Justin Sardi, CEO of TubeSift, discusses how to generate leads for your business using YouTube ads.

The Importance of Leads for Online Business

Hey, what’s up everybody. Justin Sardi here, co-founder and CEO of TubeSift.com, which is precision targeting software for YouTube advertisers. In today’s post we’re going to be talking all about how to generate leads using YouTube ads. There are three simple steps that you need to follow in order to generate leads. We’re going to be talking all about that on this video, and then I’m going to be talking a little bit about the unlimited leads challenge that we roll out just about every month. If you’d like more info on that you can always click the link below this video or on this blog post. So let’s go ahead and jump right in. 

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We all know that leads are the lifeblood of just about any online business, so generating leads is very, very important, and YouTube ads is a great source of traffic to do just that. Like I mentioned, we actually do have an unlimited leads challenge. It’s a 14 day challenge that takes from start to finish, and by the end of that 14 days you’ll have your first YouTube ad campaign set up and running. That comes with coaching from me, all kinds of good stuff. We do that about once a month, and you can get on the wait list or join it if it’s upcoming below this video. 

Leads are the lifeblood of any online business and comprise the source for creating new buyers.
Leads are the lifeblood of any online business and comprise the source for creating new buyers.

The 3 Things you Need to Generate Leads with YouTube

During that challenge we like to cover three specific things that you need to have in order to generate leads using YouTube ads, and I’m going to talk all about those today and break down how to do it all. If you do want to learn how to set up ads we have another blog post on that all about setting up ads as well, and you can check that out too. 

The three things that you’re going to need in order to generate leads using YouTube ads are obviously some type of irresistible offer, right? That can be… A lead magnet is really what it is, but a lot of times we use webinars for it. You can use free plus shipping offers. You can use PDFs, downloads, check lists work great, anything that is a perceived high value for your ideal lead. You just want to make sure that that lead magnet is going to lead into the sale or that it has something to do with what you are trying to sell, because what good are leads if you’re not actually making sales? 

In our case, we use a webinar where I teach people how to run successful YouTube ads, and at the end of that I pitch our course as well as the software, TubeSift, right? So that’s our lead magnet, and on that we provide a lot of training, a lot of value, so it makes sense to use it for lead generation. So you just need an irresistible offer, right? 

From there you’re going to need an irresistible or an impossible to ignore video, as I like to call it. Now these impossible to ignore videos, part of the video is the script, right? You’re going to need to script it. We have a whole blog post on scripting YouTube ads. You can actually get our scripting guide, where we break everything down on how to practice successful YouTube ads, so definitely check that out.

Have an Ad that Resonates with your Audience

Basically you need an ad that is going to resonate with your audience, pre-qualify the viewer, let them know exactly what you have to offer, all that good stuff, and tell them how to get it on that video. Those are like the main components. This is like a call to action. I tell them how to get it. They click the link on this video, you’ll be taken to a page, put your email in, and you can go to the free training, or whatever it may be. 

That is very effective in capturing your viewer’s attention, right? So you have the irresistible offer or the lead magnet, you have the impossible to ignore video, then comes the targeting, or the actual setup of the ad itself. Now this part cannot be ignored. Obviously you need to get traffic to your video, and you don’t need any traffic, you need targeted traffic, which is where TubeSift and our methods come in. 

Use Placement Targeting 

What you’re going to do is find relevant video that you know your audience is going to be watching. You just have to target them and put your video ad in front of videos that you know they’re going to be watching. This is the easiest way to get targeted traffic on YouTube, and it’s called placement targeting.

What we do… For instance, when I’m trying to generate leads in the YouTube ad space, I just think what are people that are interested in learning about setting up YouTube ads going to be searching for on YouTube? They might be searching for how to set up an ad on YouTube or how to run a YouTube ad campaign, tips for YouTube ads, things like that. Those are all the search phrases they’re going to be using. 

So we jump over to TubeSift, type in those search phrases, and boom, it spits out a list of all the monetized videos we can put our ad in front of. From there we follow the steps outlined on the how to set up a YouTube ad blog post. You can check that out, like I said. We’ll link to that below this video and in the blog post. You can check that out and watch exactly how to set that campaign up start to finish, but essentially we just choose the specific videos that we want to be targeting, that we know our audience is going to be watching, and we put our ad in front of those, knowing that if somebody is watching a video about how to set up YouTube ads they’re probably going to want a free training about how to set up YouTube ads.

Knowing how to convert your leads into buyers is the process that allows businesses to grow.
Knowing how to convert your leads into buyers is the process that allows businesses to grow.

Convert your Leads into Buyers

From there we let the traffic go, obviously tracking conversions and things like that along the way, but we just let the traffic flow and you will start to see leads coming into your pipeline. Now obviously you’re going to need some type of followup series, a way to really nurture that lead and convert them into a buyer, which is what we talk a little bit more about in the unlimited leads challenge also.

So about that challenge, like I said, it’s something we do about once a month. You can click the link below this video. You can check out what it’s all about. It does come with a free trial TubeSift. You’ll be using TubeSift during that as well. 

It’s just a great way to generate leads and sales using YouTube ads with help from me, as well as the community, so tons of results with that, so that’s a very quick and easy way, step-by-step, to do what I just outlined in this video, but in much more detail.

That’s it for me on this video. If you did like it please subscribe to us on YouTube. Give us that thumbs up and leave us a comment. If there’s anything else that you would like us to cover let us know by emailing support@TubeSift.com, or you can jump over to TubeSift.com and score yourself an awesome TubeSift license. We also have live chat on TubeSift.com as well, where you can live chat with any of us support agents as well.

So that’s it for me on this one. Thanks for watching. Bye for now. 

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By joining the Unlimited Leads Challenge you will get 14 days of intimate coaching and guidance on how to use YouTube ads to generate leads and scale your business.
By joining the Unlimited Leads Challenge you will get 14 days of intimate coaching and guidance on how to use YouTube ads to generate leads and scale your business.  

The Unlimited Leads Challenge

For a more in-depth training on how to generate leads with YouTube ads and then turn those leads into buyers check out the Unlimited Leads Challenge and start growing your business today.  


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