Justin Sardi unveils the blueprint for lead generation, targeting secrets, and proven strategies to elevate your business’s success.
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Video Transcript

Enhance your lead caption

Justin Sardi: YouTube ads are a phenomenal source for lead generation. And in today’s video I’m going to break down exactly what types of ads we’re using, what types of landing page we’re using, and what type of targeting we’re using to do lead gen for our business. So let’s go ahead and dive right in.

All right, so today I’m going to be breaking down two different types. Right here, obviously I’m doing lead gen, I’m pushing to an automated webinar, right? So very simple automated webinar landing page.

And then the second one over here is just a lead magnet. I’m literally giving away a YouTube ad bookmarker, which is a free piece of software that we give away, which it is actually linked below in this video. But you can come over here and get all your ad history, you can save different types of YouTube ads, all that good stuff, free piece of software. You can have it if you want.

So let’s go ahead and dig in and I’ll show you exactly what we’re doing. So let’s start off with the bookmarker. Now this one’s pretty simple. I went ahead and I created an ad based on the type of targeting that I was going to be doing.

Now, one of my favorite ways of targeting is creating a custom segment in Google Ads. I click this plus button and I can actually target people who have browsed specific websites. Right now, what I did is I actually got the ClickFunnels dashboard or whatever, the ClickFunnels login page, and I think it’s like app.clickfunnels.com or whatever it might be. So I just put ClickFunnels login page.

Use audience interest

I’ll just use, I spelled that wrong, but obviously that’s not even a website there, but you just literally just put the login page. And I knew that a large chunk of my audience uses ClickFunnels, they are into funnel hacking, right? So what I did is I knew, hey, I’m going to target these people in that are interested in funnel hacking and I’m going to give them this bookmarker. And the hook that I’m going to use is going to tie directly in to that audience.

So over here, my opening line is the first step to funnel hacking is finding ads. And today I want to give you a free piece of software that will help you bookmark and save. So I literally, in the first five seconds, I say the first step to funnel hacking is finding winning YouTube ads. And I think I have my funnel hacking plaque behind me as well. Same over here, oh no, ClickFunnels to [inaudible 00:02:25] of a word, whatever. That’s another ClickFunnels thing.

So I was sure to show that and I said, gey, the first step to funnel hacking is finding an ad, and today I’m going to give you a free piece of software that helps you find these ads. And then I literally just demo the software.

So say I came across this, check it out, here’s how the software works, blah, blah, blah. I’m going to give it to you absolutely free. Click the link on the video to learn more.

Then, I just push them to this free YouTube ad software creates massive swipe files with just a single click. Now we had a few different types of ads running to this. The ClickFunnels one actually got the cheapest leads. We were getting leads for a couple bucks, which was awesome. That was about half the cost when we actually tied our audience into our ads. So that’s a cool little hack you can use. But essentially, boom, here’s a little pop-up, we are good to go. And that is how we’re doing lead gen there, right?

 Identify and address the challenges your potential customers are experiencing. Image by Kate Oseen, Unsplash license.
 Identify and address the challenges your potential customers are experiencing. Image by Kate Oseen, Unsplash license.

Pain point targeting

So pretty simple. The hook I like to tie into exactly what type of audience we’re targeting and go from there.

Now this one over here, this one is a little bit different. This is my ad that I’m running for my automated webinar. And I just start off by, let me see exactly what we say here. Are you sick of using overly complicated traffic strategies for finding new buyers? Like the consistent circle jerk of JV partnerships, unreliable Facebook ads or endless organic strategies? Everything you’ve tried so far is, so I’m basically just hitting on some pain points here, right? So I just said something about if you’re tired of trying every traffic source on the internet, this ad actually performs really well. I am literally, for this one, I’m just saying, Hey, if you’re tired of JV, the reciprocal JV thing. If you are tired of the whatever it might be, the Facebook ad shenanigans, things like that.

So I’m literally calling out the pain points in this ad. And then on my landing page, I’m saying how I used an unprofessional video ad to generate this much money without unreliable Facebook ads or these other traffic strategies.

This has been converting really well for us. And essentially what I’m doing over here is I’m doing the exact same thing with website targeting. I’m just putting in Facebook ad manager, whatever the ad manager or the Facebook business side is, right? Only people who are actively running ads on Facebook are going to be visiting that website. So that’s a good thing I can do there.

People who are using types of apps. So that might be Facebook ad manager, or sorry, meta ads manager. So over here I can literally target people who have this app on their phone. Who’s going to have that app on their phone? Well, people running traffic on Facebook, and I know that. And then in my ad, I’m literally calling those people out.

Proven strategy for success

Now this ad has done extremely well for us. It hasn’t been up for that long, but this thing’s been doing great. And I basically just run through exactly why this, just some weird shots of my other stuff anyway, but I run through why exactly these things are pain points, what the pain points are, and I say, hey, but you don’t have to. We’re actually using simple YouTube ads and I put together a free training, click the link on this video now to learn more. Boom, we’re pushing them here, and I’m doing lead gen by basically pushing them through an automated webinar.

So that is how we are doing lead gen on YouTube. You can do this in literally any space. This works extremely well. And by the way, I do have a webinar right here. I’ll link to that below this video. If you do want to check out the training, you can see exactly what types of videos we’re using, how we’re pulling this off, and there’s a full training. It’s a little, I think just right about an hour long, maybe like 56 minutes long. And you can check out that training. It’s absolutely free. You can see how we’re using YouTube ads in our business to basically generate leads, make a bunch of sales, and get some really cool stuff deployed in your business.

So if you did like this video, please give me that thumbs up, subscribe to the channel, leave me a comment, let me know exactly what you want to learn more of. And that is it for me on this one. Thanks so much for watching. Bye for now.

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