Brady Snow of TubeSift talks with Kim Blanc of about getting started with YouTube ads and using precision targeting drive excellent ROI.
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Video Transcript

Scaling YouTube Ads

Brady: I’ve seen you’ve been posting a lot in our Mastermind Facebook group. You’ve had some really good pointers and stuff (on scaling YouTube Ads). We were hoping to hop on a call with you and then post this on our blog. It’d be really useful for a lot of people.

Kim Blanc: Sure.

Brady: Yeah. Just to get started I was hoping you could tell us a little bit about your background and scaling YouTube ads?

Kim Blanc: My background would be all the way back to 2015, college from marketing. I liked it. I went to New York to pursue marketing as a career. That didn’t really work out. I actually ended up in Maryland in my cousin’s basement pretty much just trying to make this thing work on business. Then I met a client. His name’s Tim. He was starting a store that sells high ticket e-com products.

Getting started with YouTube ads is a great way to set yourself up for a more efficient way to scale your business.
Getting started with YouTube ads is a great way to set yourself up for a more efficient way to scale your business.

Brady: Okay.

Kim Blanc: He had trouble selling that online, so when I met him we talked and we said, “All right. Let’s do this.” For months we were doing from Facebook. But that just didn’t work. The cost to sell one of his products to people was too much to bear for his rates, his margins. I was part of another mastermind for copywriting. They said, “Does anyone send out surveys to their audiences to see where they first found them?” I’m like, “That’s a great idea, right?” So we pulled up his email list of customers and said, “Hey, where do you guys find the brand?” They said, “YouTube.” I’m like, “Okay, let’s try YouTube then, right?” From then on, we went all in on YouTube. Placements, videos, 10 videos a day. All this stuff they’re just testing and trying to get this to work from day one. I would say two months in we found the process for the videos. The funnel, everything. Yeah, just from there we’re getting on. 

I would say from 2018 on Facebook, we were stuck at 9,000 a month. Now on YouTube we’re doing 126 a month. Sorry, 126,000 a month on YouTube. So a big jump in growth from YouTube. 

YouTube Ads Help Scale more Efficiently

Brady: Sure. Yeah. Cool. That actually leads into my next question. I was going to talk about how has YouTube ads helped you scale businesses more efficiently than Facebook ads? I think you posted something in our group about that. Could you talk a little bit about that?

Kim Blanc: Sure. For YouTube it helps us scale better because two things. One is the targeting. It’s so precise. Let’s say we’re trying to find someone who’s trying to buy a high luxury swim spa, right? We can actually write ads to people who search that on Google, on YouTube and find the exact buyers. Whereas on Facebook, it’s more interest. Pools, and spas. That’s not really in the active buying mindset. It’s really … That’s the first thing, it’s the high interest, and the second thing that I love about YouTube is the income targeting.

Brady: Yeah.

Kim Blanc describes how YouTube helps businesses scale better because of its targeting options.
Kim Blanc describes how YouTube helps businesses scale better because of its targeting options.

Enhanced Targeting Options on YouTube

Kim Blanc: We can find people who have the income to actually invest in these high ticket products. Off the one end, there’s a pixel … but for Facebook, the method is you run ads to your offer. You get leads and conversions and after a while the pixel will start to do it for you. Whereas on YouTube, from day one we can say, “All right, here’s my audience. Here’s my audience. Here’s my keywords and audience. Here’s the income for the audience and yeah, go. Boom.” It’s so fast to get the results that we want from day one on YouTube instead of Facebook. That’s the thing.

Brady: It’s easier to target really relevant audiences that’s going to get more for your ad spend.

Kim Blanc: Exactly. On day one. Exactly. 

Brady: Yeah. Cool. Yeah, could you tell us a little bit how Tubesift has helped you with placements and scaling businesses with YouTube ads?

Finding Relevant YouTube Videos

Kim Blanc: Sure, when I first got started with YouTube I didn’t really know much about anything like placement, keywords, all that stuff. So when I first saw Justin, I think I saw him actually on YouTube [inaudible 00:04:21]. “Oh, this is cool. He’s doing ads. All right. So opt in.” I went there for the training and obviously I signed up for Tubesift and one of our main goals from that first e-com store was to find channels that are not only relevant to the mention and the interest and the keywords, but are actually making content every day. Because the thing with placements is you need to be using the ones that are new right? Not the old ones. If you use Google’s actual placement method, that is all of the videos in the channel which is all the new. We want new videos, not old videos. Because those new videos are the videos that are going to ramp up and get more views for us. Using Tubesift to find new videos and hot videos, they say “trending videos.” Using Tubesift to do that.

Brady: Cool. Good to hear. When you do targeting is there a certain kind of targeting that works best that you’ve found? Or is it dependent on your campaign? Can you talk a little bit about that?

Different Targeting for Different Niches

Kim Blanc: There are different targeting methods that I’ve found that work best for different branches of online business. The coaching, then there’s agencies, and then there’s e-com and then there’s local businesses. For each separate branch, I found different ways to make those perform better using different target options in a sense. 

A Method for Successful Ads

Brady: Okay, cool. I think it was October 7th you posted in our Facebook group? It was a cool trick about rotating your ad intros? Could you talk a little bit about that as well?

Kim Blanc: Sure. Back to that first Mastermind, for a copy that I was in, in 2018? 

Brady: Yeah.

Kim Blanc: The mentor, the guru, he’s huge on Instagram and on YouTube as well. For his ads he says what he does is he … Every ad is literally the same message but he’ll change the intro and he’ll change his background. But it’s the same thing. But to the viewer, it’s brand new. He’s took the highest converting copy or message. Change the intro and it’s a new ad. I’m like, “All right, let’s try that.” And it works. For YouTube ads.

Brady: And it worked. Okay. As far as the content of his ad, is there a method or strategy that could formulate that it’s best to follow? 

Kim Blanc: Sure so-

Brady: in any niche?

Kim Blanc: He uses PUMP, which is problem, urgency, mechanism, promise, proof. That’s his formula for making the best ads. On my end, it’s PUMP plus branding. Because on YouTube we also don’t want to come off as a stranger saying, “Hey, I’m a stranger, come buy my stuff.” Instead, “I’m Kim from Adsvisor where we do this.” It’s more of our branding. Because also we’ve found that people on YouTube after they see our ad usually, they will go look you up on Google.

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Kim Blanc: Which will then increase your leads coming in from that organic traffic in a sense. For us, it’s PUMP plus branding. That’s our method to make the best ads.

Brady: Okay, yeah. That makes sense for sure. You help people … I was saying it wrong. I said “Advisory” but it’s just Adsvisor, is that how pronounce it correctly? 

Kim Blanc: Yep. Adsvisore.

Brady: Adsvisore. You help a number of clients there. Is there a number one biggest challenge that you see that you help people with? Using YouTube ads? 

Kim Blanc: The number one challenge would be finding high quality and high paying clients for their business. Because when I first got started with YouTube it was just for e-com. But when I started to branch out, I learned that people are getting on the phone with … Let’s say they’re doing consulting or they’re selling over the phone for their agency or their business locally. They’re getting on the phone and hearing, “I can’t afford this.” The lead itself if not that interested in the offer. So the lead is not dead, but it’s a weak lead. Or a poor lead. Poor, low quality. Yeah, there you go. With YouTube, we can again find the best quality leads that are very targeted and they want this now. Because the reason why they’re on YouTube is either to discover, learn, or to watch music videos and watch memes and stuff. But usually it’s to discover and learn right?

Brady: Yeah.

Kim Blanc: When they’re discovering and learning, they’re more in depth in their content. 

Brady: Okay. Yeah, so you can really target someone that’s definitely searching for what you have to offer. Then you’re not wasting time or money targeting people that won’t be interested in that anyway. It’s hyper-targeted. Awesome. Yeah. Did you have any questions for us? I think that was about what I had.

Kim Blanc: What’s new with Tubesift, because I saw on the group for Facebook, things changed and it seemed like we’re going in a new direction? What we’re doing?

Brady: Is Tubesift going in a new direction?

Kim Blanc: Yeah. 

Use the TubeSift Bookmarker for Ad Inspiration

Brady: We’re still trying to just promote the software itself, but one new thing we did ad was the Tubesift bookmarker. It’s just a free chrome extension. It can really help you keep track of your favorite ads you see, so that way say if you’re creating a new ad and you saw something you really liked, or maybe you saw what a competitor’s doing? You can just quickly bookmark it. Just a click a quick button that will pop up on the YouTube video itself and then it saves it in a window that you can open later and you can view those ads. Say you forgot to do it, you can also track your last 50 ads that you saw and then bookmark it. Then you return to it whenever you want. That way you can just get insight for your ads. We thought that could be a helpful feature for people as well.

Kim Blanc: Does that come with the plan? The current plan? Or is that an advanced plan? 

Brady: No, it’s a free Chrome extension. You can just add it. We have the link for it as well. Yeah, if you want to try it out it’s pretty cool. I can send you think link for it if you can’t find it. 

Kim Blanc: Thank you. I knew there’s a way to get ads manually, you click the ad itself and you use some quoting to find it? But I think this is a more easier way to do that. 

Brady: Yeah, it makes it way quick for sure. 

Kim Blanc: Also, one thing I forgot to mention was Tubesift’s banner studio? 

Brady: Oh yeah.

TubeSift Banner Design Studio

Kim Blanc: To this day, I can’t find an actual banner software to make banners for free ads. For me, using that studio is a quick way to make fast banners. Just logo, image, boom, we’re done. Moving on. 

Brady: Yeah, for sure.

Kim Blanc: Pretty much.

Brady: Yeah, it’s way cool. Otherwise you’d have to use Photoshop or something. But this, it comes preloaded with different images you can use, and text. Or you can upload your own image if you have it. Then you just quickly download it and upload it to YouTube.

Brady: Yeah. It’s all about saving time. For sure. Then you can focus on what matters for scaling your business or whatever it is. Oh yeah, just real quick. If people that watch this want to get in touch with you or find your business, where can they go to find you?

Kim Blanc: They can go to

Brady: Awesome. We’ll be sure to have a link on the blog post as well for that. 

Kim Blanc: Thank you.

Brady: Yeah. Yeah, I think that was it, if you have anything else that you wanted to add? Otherwise, I think that was all the questions I had. 

A successful YouTube ads campaign can help your business grow and flourish in today’s online marketplace.
A successful YouTube ads campaign can help your business grow and flourish in today’s online marketplace.

YouTube Ads to Accelerate your Growth

Kim Blanc: I want to add that Tubesift is a great software for anyone that’s doing ads on YouTube to not only get those placements but again to get your banners and to get the things that you need to truly accelerate your growth on YouTube. Because the best thing you can do is invest in yourself and your business to be honest. Of course, the fourth quarter, we’re in that. So right now Black Friday and holidays is coming up. So sales should be at least triple? 

Brady: Yeah. Especially in e-commerce related products and such. Yep. 

Kim Blanc: Exactly.

Brady: Yeah, YouTube will be good for connecting with audiences for that as well. 

Kim Blanc: Good for your ad spend because it’s a platform that people are really on so it’s less competitive which means that you can really just take claim of the free real estate for your niche right now. Instead of waiting for the future. When everyone else in there is already on there and is like, “All right, so now it’s expensive. It’s competitive. It’s hard to do.” But now it’s a blue ocean right? Now it’s literally free to get in there and just do what you want and really dominate your market by yourself.

Brady: Did you hear YouTube, they’re experimenting with making it a platform for e-commerce? Did you hear about that?

Kim Blanc: Free commerce? What do you mean?

Brady: Right now, if you want to buy a product, you see a YouTube video, you go to an external webpage or landing page. But there was an article that came out not too long ago, we have a blog post about it too, just a short write up. They’re experimenting an integration with Shopify where you can buy a product directly off YouTube. You know how Amazon has one click buy? That could be something that’s coming in the future. Just because YouTube’s the second largest search engine after Google. But Google owns YouTube …

Kim Blanc: Exactly.

Brady: So many people on YouTube already. They might make it a feature where if a video features a product or something in it, someone could just click it and then buy it right off YouTube without having to go to a landing page. Which, I don’t know how soon they’d roll this out. But they just posted that they were researching ways of doing that. With such a big audience, it makes sense.

Kim Blanc: That seems like a really … That seems like the boost for low ticket items on e-com. The usual stuff. That seems like a great way to [inaudible 00:14:29] easily. 

Brady: Yeah. Definitely for low ticket or just physical product stuff. Yeah, I’m sure for now the tried and true method of going to external landing pages, especially for high ticket offers is going to always be a thing as well. 

Kim Blanc: The phone call or something.

Brady: Yeah. For sure. Awesome man. Well, that’s about all I had. Thanks for doing this call with us.

Kim Blanc: Sure. Thanks, Brady. 

Brady: Yeah, thanks, Kim. Have a good day.

Kim Blanc: You too. See you.

Brady: See you. 

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