Justin Sardi, Founder and CEO of TubeSift, shares a highly effective strategy using display ads on YouTube without having to produce video ads.
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Video Transcript

Video Overlay Ads (00:02):

Hey, what’s up everybody. Justin Sardi here from tubesift.com. Now, in this video, I’m going to be talking all about video overlay ads, which are technically just display ads that are shown on YouTube, but I like to call them video overlay ads, they’re almost identical, and you don’t have to mess with the reserved placements that you normally would to set up video overlay ads.

Free Video Overlay Ad Training (00:26):

Let’s go ahead and dive right in. With these video overlay ads, the really cool thing about them is they allow you to tap into the power of YouTube ads without actually having to have your own video. Now, I actually put together a full guide on setting this up, and I’m giving that out for free. If you go ahead and click the link below this video or somewhere on our blog depending on where you’re watching it. You can actually go to blog.tubesift.com. We have the link to the exact page right below this video if you are watching this on YouTube. You can get the full guide over the shoulder, me recording my screen to setting these ads up.

Display Ads Specifically for YouTube (01:03):

We found one right here. I’m watching a video about an Audi RS6, which is really cool car. I really want one of these. But right here, you can see, the stores are now open, a safer way to go, Car Toys, right? Now, this is technically, like I said, a banner ad on the Google Display Network and YouTube is actually a part of the Google Display Network, but with these types of ads, you can specifically target them to show up on YouTube. And the really cool thing about that is right here. I’m watching a video about a car and what do you know, Car Toys, which makes cool thing, it’s a whatever car audio store, I believe. Yeah, it is a car audio store. They basically make all kinds of car audio stuff, and they are advertising on a video all about cars.

Video Overlay Ad example. This is a Car Toys ad on a video about Audi RS6.
Display ads are overlaid on other people’s videos.  Advertisers can target niche audiences based on keywords to help promote their brands and drive sales.

Banner Studio Makes Creating Display Ads Easy (01:50):

The way these things work is it’s a display ad right here. It’s a little banner and you can actually set these up inside of TubeSift in the banner creation studio, and the actual size is 468 by 60. You can use this banner creator studio to create this. This is the exact size right here. I’m not going to get into exactly how to create these, but you can download the full guide for free, like I said. Right over here, if I click on this ad, it’s going to take me to cartoys.com, and basically, it’s going to take me to the landing page of the advertisers choice.

If we’re looking over here, a couple of components that you have to have on these video overlay or display ads is you’re going to have an image, right? You want it to be catchy and it can say whatever you want it to say, but you have to have who the advertiser is. So Car Toys, they’ve actually put Car Toys right here, right? Cool thing they did is they have this learn more button, if you will, granted the entire banner is clickable. So it doesn’t actually matter where … It doesn’t actually matter where somebody clicks on this, but if you can build a button into it, that’s a really good thing, and we actually have pre done buttons inside the TubeSift banner studio as well.

Now, like I said, the advertiser gets to choose the landing page, and the only thing you actually have to have on here is who the advertiser is. It could be a logo, it could be the name. This is their logo. It’s basically just Car Toys, right? You just have to have some kind of transparency as far as who’s running this ad and what the actual ad is for.

Choose CPM or CPC for Paid Traffic (03:26):

The way that you’re charged with these types of particular display ads, there’s a couple of different ways that you can set these campaigns up and I will cover that in the free training, all about setting these up, that you can get by clicking the link below, like I said. But essentially, there’s a couple of different ways that you can pay. Depending on how you set this up, you can either pay CPM, which is cost per thousand impressions. You can pay per click or you can pay per conversion, and you get to choose how you want to do that.

I personally have had the best luck with CPM. The reason that I like to do CPM, and then I think maybe CPM works a little bit better or also bidding on conversions works great as well. But the reason I don’t like to bid for clicks on these in particular is because when you’re looking at this right here, like I said, the entire banner can be clicked on, right?

CPM Produces Better Results (04:20):

Well, there’s a tiny little X right here in the right hand corner to close this. And a lot of times when people are watching their videos, they’re going to want to close this if your ad doesn’t resonate with them. So if they come over here to close it and accidentally click on it like I just did right there, then you could be paying for a click of a person who’s not actually interested, right? And that’s why I think that bidding per clicks on this is maybe not the best route because people do try and close them like I just did right there.

As far as targeting goes, there’s a bunch of really awesome things you can do to target these. You can really target them any way you can target in Google ads. My personal favorite way to target these particular types of display ads is by using monetized video placements and finding all the monetized videos that allow these types of ads to be shown over them.

The reason I think this is so powerful or that I know this is so powerful is because let’s say for example, somebody is doing a search on YouTube for landscaping tips. What do you think they want to do? They want to landscape their yards. So they’re doing a little bit of searching. They’re flipping through here and they’re like, okay, cool, landscaping tips. If you were to put a banner right here, just like you can see best landscaping company in Carbondale, which is kind of close to me, you can see that’s a very well targeted ad, right? Just text, not super engaging, but if you could throw a nice picture behind it and throw a cool landscape and be like, hit us up today for your free quote or something along those lines if you run a landscaping company, it just makes sense.

Place Ads in front of High Intention Users (05:53):

I’m just going to take this landscaping tips keyword, we’ll come over here to TubeSift and we’ll paste it right here. Let’s say you run a landscaping company or you’re running ads for a landscaping client, what this is going to do is it’s going to find all of the monetized videos that allow you to put your ad in front of them, put your ad over it … I mean you don’t even need a video. It just makes sense that if somebody is watching a video on landscaping tips, that they are interested in landscaping their yard. That is why using placement targeting is so powerful when it comes to these types of video ads.

Conclusion (06:31):

That’s about all I have for you on these video overlay or display ads placed over YouTube videos. And like I said, I do have a full video guide to setting these up. I’m giving that away absolutely free. You get the link on our blog or by clicking the link directly below this video depending on where you’re watching it. Again, if you liked this video, please give us that thumbs up, subscribe, leave us a comment. Let us know what else you would want to see, and I’ll go ahead and make those videos for you. That’s it for me on this one. Bye for now.

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