In this video training, Justin Sardi, Founder and CEO of TubeSift, takes a look at how to find monetized placements for youtube ads.
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Video Transcript:

What is a Monetized Placement for YouTube Ads?

Hey, what’s up everybody, Justin Sardi, CEO and co-founder of TubeSift here. Today we’re going to be talking all about the best way to find monetized placements for youtube ads.

Now real quick, let’s talk about what a monetized video is. Essentially a monetized video is a video that lets you put an ad in front of it or a video overlay ad or something of the sort on it. So it’s basically a video that a creator has uploaded and let YouTube or Google Ads know, hey, I want ads to be ran on this so I can get some ad revenue and then you or I, as an advertiser can then place our ads in front of, over, or next to said video.

Finding the right YouTube videos to place your ads on plays a crucial part in an advertising campaign.
Finding the right YouTube videos to place your ads on plays a crucial part in an advertising campaign.

Why you should target monetized videos?

So in order to figure out what videos are monetized, and obviously the reason we want to target monetize videos is because if we’re targeting all of these videos that aren’t monetized well, our ads just not going to show, and we’re going to waste a bunch of time setting up ad campaigns that are never going to show. So placement targeting is what you use when you’re targeting monetized videos and we have a whole other blog post all about why you should be using placement targeting. So definitely check that out, we’ll link to that below this.

Placement Targeting

But placement targeting is one of the best ways to target your audience and that’s because if you can put your ad about a specific topic, let’s say you have a heartburn medicine you sell, and somebody is watching a video on YouTube about how to reduce heartburn or something along those lines, natural cures for heartburn, something like that. Your ad shows up right in front of that being like, hey, if you’re looking for a way to reduce heartburn, well, of course they are, they’re literally searching for that at the exact moment that they’re about to watch a video. So if you can capture your audience at that exact moment, you are good to go and you have a much higher chance of converting them into a buyer.

How to Find Monetized Placements

So let’s talk about how to find monetized placements. Now, the first thing you can do is you can actually jump on over to YouTube and you just do a search for your keyword. You’ll do a search for that keyword and you’ll click on the very first video that shows up in the search results. Now, one of two things is going to happen, either an ad’s going to show up and you’ll know, hey, this video allows ads to be shown in front of it, it’s monetized or nothing shows up. That could mean that the video is not monetized, but it could also mean that you’re just not seeing an ad at that exact moment because YouTube does not show ads on every single monetized video to the same user. They kind of rotate them out just to make sure that you’re having a good experience, however many ads they show per hour or whatever they have a whole algorithm for that. The only way to actually know is to go ahead and refresh that and see, maybe I see an ad, maybe switch YouTube accounts, things like that. So there’s a lot of different things you can do to try and find these monetized videos.

When you use TubeSift for your placement targeting on YouTube you will save yourself hours and hours of manual work so you can focus on the big steps that it takes for scaling your business.
When you use TubeSift for your placement targeting on YouTube you will save yourself hours and hours of manual work so you can focus on the big steps that it takes for scaling your business.

How to Save Time with Placement Targeting

However, this is a very manual process and once you find a video that has an ad on it, you’re going to go ahead and click on that URL in the address bar copy and paste that into a list and then you can paste that into your placement list later, which is a real pain in the ass. So we actually created TubeSift to help everybody find monetized video placements quickly and easily. You can always check that out at But essentially what you do is you type in the exact same search phrase you would be using on YouTube, tell TubeSift, hey, I want monetized videos only and then let it know how many videos you want searched or how many results you would like. TubeSift then takes it from there, goes and scans all the videos in the exact same order that they show up on YouTube because it goes through YouTube API and then tells you in about five seconds instead of you doing this a manual way and going through and finding maybe videos that are monetized, maybe videos that aren’t.

So it really takes out all of the guesswork and also saves you hours of time compiling these placement lists because you can choose up to 300 videos on TubeSift and save all of those into a placement list and quickly and easily copy and paste those into your Google Ads account when it comes time to set up these ads. Then you’re able to put your video in front of hyper relevant videos that your audience is watching about the topic that you’re advertising for your product. So it doesn’t really get much simpler than that. It’s very low hanging fruit, you know that the people that are watching these videos that you’re targeting are going to be interested in your topic because otherwise they would not be watching these videos.

So that’s exactly how we go about finding monetized video placements. Like I said, you can do it the manual way or where you can jump over to, get yourself a license and save yourself hours and hours of time and get in on this high ROI targeting for YouTube Ads.

So that’s it for me on this video. If you did like it, please subscribe to our YouTube channel, leave me a comment and yeah, let us know what else you’d like to hear. That’s it for me on this one. Bye for now.

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