Justin Sardi talks about the role of a video ad hook in YouTube ads and how to grab your audience’s attention.

Video Transcript

How to hook your viewer’s attention in your ads

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Justin Sardi: Every YouTube ad has three key components, and that’s going to be the hook, the body, and the call to action. But one of those specific pieces stands out and is much more important than the others, and that is the hook. And if you think about it with a YouTube ad, somebody has to watch five seconds before they’re able to skip the ad. Now, if you can hook somebody in that first five seconds and really convey exactly what your message is, why they should be watching this ad, they are not going to skip. You’re going to gain the viewer, and they are hopefully going to watch and ultimately click through.

Now, the catch there is also, having a good hook is also going to push the wrong people away. So, it’s going to hook the right people, but it’s also going to push the wrong people away because like I said, they have to watch for five seconds If they watch and then they’re like, “Well, I don’t really care. This isn’t really what I want,” they can click that skip ad button. And the cool thing is when somebody clicks that skip ad button, you as an advertiser do not pay. So, the hook’s ultra important because like I said, it’s going to hook the right person and it’s also going to push the wrong person away.

And that’s why I like YouTube ads so much because you’re not paying for impressions and just paying to put your ad out there and hope that somebody watches, right? They’re called true-view ads, so you’re only paying when somebody actually watches your video. So, I recommend trying out five different hooks. Whenever we’re going to script a video ad, we’ll use what I like to call the five-one-one method. And that’s basically five different hooks, one body, one call to action, and you can basically batch out those five hooks and bolt them onto the front of your ad. And then, you have five different video ads from one specific video shoot.

I actually have a whole training on the five-one-one method showing you exactly how we’re going about crafting these ads, it’s got a whole framework, all that good stuff, and I’ll link to that on this video as well. If you are looking for awesome ways to come up with new hooks, new ad angles, all that good stuff, check out Video Ad Vault, it’s videoadvault.com. We have over 1 million, actually 1.4 million unique YouTube ads and counting. You can analyze hooks, calls to action, see exactly what’s working in your space, and it’s all searchable by keyword, advertiser, YouTube channel, landing page domain, all that good stuff. We have tons and tons of different ways for you to find all of the video ads working in your niche. And yeah, videoadvault.com.


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