Justin Sardi, founder of TubeSift, breaks down why digital marketers are choosing to advertise on YouTube and effectively driving high intent traffic in any niche.
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TubeSift and YouTube Ads

Hey, I’m Justin Sardi, the founder of TubeSift. In case you’re not familiar, TubeSift is a precision ads targeting software that helps people place ads in front of the right audience, as well as design all of your ad creatives.  Today I’m going to be walking you through exactly why you need to be advertising on YouTube and why it’s so important for brands and businesses of all types.     

Let’s dive into why YouTube is the biggest platform that you want to be placing your video content and running ads on. 

We’ve all gone to YouTube to pass the time with silly videos like a cat video, tide pod video, music videos, sports highlights, or videos of our favorite hobbies.  But many people go to YouTube to research a product or service, or how to learn a new skill.  Because of all those eyes on YouTube, it is huge and growing larger by the minute.   

YouTube Advertising Data

The website Brandwatch.com has compiled usage data from Statista.com on the numbers around YouTube usage.  As of December 2019, people upload over 500 hours of video every single minute worldwide and this number is guaranteed to continue growing over the years.

*Update: For a more recent and comprehensive report on YouTube usage data, check out 300+ Video Marketing Statistics (2020) from SupplyGem.    

YouTube comprises half the internet traffic in the world, making YouTube the second largest search engine on the internet after Google.  Since YouTube is dedicated to videos this makes it a highly viewed platform. To learn about what worked for the most successful videos on YouTube, check out 20 Most Viewed YouTube Videos of all Time (and how they did it), from Avasam.

The article, Video is the Most Engaging Kind of Content, it explains that our brain responds to video content so well because it is programmed to retain visual content more than the written word.  Videos happen to capture our attention more than any other medium because they include moving visuals and sound which happens to be the way our brains prefer digesting new information.

Studies show that a typical viewer remembers 95% of the message when watched as a video but only 10% when it is read.  This explains why video is so much more effective.     

Videos can mix and match text, sounds, links, podcasts, and a number of visual effects to create a digestible piece of content that is easily retained by the way our brains naturally function.  

Because of this natural connection to the way our brains’ process and retain information, videos are the most effective content type to create an emotional connection, drive engagement, likes, sales, and ultimately grow your audience and brand. This is why more and more online companies and marketers are using video content today.  

In the years to come this is only set to increase, as mobile devices and the internet continue to spread.  People watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube videos per day, more than Netflix and Facebook combined.  YouTube is the video platform with the most eyeballs on it and that’s why you’re going to want to use it.

There are a ton of sources out there for YouTube statistics but one that we liked a lot was compiled by Paige Cooper at HootSuite.  You can scroll down to this blog post’s text to find the links.  

YouTube has 2 billion logged-in monthly users.  That’s a quarter of the World’s population all looking for video content aligned to their interests.  Pew Research found that only 33% of popular YouTube videos are in English.  That means this works worldwide.  

73% of adults in the U.S. use YouTube.  This is more than Facebook at 69% and Instagram at 37%, making YouTube the most popular online video platform in America.

Why Advertise on YouTube

YouTube’s About Page shows that YouTube is used in 80 languages in over 100 countries.  That covers 95% of the internet population, making YouTube a massive marketplace for advertisers to promote their brands and content across the globe with exponentially growing potential.

What makes YouTube even more effective for marketers is that most searches on YouTube are intent searches.  This means users worldwide specifically seek out a topic that they are curious about.  

If you can place your ad in front of them while they are in the middle of a search for something of interest to them, you can drive views, increase sales, acquire leads, build an audience and develop your brand presence and do it with an extremely high ROI.  

With YouTube ads, you can directly target your niche audience, or to put it another way, you can directly target the people that are most likely to be interested in the product, service, or information you are promoting.  

According to thinkwithgoogle.com 68% of users who watched YouTube used it to help make a purchasing decision.  Because of these huge numbers, that gives anyone who advertises on YouTube a big leg up in promoting their brand’s content.  

There are a few different kinds of ads marketers can utilize on YouTube and each has their own advantages for different situations and goals.  

To break these ads down and see which would be the most effective for maximizing your YouTube advertising strategy, check out our other  blog post on the Types of YouTube Ads and How to Use Them. (link when posted)  

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