Brady Snow, director of content at TubeSift, takes a look at Ramit Sethi’s YouTube channel and breaks down what he is doing well to drive traffic to his personal finance advising business.
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Video Transcript

Having an Organized YouTube Page


Hi, this is Brady Snow with TubeSift, and welcome to our latest YouTube Ads Case Study. Today, we are going to look at Ramit Sethi and how he has set up a great organized YouTube page, which is key to keeping your viewers there and checking out your content. So if you jump on over to my computer, we’ll take a look here and you can see that he has the title of his page here. He says, “Welcome to I Will Teach You To Be Rich.” And so he runs a business, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, and you can see he has a landing page here and he has a message, new, start living your rich life today by downloading my free Ultimate Guide to Personal Finance.

If you click the link, it takes you to where you can download that. It tells you what it is, breaks down everything. So a great way to send users to outside traffic from YouTube. When you jump back over to this page here, you’ll see he has a channel trailer, and this will tell you about what he has to offer in a short amount of time. So let’s give that a quick watch here.

Having an Informative YouTube Channel Trailer

(01:03 ):

Hey, it’s Ramit Sethi from I Will Teach You To Be Rich. I don’t know about you guys, but I got tired of hearing expert after expert lecture me saying, “Cut back on lattes. Keep a budget every single day for the rest of your life.” I don’t want to live like that. I don’t want to always think about all the bad things that can happen with money. I’d rather use money to live a rich life. If that advice worked, wouldn’t we all be rich? That’s why I decided to take a very different approach when it comes to talking about psychology, personal finance, careers, and even starting an online business.

This is about living a richer life, and I teach it to over 1 million monthly readers. So if you want to learn how to improve your social skills, if you want to get more confident, if you want to stop procrastinating, or if you want to work from the beach using an online business, I can show you how to do all that stuff. And I’ve helped millions and millions of students do just that. So click subscribe, click that link below, and also make sure you join us at I share new videos all the time, and I would love to have you join our community. Welcome.

As you can see, that was a really short but informative video. He got right to the point. He comes across as very approachable, very friendly person that genuinely cares about helping people out. I think a lot of people struggle with money issues. They want to make more money or do it in a way where it doesn’t stress them out or take so much of their free time. To do that, he breaks down what people would like to be doing and living a more ideal life that’s better for them, better work-life balance, but we still need to make money to do that. He explains that upfront in a very calm demeanor. It’s a single shot, well-lit setting, and makes you want to subscribe to the video if this is something that you’re interested in learning about. If you click subscribe, as he suggested, you would be updated on new videos that he releases as they come out. And it’s just a great strategy to get people to follow you and subscribe to your content.

Using Enticing YouTube Video Titles

I’m looking at some of his other videos he has here. He has great titles here, How To Save Money: Word For Word Scripts, Five Things That Surprised Me About Side Income, Personal Finance: 10 Money Rules From Ramit Sethi, What Are The Wealthy Doing With Their Money Right Now? All topics that if you’re interested in money, improving your financial situation, it’s something you might click into and watch. You can also see he has a great view counts here. You can scroll through. You see some… You got some other titles here. We got My Three Money Rules for a Recession, Three Examples of Generosity That Changed My Life, all great titles. Take a look at some of his videos that he has available here. You will see that he has a great setup and let’s take a look here.

I’ll just pause this real quick. He poses a question, a hypothetical scenario that watchers and viewers might want to continue watching for, because this is something that’s interesting to them. Imagine you’ve been offered a job with $50,000 starting salary. Your goal is to make $65,000. What would you do? I don’t know. Let’s find out.

Let’s say now that I have just, in this scenario, you have no other competing offers and I’ve just made you an offer for $50,000. So, Justin, here’s the offer and our salary is $50,000.

Well, first I just want to say I’m very excited about the role. I think first and foremost, I want to be here. This is the job that I want. Now, with that said, I think that the experience I bring to the table, the value that I’ve been able to demonstrate in my prior roles, warrants a much higher salary than $50,000.

Capturing Audience Attention Right Away


Just in that first minute or so, you see that he poses a hypothetical question that readers might want to check out to learn more. And then he has a guest. It’s always great to have guests to get different minds on the job, different talent that can speak to some of these issues that he’s talking about. We have another one here. What is negotiation? He has another guest as well. We’ll just watch the first little bit of that video.

Why don’t you start with the key takeaway and you can work your way up to the 10K? It’s about understanding that negotiation is a principle.


It’s not an exact amount. Hi, I’m Ramit Sethi, the founder of I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

Hi, I’m Susan Sue, I’m a freelance marketer and writer.

All right, so I want to introduce you guys to Susan today because I think she has a really interesting story. But Susan, how long ago did we meet? Was it like a year or two?

Yeah, it was about two years ago.

Okay, so let me tell my side of the story as to how we met and then maybe you can tell your side, because I bet there’s some differences in how we think about it.


All right.

Informative Content YouTube Videos


He introduces this just having a conversation with someone. So it’s very personable. It’s down to earth. It’s not trying to do anything fancy or flashy. It’s just real information from real people that you can listen to and learn from, and ideally, get some tips and tricks that you can put to use in your own life. So this is a great example of straightforward content videos. He has a very organized YouTube page. His great channel art here at the top, a lot of healthy people smiling that have had success with his knowledge that he’s giving away.

That’s just an example of having a well organized YouTube page. Another thing he does is consistently puts out content. He said that in his channel trailer, so you know that he will be able to continuously give you new content, new ideas, staying up on changing trends. It’s always great to just have consistency with your video content. I hope those are some good key takeaways that you can put to use in your own YouTube videos. And we wish you the best success with your YouTube videos. Thanks for watching, and we’ll catch you next time.

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