Brady Snow breaks down a YouTube ad that narrates customer pain points in a way that builds trust with your buyers.
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Video Transcript

Talk to your customers’ concerns

Brady: Hey guys, it’s Brady from TubeSift. And I just saw a new ad on YouTube that I think you guys should see. I think it speaks directly to what you need to say on your ads that talk to your customer’s pain points, and not only that, but relating to their pain points and getting them to form an emotional connection with you so that they are actually going be serious when they hear your offer about what you can do to fix their problem. So let’s go ahead and show you this ad.

So I just saw this ad when I was just browsing YouTube, and I wanted to see it later. So I just bookmarked it with my TubeSift Bookmarker. It’s this little symbol here. I’ll show you in a second, but if you want to download this too, and bookmark any ads that you like and refer to them later, just add this free Chrome extension TubeSift Bookmarker. If you type that into Google, it’s going to take you there, but you can go to the Chrome web store and install that and get it on your Chrome. And I want to show you what it does. So I bookmark that ad here, here’s the interface, and these are the ads I’ve bookmarked. It shows you the last 50 ads that you’ve seen. So if I forgot to bookmark it, I’d be able to go here and find it. This was it. So it was the second to last ad that I saw. It tells me when I saw it. But since I bookmarked it along with some other ads I’ve bookmarked, it’s here. It’s expert accelerator counselor ad. And so I’m just going to click this here.

Jon 1: Oh, then Jon, so tell me, how’s your business been this week?

Jon 2: Honestly, it’s not going good. I’ve been trying to grow my coaching and training business now for literally years. And nothing’s working. I’m trying everything. I’m producing content on social media. No one’s seeing it. I’m creating lead magnets.

Brady: So right off the bat, they qualify that viewer. They’re talking about who this is for. So this guy was trying to scale his consulting and coaching business. And then he’s saying everything that he’s tried, and it’s not working. If you take that kind of approach in your ad, you get those buzzwords in there that problems that your ideal client deals with, you’re going to really resonate with them. They’re going to listen to what you ever say. They’re going to form that emotional connection. So that’s already happened, and it’s been 12 seconds or less. They got that out their way real quick. So this is Jon Penberthy right here. He’s from the UK. I met him at an event once. I know Justin’s good friend with him. And he has taken some of his courses, but let’s keep watching.

Build an emotional connection with your audience. Image by ANTONI SHKRABA, license under Pexels
Build an emotional connection with your audience. Image by ANTONI SHKRABA, license under Pexels

Connect with your audience

Jon 2: I’m working for free. And then no one upgrades and pays me. I feel like I’m getting to the point where I need to just throw in the towel, give up on this dream of having a thriving online coaching business. There’s no clients out there for me. And even if there are, I have no idea how to get them.

Jon 1: Okay. I know how hard that must be. So just talk me through what have you tried so far to get some clients?

Jon 2: Well, the problem is, it’s so confusing. Everyone’s-

Brady: So now he’s on to the next phase. What have you done to get some clients? He’s going to go on here. For the sake of time, and this is two minute 35 second ad. You can look this up/ but he talks about everyone’s teaching a different strategy, wastes of time, posting to social media looks like it helps because they had the text here, and hitting people up on direct messenger. He’s trying all these different ways to grow his coaching and consulting business. And if you list all those ways or the most common ways, your customer’s going to say, “Yep, I hear you. That’s true. Completely agree. What else you got to say?” So at some point in this ad, he’s going to transition to an offer and he’s playing two characters here, but let’s listen right here.

Jon 1: Sounds of it, you’re completely overwhelmed. You’re being pulled in so many different directions, and you do not have a clear action plan to reach your goals. Does that sound about right?

Jon 2: That’s exactly it. I’m fed up.

Brady: He just clearly clarified that problem that his ideal customer’s going to have. It’s a great way to just kind of summarize that people are going to relate to that. They’re going to keep watching. We’re about to get to the offer here soon.

Jon 2: I’m having some months where I might have a couple of clients and in other months where I have absolutely nothing, and I’m speaking to people that don’t respect my time, and I’m never going to pay for my service team.

Brady: It’s still going on.

Jon 2: I mean, I’ve been following [inaudible 00:03:50].

Brady: Okay. Let’s jump ahead.

Jon 1: I think I know what you need. Have you ever tried a webinar funnel?

Jon 2: Well, I haven’t, but only because I’ve heard that they don’t work anymore, and they’re outdated and they’re just a big, long sales pitch.

Let your audience know your business is what they were looking for. Image by Andrea Piacquadio, license under Pexels
Let your audience know your business is what they were looking for. Image by Andrea Piacquadio, license under Pexels

Their solution is your offer

Brady: Have you tried a webinar funnel? He says, I have, but I heard this about it.

Jon 1: Okay. But you’re probably hearing that from the same people teaching you all these other strategies that haven’t been working, right? So here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to give you one-

Brady: I love that expression. Man, that was good. Well, that can be said without words.

Jon 1: So my upcoming free training is going to break down the entire process. How you can use these webinar funnels to grow your business.

Brady: So here he goes. He goes right into the offer right here. He said, “You might be hearing that webinars don’t work from people who are using strategies that don’t work. So if you want to check out my training, I’m going to teach you about how to grow your business.”

Jon 1: How to send the right traffic [inaudible 00:04:38].

Brady: Send the right traffic funnels into those funnels.

Jon 1: And how to convert that traffic through the funnel, into paying clients.

Brady: How to convert that traffic through the funnel into paying clients. That’s a pretty great offer right there. It breaks down all the resistance points, the doubts that someone’s going to have. I you can find that in your messaging with what you say, that’s going to go a long way with getting these clients to take you up on this offer. So let’s finish the ad out here.

Jon 1: Clients. So you have consistent clients month after month, and don’t have this up and down yo-yo revenue in your business anymore. How does that sound?

Jon 2: Well, that actually sounds like exactly what I need, but is it going to be difficult? I’ve tried so much really that hasn’t worked. [inaudible 00:05:19].

Brady: More resistances.

Jon 1: [inaudible 00:05:20] So far, because you’ve been doing the wrong things. The stuff I’m going to teach you in this training is actually pretty simple. If you do it, the right way.

Brady: It’s pretty simple, breaks down that barrier, right? What are the resistances that your customers are going to have? If you can work those into your ad script, that’s all I got to say. Let’s finish this out.

Jon 1: So all you need to do is click the link that’s somewhere on or around this video-

Brady: Click the link.

Jon 1: And I’ll se you on the training.

Brady: CTA. Yeah. And then we got the click here to find more. And then it’s going to take you to a sales page. Great messaging right there on that ad. I just wanted to show you that. I know a lot of people in our community use some kind of digital products. A lot of people use webinar funnels. It is a great way to bring clients into your sales funnel and make conversions. You just got to make sure you’re bringing in the right traffic and structuring your message in the right way.

The largest searchable library of YouTube video ads and landing pages.
The largest searchable library of YouTube video ads and landing pages.

Learn more about your competition with Video Ad Vault

Brady: So if you liked this advertiser wanted to see other angles that they’re doing or check out other people that are running similar offers, that Bookmarker I showed you, it just bookmarks the ads that you see. But if you want to search all the ads… Sorry, I did not have that in my browser. If you want to search all the ads, you just go to This database updates every hour. We just passed a 700,000 unique video ads in there a few days ago. It’s going up fast, but so I have an account already. I’m just going to log in and I’ll show you what you can do here.

Brady: So let’s say I wanted to find ads about webinar funnel. Just type in this keyword here. I’m searching YouTube unlisted videos, the ads, for title description and channel name. Webinar funnels. Let’s just see what ads come up for that. You can watch all these ads. You can click play based on which ones look the best. I’m not going to show you all these ads, but you can see their view count here. You can filter to show by the highest view. So this one is most views with the webinar funnel and as a keyword. If I wanted to find more ads via Jon Penberthy, that was the ad that I just showed you. We want to make sure we’re searching for, I’m going to keep domain in there. I’ll just try to search and see what we get here.

Brady: All right. Here’s all of the Jon Penberthy ads. Look at these. Wow, he’s got a lot running. You can see all the different angles that he’s running on these ads. Different offers. If you want to check out the landing pages, you can click this ad link here and you see where he is sending his traffic to. Registers spot looks like this is for a webinar funnel as well. Brand new live training. Here’s another angle. Webinars are saturated. It’s got a different setting. Different style. Looks like-

Jon 1: So I keep hearing people say, webinars are dead. Webinars sales funnels don’t convert anymore. Webinars are saturated. Webinars are not effective. Webinars are this, that, and the other. Piece of crap.

Brady: So he leads right there with direct claims about what people say about webinars. How they don’t work. That’s one angle you can try. It’s good to test different angles. You can see all the different angles that he’s running about this kind of offer. Might all be the same offer. You can look at the landing page.

Jon 1: Melt in your mouth to rebuild your gums and teeth while you sleep, and say goodbye to the dentist.

Jon 1: As somebody who has knowledge in their head that you know can help people. You also know that the most effective and profitable way to do that is by creating an online course. And I want to share with you-

With Video Ad Vault you can find any successful YouTube ad in any niche. Image by Markus Winkler, License under Pexels.
With Video Ad Vault you can find any successful YouTube ad in any niche. Image by Markus Winkler, License under Pexels.

Find what’s working in your niche

Brady: Trying to bring in people for the online course niche. If you want to create an online course, share your knowledge with the world, he’s got something to tell you about it. Likely he is going to be pushing to a webinar. Let’s see it was this ad. Let’s see what the landing page is like.

Most likely he’s pushing to a webinar. With video ad, you can really see what is working on YouTube right now. You can check ads in any niche, by any advertiser. You can find their ads and watch them analyze them. See what’s working. See what hooks there are. I guarantee if you just spend a couple minutes doing this before you create your ad craves, you’re going to get all kinds of ideas about different hooks, different education messages, different ways you can pitch your offer and connect with your clients. And like I said, it’s about forming that emotional connection with them and making sure they trust you, they value your knowledge, and they want to learn more ,or they want to buy. So if you want to check out video ad vault, you can go to, sign up, and get access to the database that’s growing by the hour for all of YouTube.

So that’s about all I got for today. Thanks for tuning in. Oh, yeah. One other thing. If you did want to make sure that you’re bringing the right people into your sales funnel like I mentioned in the beginning, you can use something like TubeSift. It’s a targeting tool that helps you target your YouTube ads, where your ideal customers are watching YouTube. You can also retarget competitor’s websites. You can retarget anyone’s website. Fast, easy, check it out at If you’re interested, there’s demos on both pages, and You can watch demos about how to use the software and all the different features it has. So that’s all I got for today. If you like this video, please like, subscribe. Make sure you catch our next video. We’re going to be pumping out ad breakdowns, YouTube ads, tips, strategies, case studies, all kinds of great stuff in the future. So don’t want you to miss that. So thanks for tuning in. We will catch you next time. Thanks. Bye.

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