out. And you can actually do not just for calls to action, you can add them for, sign up, start now. They have a bunch of pre-done ones in here like Subscribe, Apply, Donate, whatever it might be.

And then we got the headlines over here. You can add five different headlines of your choice. You can split test those. Long headlines. You can split test five different long headlines and five different descriptions. And I’m under the impression… Again, I have not tested this yet. I need to, this is a brand new thing that just got rolled out, but I’m pretty sure what you can do is you fill all these out and Google’s going to rotate them out like they do on their other ads and they’re going to find the best performing one for you and apply that. So this is on campaigns with a goal. It’s going to go through and do that. And then basically you can duplicate your ads here and you can have multiple ads with your multiple calls to action, all that good stuff. And you could split test your ads, your calls to action, your headlines, all that good stuff and really figure out what’s working the best. So this is a really exciting update that they’ve rolled out.

Again, I have to play with this. I’ll give you some updates shortly on what exactly everything is, what it all looks like, how all that shows, what the analytics are actually looking like, because I’m not 100% sure this is something that we just got in our account over the past week or so. So I’m not sure what this is going to look like in the analytics.

Usually, what you can kind of see in your analytics, we’ll dig into that in the next video, is they will show you things like they’re called ad assets. So these are all assets in your video ads. You can actually look at your assets and you can see which assets are getting which results. And I’m pretty sure what’s going to happen, as it is been that way in the past, is each of your calls to action will show up as an asset and you’ll be able to see the stats for those and you’ll be able to actually determine what’s going on. So more to come on that.

Make sure to disclose any synthetic content in your ads, such as AI-generated, to comply with new guidelines. Image from Jopwell, license under Pexels.
Make sure to disclose any synthetic content in your ads, such as AI-generated, to comply with new guidelines. Image from Jopwell, license under Pexels.

Maximize your campaign with synthetic content

I just wanted to give you a quick update. I recommend everybody plays around with this. If you have campaigns up and running, maybe duplicate those, test some of these new calls to action. Test some of these test headlines. Test these things and really see what’s going to get you the best results. A lot of times those things can make a big difference in your campaigns.

And then the last thing I want to talk about is synthetic content. Basically you have to disclose if it has a synthetic content that’s been digitally altered or generated and inauthentically depicts real or realistic people or events. So basically, are you deepfaking people? You got to tell them if you are. This particular account does have verified election advertising on it because that used to be a workaround for using custom audiences. So we actually got that turned on for this account. So I’m not sure if this is showing up in everybody’s account, but this is also something that has shown up.

So pretty cool updates that they’re definitely embracing that, “Hey, AI is here. This is something you need to pay attention to.” But ultimately, I think my biggest takeaway, my favorite thing here is the headline, the long headline, the call to action split testing. I think that’s awesome. And then obviously these video enhancements. I don’t know. I’d personally prefer to crop my videos myself if I’m going to be using them and also make shorter versions. Like a lot of these ads, I don’t know how they’re going to be able to take exactly what I’m saying and condense it into 30 seconds if I can’t even do that. So we’ll see. But I just wanted to get that out to everybody, show you some of these updates that are going on and definitely play around with these. Check them out. And that is it for me on this video.

Unlock high-converting ads with Video Ad Vault

And as always, if you are looking for an awesome way to create high converting video ads, check out videoadvault.com. We have over almost 1.8 million unique YouTube ads and counting. We have a bunch of AI features built into Video Ad Vault as well. This thing will literally script your ads for you and make sure that you have the highest converting ad possible. It’ll write scripts, rewrite scripts, model scripts, summarize scripts. One of the things I’ve been using this for a lot, split testing the calls to action and everything is great, but what’s even better is split testing your hooks. So you can actually load. Here’s one of my TubeSift ads right here. I can load this up and I can say, “Hey, suggest me new ideas for video hooks.” I can have that happen. And this will analyze my script and spit out four different hooks that I can use in addition to my original hook. And then I have five video ads that are unique, have awesome hooks that I get to test. This software does it all for me.

So that is all on the pro plan right there. Video Ad Vault Pro plan, it’s 137 a month. I definitely recommend checking that out. Here’s the top four hooks that I can try out. And then I can basically just take those from my original ad, delete my initial hook, swap the new ones out, and I then have five ads that I can work with. So check it out, videoadvault.com. And that is it for me on this video. Bye for now.

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