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Justin Sardi, Founder and CEO of TubeSift, breaks down the tried and true method of placing in-stream ads on relevant YouTube videos to catch the attention of your target audience.

Run Ads on YouTube to Increase Traffic

Hey, what’s up everybody, Justin Sardi from TubeSift here, and today, we’re going to be talking all about how to legally and ethically steal (run ads on YouTube) traffic from any of your competitors’ YouTube videos. So let’s go ahead and dive right in.

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Now, I did mention that we’re going to be talking all about stealing traffic. It’s not technically stealing traffic if you’re paying for the ads. And what we’re going to be using today is called an in-stream ad. And essentially what an in stream ad allows you to do is put a video ad in front of a video that your ideal viewer, or prospect, or whatever it might be, is watching on YouTube. So let’s jump over to my computer real quick, and let’s say I did a search for how to run ads on YouTube. We’ll find all of these videos up here. Now, if I click on one of these, let’s say I’m just trying to figure out, how am I going to run ads on YouTube? I go ahead and click on this video. Hoping we see an ad here. Boom. We do. So we actually see an ad. And right here, let me just zoom out a little bit, I’m a little zoomed in here. All right.

A well placed in-stream ad on a relevant YouTube video is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website and business.
A well placed in-stream ad on a relevant YouTube video is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website and business.

Running Ads on a Monetized Video

So we see an ad here, and basically, it’s how to set up your YouTube ad campaign, YouTube advertising walkthrough. Now, we do see an ad. Now this is for Google Chromebooks. However, this could be an ad for one of our products or services. So let’s say that I happen to teach people how to run ads on YouTube, which I actually do, right? So I could place my ad in front of this video right here, knowing that it is monetized. And essentially what happens is a YouTube creator, such as Andy Mai over here, he uploads a video to YouTube and says, “Hey. I want to be able to make a little bit of money off of the ad revenue that shows on my videos.” And Google AdSense is basically what he would make money off of, but Google Ads is what’s going to serve these ads in front of monetized videos.

So what we do is we go out and we find all the monetized videos for our competitors, for our keywords, all of that good stuff. And then we place our ads. We tell Google Ads, “I want my video ad to run in front of these very specific videos.” And then we create our video ads saying something like, “Hey, if you’re looking to learn how to run YouTube ads at a profit,” something along those lines, right? I’m just kind of winging this here. But like, “Hey, if you’re like all these other Facebook advertisers and you’re looking to move over to YouTube ads, listen up, because I have a free training right now.” And I’m actually going to be making a completely new blog post all about using YouTube ads for webinar registrations as well, and we’ll link to that below this video also.

How to Find Relevant Videos for your Ad Placements

But for now, let’s just talk about how to hijack that traffic. So we go out, we find all of these videos, and you can do this the manual way. You can go over to YouTube. We found the ad in front of this video right here. We copy this video URL at the top. We paste it into a list. We go back, we go to the next video. Right? Do we see an ad? What do we know? It’s my buddy, Jon Penberthy, right here. And he is literally showing you how to run an ad on YouTube right here. Right? So he’s actually pushing to a webinar, and he’s like, “Hey, you’re making a huge mistake if you’re not running ads on YouTube.” Right? Very, very well targeted. And Jon actually uses TubeSift to target these videos.

So the way this is going to work is we’re going to jump over to TubeSift to the video search, and we’re going to do a search for how to run ads on YouTube. Right? This is going to go out. We can find up to 300 videos. I’m just going to do 20 for time’s sake. And you can see monetized videos only. So this is going to find only videos that allow us to put our ads in front of them, because otherwise, what’s the point? So we just click search. This is going to run through all of those videos that we just saw on the YouTube search page, and it’s going to spit them out into a list, and you can see not all of them are monetized. Right now, we’re at a 12 out of 14, right? So once this hits 20 monetized videos, which we’re about two away from, we’re going to have a full list of all of the videos, all about how to run ads on YouTube, that allow us to put ads in front of them. From there, we just get all these links and we can even save them into a placement list if we’d like. We get all those links and we paste them into YouTube … or sorry, into Google Ads. And now, every time somebody watches any of those videos, our ad is shown in front of it. Right?

So if you want to learn more about how to set these types of ads up, you can always download our TubeSift primer. It’s going to walk you through everything, or you can sign up for a TubeSift license over at and you can jump in here. We have a full-on training, all about how to set these ads up, over here in the video ads training. We have module by module, step-by-step how to set these types of ads up, and you can use TubeSift to hypertarget your audience. So if you did like this video, please give us that thumbs up. Subscribe to our newsletter. Go ahead and check out our free Chrome extension. You can find that at And please subscribe to our YouTube channel, all that good stuff. And that is it for me on this video. Bye for now.

Finding the right videos to run your ads on is a key component in achieving a high ROI on your YouTube ad campaigns.
Finding the right videos to run your ads on is a key component in achieving a high ROI on your YouTube ad campaigns.


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