At TubeSift we use YouTube ads to generate webinar registrations and in turn add new members to TubeSift.  In this video CEO and Founder Justin Sardi breaks down how this method works and shows you TubeSift’s campaign numbers and some of our historical video ads. 
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Video Transcript:

Using YouTube Ads to Drive Webinar Registrations

Hey, what’s up everybody, Justin Sardi, founder, and CEO of TubeSift here. And today we’re going to be talking all about how to use YouTube ads to drive webinar registrations. Now, this is something that we do quite often here over TubeSift, is actually how we add a lot of new members to TubeSift month in and month out. And this is a very, very effective strategy. So I’m going to be breaking down some actual campaign numbers, showing you some of my video ads and explaining exactly how this all works. So let’s go ahead and dive right in.

YouTube ads are a highly effective way to drive registrations to your webinar, and in turn generate leads and sales.
YouTube ads are a highly effective way to drive registrations to your webinar, and in turn generate leads and sales.

Start with your Google Ads Account

Cool. So let’s start by looking at one of our Google ads accounts. So if you look over here, you can see this particular account, we’ve driven 25,928 webinar registrations throughout this. And obviously some of those are high ticket sales. But driven somewhere around 25,000 registrations through this particular account. And on average, we’re paying about $8.03 per webinar registration. Now that is the average across this account, and we’ve also ran some other things through this as well. But as you can see, we’re paying right down here, $1.13 to get somebody to register for a webinar, that was 1300 registrations. That is not a bad cost per registration for YouTube. And you can see it just kind of goes up this way, anywhere from $1.00 to about $6.00 and you can see the numbers in there. So this is a very, very effective way to drive webinar registrations. 

Webinar Registration Page

Now let’s break down exactly how it all works. Obviously, first things first, you’re going to need a webinar registration page. Now this is what ours looks like. Basically, I just took an angle that’s like, “Hey, are you paying too much for Facebook ads that aren’t converting. After four years in the trenches, the YouTube ads code has been cracked. And today I’m revealing my simple system that regularly gets an 8X return on ad spend. And I’m going to show you how to get $100 in free ad spend to try it out.” So this is an automated webinar. This goes through WebinarJam or EverWebinar is what we use. And that’s basically what the page looks like. You’re going to need a privacy policy, contact us, and terms of service on there. You can also check our blog post on how to make sure that your landing page stays compliant and that’ll break all of that down for you as well. But you do want to make sure your landing page is compliant. 

Using your Video Ad for Registrations

So once you’ve got your landing page, you’re going to need a video ad. So I have a couple of different video ads. This one we’ve ran quite a few views through. This is a very simple ad and we’ll link these below so you can kind of check them out. But basically this one, you want to make sure that your YouTube ad is lining up perfectly with your landing page. So this particular ad right here of what I say is basically, “Hey, if you’re tired of the increasing cost of Facebook ads,” right? Right off the bat, I have pre-qualified my viewer by targeting Facebook advertisers, right? I’m like, “Hey, if you’re tired of the increasing cost of Facebook ads.” Well, if you’re not running ads on Facebook, if you’re not running some type of paid traffic, you’re going to be like, “What is this guy talking about?” And you’re going to skip the ad. 

And that’s the beauty of these ads. You don’t pay until either 10 or 30 seconds after somebody has started watching the video. So they have to actually watch some of your video. But if they click skip before 10 or 30 seconds, depending on how you set this up, you don’t pay a dime. So right here, it’s, if you’re a anything like the other Facebook advertisers out there, you’re probably pretty tired of the rising cost of Facebook ads, right? So in the first eight seconds, I’ve already been like, “If you’re like the other Facebook advertisers out there, you’re tired of the cost of Facebook ads increasing.” I’m hitting on pain points, things like that. And then I basically get into, well today, I’m going to show you exactly how you can run ads on YouTube. Get penny views. We have a free YouTube ads training. All you have to do is click the link on this. And I’m going to let you in on this free YouTube ads training.

You don’t need a complicated video production to make a successful video ad.  Often a simple video will do the trick.
You don’t need a complicated video production to make a successful video ad.  Often a simple video will do the trick.

Simple Video Production

Now this particular video I shot on my cell phone. I was walking my dogs. You can actually see, I have dog leashes around my neck. Now this is right outside my house. I was walking my dogs around in some loops. I got an idea for a YouTube ad. And I was like, “You know what? I need to shoot it.” So I bust out my trusty dusty cell phone, whatever you want to call it, my little cell phone, it’s just an iPhone. I bust that thing out and I literally shot the video like this, right? No special production equipment, no microphones, nothing. Super simple to do. It was a random idea. Minute and 30 second ad, I threw a little bit of text, overlaid it, emphasize some of the points like one cent views and things like that, and that’s it. From there, we went ahead and set the ad up.

Now, the way I targeted these is I went over to TubeSift and all I did was I searched for how to set up YouTube ads, right? Because I know that people searching for videos on how to set up YouTube ads are going to be interested in my free training, it’s the lowest hanging fruit. And TubeSift goes out and finds all the monetized videos for us so that we don’t have to do any of the manual work. And you can jump over to, I’ll have a link below this video as well. And you can sign up for a TubeSift license and get a bunch of YouTube ads training as well.

So you can see boom, I’ve got 10 or whatever, 10, 20 videos right here, all about how to set up YouTube ads. And these all allow me to put an ad in front of them. So from there, I set up my YouTube ad. I ran the videos in front of these specific videos, knowing that these people are interested in setting up YouTube ads and boom, we are good to go.

Pushing Traffic to Webinar Registration Page with Video

Now I have a couple other examples of ads that have worked extremely well. Here’s another one. I was doing this for affiliate marketing. And basically I said, “Hey, I’m going to show you a system that’s allowing people just like you to generate thousands of dollars a day from home without any prior internet experience.” I literally took a webinar I did with a partner, I automated it the same way I would do mine. And then I push traffic to that webinar registration page and boom, we’re generating dirt cheap leads at a profit because we’re making money off of that webinar. And then I run those people through my webinar as well. So it’s a win-win. You can do this with or without your own webinar. There’s tons of awesome things you can do here. And you can even get creative with some of these ads. This ad, actually it was a little a play on the always sunny kitten mittens. I basically took that kitten mittens ad and made it into one for ourselves. Check this one out.

Hello, Justin Sardi here, online business owner and YouTube traffic expert. Are you tired of increasing Facebook ad costs? So same kind of thing, I’ll link to this one below as well. You can check that out, it’s pretty funny ad. But this one actually did not perform very well because I don’t know why. I think it’s because I call people stupid. But anyway, you can check this one out, good stuff. And all you have to do is target videos that you know your ideal audience is going to be watching. And you’re going to see a huge return on investment. 

Now hopefully this YouTube ads for webinars, webinar registration, case study, blog post helped you out a bit. If you did like it, please subscribe to us on YouTube. Give us that thumbs up. You can always download our free Chrome extension as well as our YouTube ads primer at, we’ll link to those below here. And you can always sign up for a TubeSift license so you can hyper target your audience and precision target those YouTube ads. So that is it for me on this one. Thanks for watching bye for now.

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