Justin Sardi explains how retargeting on YouTube with your Google Ads account can help you scale your business.
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Video Transcript:

Retargeting with Google Ads 

Hey. What’s up, everybody? Justin Sardi here, founder and CEO of tubesift.com. Now in today’s video, we’re going to be talking all about retargeting using Google Ads, and specifically YouTube Ads. So we’re going to be breaking down exactly how to set it up, the different types that there are. And then I’ve got an awesome training for you that’s going to explain exactly how you can effectively use these retargeting lists to scale massively using placement targeting with TubeSift. So let’s go ahead and jump over to Google Ads. And I’ll show you, over my shoulder, exactly how to do all of this.

So once we’re inside of our Google Ads account, we’ll just talk about setting up retargeting. So the first thing you’re going to do is come over here to this Tools and Settings up at the top, and you’re going to come over to Audience Manager right here. This is where you’re going to create all of your retargeting lists. Now, if you haven’t linked your YouTube channel to your Google Ads account, definitely check out our blog post on that. Then you’re going to come over here to Audience Sources. Now, if you’re going to be doing website retargeting, we’ll talk about the different types of retargeting, you’re going to need this Google Ads tag. And you can see this tag of ours on this account has had 1,004 visitors in the last 24 hours, right?

Retargeting with Google Ads is a powerful way to scale your business.
Retargeting with Google Ads is a powerful way to scale your business.

How to set up retargeting with your Google Ads Account

So you’re going to click Details right here in the Google Ads tab. This is going to show you, once you have this set up, it’ll show you all your hits in specific days and all that good stuff. You can change these different hits parameters, all that good stuff. But you’re just going to come down here to Tag Setup. And you’re going to go install the tag yourself, unless you’re using the Google Tag Manager, in which case, you’re just going to put this conversion ID in there and follow these directions. But if you’re installing the tag yourself, you’re just going to take this global site tag right here, and you’re going to put that on every single page that you want to track. That goes in the head, as you can see right here, of your page.

Now, once you have that set up, you can come over here to Audience Lists, and you can click this plus button. You can see the different types of retargeting. So we’ve got Website Visitors. This is done with that pixel that I just showed you, that global site tag. If you have an app, you can target people that have downloaded your mobile app. You can target YouTube users or retarget YouTube users once you have linked up your Google Ads account, and that’s done over your Google Ads and your YouTube account, that’s done in your linked accounts right here, but there’s a whole blog post on that. You click this plus button.

Creating Audiences from YouTube Visitors

You can also upload Customer Lists, and these are email lists. Now the thing about Customer Lists is they don’t actually let you upload a Customer List unless you’ve spent $50,000 through your Google Ads account and you have that enabled. So you have to be in good standing, have spent $50,000, and then you’ll be able to upload Customer Lists, but not everybody has that. So let’s talk about Website Visitors because this is the easiest one. And then also, we’ll talk about YouTube users. So Website Visitors, there’s a number of ways you can do this. You can name your audience right here, and you just can choose visitors of a page, people who also visited another page, people who visited a page but didn’t visit another page, and you can choose all of these specific things. So you can basically say, “I want to target people who are visitors of a page who did not visit another page.”

So this might be landing page, right? Landingpage.com. You say, page URL contains. I usually leave off the HTTP or the HTTPS, and it tends to populate better because this has to contain this. So it might be like landingpage.com/optin or something. And this might be landingpages.com/thankyou. So we can basically create a retargeting list of people who have visited this page, landingpage.com/optin, that did not visit, or that we’d exclude people that visited this page, right? So we only want to build a retargeting list of people who did not visit or who also visited, right? So this would be people who visited this page, and then opted in and saw the thank you page. Or we change it to people who hit the thank you page, but not the landing page. Or maybe they hit our sales page, but not our thank you page.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and therefore is an ideal place to capture eyeballs and grow your audience.
YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and therefore is an ideal place to capture eyeballs and grow your audience.

Build a Retargeting List on YouTube

So we’re building a retargeting list of non-buyers here, non opt in people. You can then choose to pre-fill with people from the last 30 days, how long you want people in here, max is 540 days. You can add a little description for yourself. So that’s pretty much all you have to do when it comes to setting up those Website Visitors, all those different combinations, all that stuff. So you can figure out what you want to do there. Then there’s YouTube users. So you can choose which specific channel you want to target. Any video, certain videos, videos as an ad, if they subscribed, if they visited a channel, if they liked the video, all these different options here. But you can basically say, hey, even certain videos. And you can find all of the videos right here and figure out which one you want to be targeting or which one you want to add in there, right?

This might be like, okay, cool, boom, pre-fill this with people from the last 30 days and how long do we want them in here, and you click create. That’s about it. Yeah. We also have a bonus training, which we’ll talk about in a second here. And let’s just jump back over to the studio. So hopefully, that was helpful in shedding some light on the different types of retargeting and showing you exactly how to set those up. The Website Visitors one is an amazing way to retarget all the people that are hitting your landing pages. And I’ve actually put together a special training on how you can use that to create similar audiences and really scale your campaigns quickly and easily.

So we’ll have a link to that below this video, and that’ll actually take you to the blog if you’re watching this on YouTube. But if you’re reading it on the blog, it’ll have a link right below that, where you can put your email and tell me exactly where to send that training and I’ll get that over to you. Now, as always, you can jump on over to tubesift.com, get your TubeSift license, and start seeing very highly targeted ads for all of your YouTube Ads and really take the guesswork out of targeting. So that’s it for me on this one. If you wouldn’t mind subscribing to our YouTube channel, give us that thumbs up, leave us a comment, let us know if there’s any other content you would like us to create for you. And I’ll see you on the next video. Bye for now.

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