Bastien Desveaux tells us about the power of building an audience with a Youtube channel and about the untapped opportunity for advertising with YouTube in the French markets.
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Video Transcript:

YouTube Advertising in the French Market

Brady Snow: Hi everyone. This is Brady Snow. Director of content at TubeSift. And today we have a special guest (talking about YouTube Ads in the French Market), Bastien Desveaux. He’s a YouTube ad specialist. So, Bastien. Thanks for coming on. How are you doing today?

Bastien D.: I’m very good. And you?

Brady Snow: I’m doing good. So Bastien does a lot of YouTube advertising in the French market. So, that’s going to be real exciting to hear about. So Bastien, can you just tell us how you got started with YouTube ads and then what you do for work right now?

Bastien D.: Yeah. So I’m spending most of my time, I would say 90% of my time doing some YouTube ads, managing campaigns of clients. So as you say, I’m a specialist, I can say on the French speaking market, which includes France of course, but also Belgium and part of Switzerland, Luxembourg, some African countries and part of Canada, Quebec also. So, basically I manage campaigns for people who sell training, we say infopreneur in French. I’m not sure the exact term in English, but a digital product like Webinars, or training, this kind of stuff.

Brady Snow: Cool. I know YouTube is all around the world. Everyone knows that it’s the second largest search engine all for video, but what’s it like in the French market?  Are a lot of people kind of shifting their advertising to targeting people on YouTube? What’s it like in France?

Massive Opportunity with YouTube Advertising

Bastien D.: Actually, it’s growing quite slowly. Since [inaudible 00:01:35]. So far it was especially big brands, big international brands, Chanel or Ford or Volkswagen. But I would say yes, since maybe two years only we see more and more small entrepreneurial like me, agency doing that, some local business. It’s very small so far, but just to say that it’s kind of booming in France, but it’s kind of also, I would say empty compared to the English market. So a lot of opportunities, probably the Spanish market or, the Japanese market. So I’m trying to surf on that wave.

Brady Snow: Yeah, for sure. No, it definitely seems like it’s a trend that’s starting to catch on worldwide. A lot of people are finding that they get higher ROIs on their ad campaigns with YouTube, just because you can target a lot more precisely. We’ve heard that from a lot of different specialists. So it’s exciting. I think it’s a big opportunity for a lot of brands and businesses across different business niches. So one part of strategies with YouTube is remarketing.  It’s just such a quick and easy win to make sales with people that have engaged with your brand or visited your website in some way. Can you tell us a little bit about why that is so important? Have you had experience with that?

The Importance of Remarketing 

Bastien D.: Yeah, definitely. So the remarketing is one of the top three place, targeting I use, with placements at least, and keywords at first of course.  I’ll always warm accounts like that using placements, keywords. And if available of course, remarketing. That’s why I suggest companies that want to do some YouTube ads to build some content, to create some content, and to put it on their YouTube channel. My rule is simple. You create your YouTube channel, you create your remarketing audience. Of course, no one do that because no one knows that, But it’s really… I noticed that on the big YouTube channel and we did those marketing audience very quickly. It’s always a better results. And trust me, I manage a YouTube ad account with YouTube channel of 50,000, 60,000, 100,000 subscribers. And it’s definitely a plus. So it’s a big advice that I give you guys to create content on your YouTube channel. It’s very important for any companies.

Brady Snow: They’re putting their content out there and it just builds an audience. And then that makes you a large amount of followers that you can re-market it if they have visited your YouTube channel. So the opportunity is huge. That’s really exciting. I think it’s going to just continue to catch on around the world. And, you mentioned you do a lot of ads for Webinars and stuff, but have you worked in different niches? Like e-commerce or just a software product, have you done that? Does YouTube work for all sorts of businesses?

Remarketing is a vital part of a marketing strategy for any business.
Remarketing is a vital part of a marketing strategy for any business.

YouTube Advertising Works across Different Niches

Bastien D.: To be honest, I’m not an e-commerce specialist. It’s one of my goals of 2021. So far, I especially worked with entrepreneurs, selling digital products through Webinar, but I work in very different niches. I can say, for example, I have some clients we’ll do some love coaching, how to seduce? And this is for example, a coal funnel. So it gets some coal and you it high ticket coaching with. I work also with some guys who specialize in trading. So very different niche. I work also with someone who sells, low ticket training, for beginner entrepreneurship. What else do you have here? You have a MLM also, multilevel marketing. I have a client, specialized in that, and potentially can work YouTube ads for every niches. I’m totally sure. Although I’m not an expert in e-commerce that there are a lot of space to take in e-commerce, because at least in France, where I am. I don’t see so many e-commerce companies doing some YouTube ads. So it means it’s a big opportunity for all the e-commerce, it’s a huge opportunity. Trust me on that.

Brady Snow: Yeah. Because I read that there’s an article came out like a month or two ago about how Google who owns YouTube was thinking about making it a place where you can just one-click buy a product that’s featured. So I know they’re experimenting with that, but that could be something that we see in the future, which would be a really big change for YouTube. But people will still go there for videos that will only increase, but if they’re watching a video that has a product, even if it’s a software product, something digital. There might be just a one-click link and takes you to a landing page where you can instantly buy.

Bastien D.: Definitely, it will be a big move for Google. Looking forward to that.

Brady Snow: Yeah. But YouTube is definitely the place where regardless of what your product is or what your offer is. Videos are people’s favorite way to take in new content to watch new stuff. So it’s a great way to connect with your audience. Like you were saying, if you put out content on a YouTube channel, then you build that audience already. And then when you have new products or offers or a special deal, you already have your audience in part to them. It’s exciting. And then you mentioned you used TubeSift in your work. Can you tell us a little, how that has helped?

How TubeSift Helps with YouTube Strategy

Bastien D.: Yeah. To be honest, I used it recently. It’s never too late, but I started to use TubeSift quite recently. So of course one of the main use is to scrape the channels, because so far I was targeting with placement only by channel. And I tried a few times to take, to target videos by videos. But of course I needed a one night, one full night. So I said to myself, “Okay. I need TubeSift, let’s go.” And now I can really test videos by videos. It’s super easy. Literally five minutes, I build some placement lists of up to 300 videos. And I can put it directly on my account, on the Google ads account, I mean. So it’s super efficient in terms of productivity for me, I get a lot of time.

And something is, I still have a lot to discover about TubeSift, but something I tried also as an agency, personally. It’s to find some YouTube channel, it’s super easy to find some YouTube channel, related to some niche. For example, I write a trading or beauty and I can sort all the YouTube channel. So I just have to select the big YouTube channels, and I can contact them directly by asking if they might be interested to work with me. So in terms of prospecting, it’s quite useful also. And of course I still have a lot to explore, but I’m still a beginner in TubeSift.

Brady Snow: Well, glad to see it’s helping. If you didn’t hear, we launched a new feature, the ad spy feature. And it allows you to see what video… If you saw that, you can see what videos and ad has been playing on. And also it shows you what landing page it pushes to. So it’s just extra insight you can gain from how other people are using YouTube. That was about all the questions I had, did you have any questions for us or anything else you’d like to add? Just about anything.  

YouTube presents a massive opportunity for marketers working in e-commerce.
YouTube presents a massive opportunity for marketers working in e-commerce.

Bastien D.: No, it’s fine. To be honest, I didn’t know you have a spy tool, so I will definitely take a look at that and yeah. I still have a lot to discover about the TubeSift, so it’s fine for me. I just need some time to investigate myself. That’s a great feature, a great tool.

Brady Snow: Awesome. Thank you. So if anyone wanted to get in touch with you, or can they find you? We can link to it below on the blog post here.

Bastien D.: Yeah. Because my YouTube channel, I have one on my website also. Of course, they are in French, so I’m not sure it’s interesting for the interested people who read the blog, but maybe you can share my Facebook account. Well, I have a Facebook profile related to English market. So the people can contact me easily there on Facebook.

Brady Snow: Okay. We’ll link to that below for sure. But yeah, that’s about all I had for you. If you had anything else to say, or I think we can wrap up?

Bastien D.: Thank you a lot for the invitation. See you.

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