Justin Sardi, CEO of TubeSift, interviews TubeSift user David Gillmore about how he has seen massive returns on his advertising budget by precision targeting his audience on YouTube.
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Video Transcript

Generate Sales on YouTube: Tips from 21 Years of Online Marketing

Hey, what’s up everybody? Justin Sardi here, CEO and co-founder of TubeSift.com and today we have a really cool guest –David Gilmore on the call with us, and David’s been doing some really amazing things (ie. generate sales) with YouTube ads and has been using TubeSift through the process. So we wanted to bring him on, get a little bit of info on what he’s doing. If you’ve got any awesome tips, you want to share anything like that that would be awesome. So thanks for taking some time out and joining us today David.

Glad to be here and honored to be with you Justin. I have been doing online marketing for 21 years full-time from my house, this is my office. I go from my bedroom, look both ways in the hallway, make sure there’s no traffic walk across, you know how that is, you’re doing the same thing.

The 12 step program they call that.

YouTube ads are so effective because you can place them on channels and videos with your relevant audience where they are bound to grow your sales.
YouTube ads are so effective because you can place them on channels and videos with your relevant audience where they are bound to grow your sales.

Best Source for Leads and Conversions (generate sales) is YouTube

That’s right. There you go. And it’s been great, but I have not found in 21 years a better source for leads and conversions than YouTube and compared to other social media sources, they’re so much easier to work with. I mean, I was surprised, I launched a campaign and I get a message from Google saying, “Hey, would you like someone to review your campaign for you and work with you?” I thought, “Sure. I’ve gone through Justin’s course, but it’s always good to have someone take a look at it.” So a couple days later I got a call, we did a screen share.

She looked at the campaign and she said, “Well, how much do you think you know about YouTube ads?” I said, “I’ve never run YouTube ads. This is my first ad, just went through a course from Justin and [inaudible 00:01:58] looks good. She says, “Well how much do you think you are on a scale from 0 to 10, 10 being the best.” I said, “Probably a 7.” So she took about 10 minutes, looked at my campaign and said, “Yeah, there’s nothing I can do here. You’re probably at 12 or a 13. So thanks, have a great day, this is going to kill it,” and it did. It really, really did.

David Gillmore explains how YouTube ads helped him generate over $200,000 in sales in a campaign that ran for less than 3 months.
David Gillmore explains how YouTube ads helped him generate sales (over $200,000) in a campaign that ran for less than 3 months.

YouTube is Still an Untapped Traffic Source

Yeah. The cool thing about YouTube is I don’t know why, but most people still aren’t using it. Maybe it’s having to have a video that is maybe a barrier to entry for some people that they don’t want to go forward with that, or I’m not quite sure, but it’s really untapped right now. It’s like Facebook was back in the day before everybody started adopting that and I think that’s really where YouTube is right now. And honestly, it’s been there for the past few years and every year I’m like, “It’s going to get more competitive, going to get more competitive.” And I haven’t really seen costs going up or anything like that yet. And to top it off, they’re pretty lenient as far as what you can actually promote. And like you were saying, just being willing to actually work with you and let you know what’s wrong with your landing page if for some reason you do have a compliance issue, they’re not just going to out of the blue flag your account and boot you and then not talk to you ever.

Yep. So I did have an account shut down. As soon as I launched the campaign it was shut down, it was obviously a bot, right? And so, I, of course appealed it and said, “What’s going on?” And I went totally, totally, Justin, against their terms of service, which you say in the training, make sure you read their advertising policy. I thought, “I’ve been doing this for 21 years, I know blah, blah, blah.” It’s like when you add a new app to your phone, you don’t read that stuff, right? So totally went against the terms of service, reopened a new account and have been running flawlessly since then. I tell you what, if you just follow the instructions in your course and do what Justin says to do, you’re going to have a great experience and it’s been really, really profitable for me.

YouTube ads helped David promote a YouTube ads training that earned him $113,740.50 in commissions.
YouTube ads helped David generate sales of a YouTube ads training course that earned him $113,740.50 in commissions.

YouTube Works in Any Niche

Awesome. Love hearing it. And so if you wouldn’t mind sharing a little bit about what you’re doing, I know you’re doing some pretty cool stuff, you’re going in a super cool niche, no big deal if you don’t want to reveal a niche or anything like that, but if you could just share a little bit about what you’re doing and how TubeSift specifically has helped you, would love to hear a little bit about.

Yeah, so thanks for asking. I’ve really tried it in three different niches. One is the E-commerce. As a matter of fact, I’ve got a screenshot here. This is results from, I don’t know if I can share my screen.

Let’s see. I think I can. The whole Zoom thing, there we go.

All new.


This is after running a campaign in my E-com store. So during this campaign that ran from June 5th to August 28th, I generated sales worth over $200,000. And my highest day was $14,323 in a single day.

And that’s all with YouTube ads?

100% from YouTube. Justin, if you weren’t a guy, I’d kiss you on the lips, right? But I tell you what, you have made me more money faster than anybody else I have ever worked with.

YouTube Ads are Great for E-commerce

Awesome. Well, I love hearing that. And I love the E-com story too, because I always have people asking, “Does this work for E-commerce?” And I know that some people have had a little bit of difficulty because you’re used to running E-comm ads on Facebook where all you need is an image and obviously you do need to dial in a little bit, it’s a little different process for sure. But I mean that right there is proof that it indeed does work for E-comm, so love seeing that.

And my E-comm store is an off niche, it’s a preparedness niche where you can go in and buy water filters and garden seeds and those kinds of things or books that my wife writes. So it’s not a big market at all and it worked just flawlessly.

I mean, that’s crazy, not a big market and that’s something that gets me thinking a little bit of maybe the fact that it’s not that big of a market, you’re able to use TubeSift to really dial in exactly who you want your ad to be shown to really tap into that market instead of just showing it to people who might be interested in something of the sort, right?

Right. So the second niche I went into was actually promoting a product that I really believe in, which was your product, okay? Videos Ad Crack and I promoted that to a list of mine and also ran YouTube ads exclusively at the same time and I’m going to share my screen again.

I remember cutting you a check for that. You did a lot of sales.

$113,740 in 10, I think it was 10, 12, 14 days, something like that.

Yeah. I was on vacation in Alaska, on a fishing trip at the time and in and out of service and when I got service, got a message and it was Chris, he’s like, “Dude, have you seen the numbers David’s doing?” I was like, “No, I’m on vacation.” Pulled that up, looked at it. I was like, “Whoa, maybe I need to go on vacation more,” right?

YouTube Ads for High Ticket Items 

Exactly. I think in my YouTube video that people could feel my sincerity. I mean, this was after I get the results from my E-com store, so I knew it worked. In 21 years I had never run a paid ad on YouTube and then just out of the gate it was working great. So high ticket items, especially in the make money online biz-op, that business, it works really, really, really well. So if people are considering buying your product and they haven’t yet, all I can say is every day you’re not using it you’re losing money. And the way that I was able to make money is I actually had bought a previous course and they recommended some software to find out placements.

Using TubeSift for Finding Placements, Keywords, Channels, and Audience

And then I ran across your software, which was 10 times better than the other software that they recommended. I purchased TubeSift And it was like, “Whoa, this is so cool. It really does find placements, keywords, channels, audiences,” all those things and super easy to use. Then I found out after that, that you had your course, then I purchased the course and one of the combinations is just totally lethal. And so, I think that all came through in my video and people resonated with that and really jumped on board and took advantage of the product because it’s just awesome.

Nice. Yeah and again, really appreciate you promoting it. That was a killer, killer way to cap off that vacation, Alaska was awesome, but nothing like a week of sales like that as well.

Catching salmon on a river or out in the ocean is awesome, but when you can be making $100,000 while you’re out there doing it, hey, that’s even better.

I know, I know, right? But I’m going to try and make that trip again, just because I’ve still been eating the salmon, it’s been phenomenal and the halibut, and good times with the family as well. It was a trip with my cousins, my uncles and my dad and my brothers, so always a good time.

David uses TubeSift to find the placements, keywords, channels and his ideal audience for his YouTube ads that have allowed him to scale his offers and receive a massive ROI on his adspend.
David uses TubeSift to find the placements, keywords, channels and his ideal audience for his YouTube ads that have allowed him to scale his offers and receive a massive ROI on his adspend.

YouTube Ads for Low Ticket Offers Generate High ROI

So the third niche that I’ve been working in right now is the health niche. Now the particular product I’m working with is a lower cost product, it’s a $37 ClickBank product. And so, the ROI isn’t as high as working with, obviously a high ticket item, right? A click is a click. I’m usually getting charged somewhere between $0.4 And $0.7 In the health niche per view, cost per view. But right now, I was just reviewing the campaign last night, we’re at 127% ROI on a $37 product. It has an upsell and we’re now we’re just scaling. It’s a placement ad we targeted for the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Canada, and so forth. Reviewed it the data last night, ah, okay, so all of the sales, except for one came in from the U.S., we just went into that campaign.

Just like in your training, we cut off the other countries. We cut off a couple other demographics that you showed us how to do in your training and are running it again. I haven’t looked at the numbers today super easy to edit a live campaign. And without having to go back into a review process, like on other platforms, you change targeting, everything just stops and it goes back into review, here it just keeps on flowing. So E-comm works really well for me, high ticket offers work really well for me and even the digital low ticket health and fitness offers have worked really for me and I’m just getting started. That’s just the beginning. So I’ve only tested those three niches, but from what I can tell, I don’t know that there isn’t anything in here that would meet their advertising policy that you couldn’t just be crazy successful with.

Yeah, for sure. And I’m in some different niches as well and I definitely prefer, obviously, promoting my business, the software, YouTube ads, teaching people how to use these to generate more income, that’s been phenomenal. But yeah, we’ve definitely played around with some other niches, beauty niche, survival niche, and there’s just so much content on YouTube and there’s literally content in any niche you can think of. I mean, there’s videos out there of people who just like to listen to sounds, I found out.

That’s right.

Generate Sales by Finding your Target Audience

I was like, “What is this?” Yeah, so it’s all kinds of crazy stuff. So I mean, if you can find a video on YouTube that your target audience would be watching, you can make this work basically.

So I just finished my last high ticket item campaign, can I share a screenshot with you?

For sure.

I haven’t even shared this with you. This was in 10 days, so from what is that? September 8th to September 18th, ClickBank product, $64,320 in 10 days, Justin. And that was exclusively, exclusively YouTube ads.

Nice. Man, that’s awesome. Because you don’t need an existing audience to get any of this going either, you just tap into that and you’re good to go.

Right, exactly.

Yeah. I love seeing that and love that you’ve taken action. I mean, that’s the number one step is just doing it, learning it. And I mean, honestly you’re probably better at running these ads than I am now. You really know how to generate sales.

Split Testing your Videos

You mentioned something interesting in that is you’re taking action. None of my campaigns were perfect, they just weren’t. As matter of fact, I took your advice, I created my video, then it was like three and a half minutes, close to four minutes long. And then I just cut all kinds of stuff off of it to make it about a minute and a half and I ran those two videos in the same campaigns to split test it, and the video I created, first of all, that I thought was just going to crush it, the big video, no, it was the shorter video. So it would’ve been perfect, but because I split test it and I ran it, I found out which one was better, and then I just paused the longer video and just went with the shorter video.

Yeah. And it’s super easy to do them from there. You just throw more budget at it and you can scale pretty big with these types of campaigns.

Now, talking about scaling, I have never had a campaign over $20 a day. All those numbers you saw, not one campaign broke $20 a day. I had either $10 a day budget or $20 a day budgets. And so, I had several different campaigns, okay? Certain campaigns just to California and Texas, I had the campaigns to everybody except for California and Texas, because California and Texas sucks up so much of my traffic, I wanted to get a good balance. Once I got placements dialed in then I started doing keywords, started doing channels, those kinds of things. So I had lots of different campaigns running, but I didn’t feel like I was really risking anything because it was $10 bucks.

Right, right.

And I could tell really quickly within 72 hours if that campaign was going to fly or not, and really, once I turned the campaign on whether it was placements, keywords or channels, they all worked. They all worked. They all made me money. I never paused the campaign because it wasn’t making me money. And then my killer campaign, retargeting.

Retargeting with your Campaigns 


Oh my goodness.


Holy cow. Because I had so much traffic from these other campaigns and what I love about it is that Google makes the retargeting audience for you automatically. I didn’t have to upload a list, I didn’t spend $50,000 to upload a list. They just made the audience for me. I was able to retarget that audience and then I could also retarget a look like audience because they make the same thing for you. It’s just like, where has this been all my life? This is so easy and so profitable, it’s incredible that I couldn’t have done it, I’m going to throw another little, I couldn’t have done it without your training because it’s like learning Greek.

It’s like getting an education in anything else you need a tutor, you need someone who’s been down that track and from the heart I just can’t say how much your training has made it successful. Without the training I would’ve just been floundering around and spending money and losing money for sure. So with the [inaudible 00:17:30] training and the TubeSift, man, that’s just a one, two punch. It’s a TKO for anybody else, it just knocks them out.

Cool man. Well, I’m stoked to see those numbers too. I mean, those are amazing numbers. By the way, I’m like, “Whoa,” and two of those were without even having your own product. So literally anybody can do this, which is probably one of my favorite things about this. Like when I first got into the internet business or started doing internet marketing, I used to do construction, right? I was working in hotels, remodeling hotels, putting locks in and if I can do this, anybody can do this. And that’s why I was like, “I should make a training on this. I got to teach other people how to do this.” And just seeing people like you that have taken action, generate sales, getting results like this and those are life-changing results, I love seeing that.

Well, the reason why I hadn’t done YouTube ads because I didn’t want to be on video and I found out you don’t have to be on video.


Using YouTube Ads without Having to be on Video

There’s lots of ways that you can do this. I mean, for $20 bucks, I can go to Fiverr and have them do a voiceover and do animation or video for me and I’ll make $2,000 off that $20 spend. I mean, it just blows my mind comparing this to a brick and mortar store, how affordable this is. Spend a little money, get it done for you, if you don’t have the perfect voice, or you don’t have the right gender for the audience or you don’t know which videos to put together, just jump over to Fiverr and say, “Hey, this is my script. This is what I’ve come up with. I need a voiceover and I need animation with this.” And let them run with it and I’ve seen some great, great videos done that way.

Yeah, definitely. A lot of my students do that as well. And I know you had a special group for people to join with you and I’ve seen some of the videos people are getting made off Fiverr and there, I was like, “Whoa, these are really good.” And they’re like, “Oh, I paid $20 bucks.” I was like, “Wow, that’s awesome.”

Yeah. And while they were doing that, I was making money doing something else, okay? So it was well worth the money because I didn’t have to spend the time, I just came up with the script and the script, man, that’s just me talking to a friend. That’s how I write the script. If my friend has got diabetes and I want to talk to him and I found a product that helps them, or if my sister wants to lose weight and there’s a product I come across and I want to help her and I just share that person to person, it’s genuine. And it really comes across personal and it comes across sincere and they click on it, they go to my landing page, I can either capture that contact information to build my list to generate sales, which is what I’m really working on right now is to be able to remarket that list over and over and over again.

Or I can just send them right to the offer page. So I always send them to a landing page, I always send them to a pre-sell page. So I know that my pre-sell page is 100% compliant with the Google ad policy, because I don’t know what the VSL is. They could have things on the VSL that isn’t, but on my landing page it’s 100% compliant and it warms them up a little bit, my conversion rate is always better. It’s an extra step, but it gets them walking down that path that’s being thrown into the sales portion of it and so, that has worked really well for me, I like that combination.

Generate Sales and Scale to the Moon with Google’s Similar Audience Lists 

And like you said, you can pixel that page, you can build retargeting audiences of everybody that’s hit that. And what I like to do there is you have Google create the similar audience of everybody that’s clicked on your ad and landed on that page and then you can scale to the moon with that thing super easily.

Yeah, exactly. I was working with someone last night and helping him get his Google tags in ClickBank. And so, Google can track all the conversions all the way through. I still use a spreadsheet to track things. You have the spreadsheet in the training, but they can track those and then they can make that similar audience for add to cart, for purchases, for website conversions, which means they clicked on the link. Any of those they could start building audiences for and you just get so dialed in, such a sweet spot when they start using their AI to hyper target your market.

And it’s gotten way better. I mean, I’ve been running ads on YouTube since I don’t know, 2013, ’14, somewhere right around there and every improvement they roll out, I’m like, “Yes, yes, yes, yes.” It just keeps getting better and better because it was a little janky in the beginning.

David has found that Google’s retargeting features covered in our blog posts referenced below in the resources section have allowed him to generate sales, and scale to the moon.
David has found that Google’s retargeting features covered in our blog posts referenced below in the resources section have allowed him to generate sales and scale to the moon.

TubeSift Software and Training Saves Hundreds of Hours and Helps Generate Sales

Well, I want to thank you for being at the tip of the sword, the tip of the spear and taking all that learning curve at the beginning and then coming up with the software, TubeSift software, my goodness, what a gem. I don’t know how many hundreds of hours it would have saved me from going through and clicking on and seeing if they got ads on there and then saving the link, it’s so fast, so easy.

That’s why I had it made because I was running ads for clients and I was literally spending hours just compiling these placements, I ended up bringing on VA’s, I was paying them. I was like, “There has to be something that does this,” and of course there wasn’t. So I was like, “We’re making it.”

Good. So glad you did.

Cool, man. Well, thanks so much for your time today and thanks for sharing all that with us. Congrats on your awesome results. And yeah, if there’s anything you want to add, go for it. Always appreciate you being here and love seeing the action takers.

Well, when you invited me to chat with you, I absolutely wanted to do it because I just want to give back because I mean, you’ve really changed my business. Even through the lockdown, this has been the best year I’ve ever had and it’s 80% from YouTube ads. And I just wanted to say thank you and if anybody’s considering this, stop considering it, get the software, get TubeSift, get the training and just do it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, put it out there, you can look at the data, tweak it and make it work and just couldn’t be happier, so thanks so much for your support. I love your comments in your training. I love that you have your office hours every week and you have the training there. Open mic, you can ask whatever question you don’t have to shy away from anything, you’ve got great tips every week. So appreciate the support and the great software that you have, so looking forward to making more money next year.

Right on. Cool. Well, thanks so much, man. And we’ll keep in touch.

You bet. Thanks.

Generating Leads with YouTube Ads Training

If you’d like to check out the training David used to boost his YouTube skills that allowed him to scale massively with YouTube ads, visit this website.  

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