Brady Snow interviews YouTube ad expert Kim Blanc for the second time on the TubeSift blog.
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Video Transcript:

Insider Secrets for YouTube Ad Strategies

Brady Snow: Hi, everyone, this is Brady Snow, director of content with TubeSift, and I’m on the call today with Kim Blanc. He’s the owner of Adsvisore, so Kim, thanks for coming on the call (to discuss YouTube Ad Strategies). How you doing today?

Kim Blanc: Doing pretty good, Brady.

Brady Snow: Awesome. Yeah, we just wanted to talk about YouTube and share some of your insider secrets. Today, let’s just start by talking about why YouTube, why would someone want to start advertising on YouTube, or improve their strategy if they’ve already kind of begun.

Kim Blanc: So we found that YouTube is the best platform for anyone selling something that’s high-ticket. So anything that’s kind of outside the average price range, we found that YouTube is the best platform to find high-paying buyers for your offer.

Brady Snow: Awesome, yeah. It’s a great place for people to connect with the audience, just because people are there to watch videos. It’s a great place to connect with people, and then place your ad in front of your ideal audience. Can you tell us anything about YouTube ads for ecommerce? What would make a good video for ecomm, and then also what would make a good video for a high-ticket offer?

Kim Blanc describes how he has found his clients YouTube videos perform better than facebook videos.
Kim Blanc describes how he has found his clients YouTube videos perform better than facebook videos.

Kim Blanc: Sure. So in the ecomm space, we found that the videos that perform well are videos that demonstrate speed of use and results, videos that demonstrate that the product is very … that it applies to them in many ways, like, let’s say their skin type or their car type. Speed and use to them, and then the last thing would be to show the product being something brand-new, because people want to see something brand-new on YouTube, not the usual done videos, the usual parts, the same thing … no, something brand-new, something new, it’s sexy. It just draws in their appeal.

YouTube Videos often Perform Better than FaceBook Videos

Kim Blanc: That way, those videos perform better than the average, let’s say, Facebook video. It’s brand new, it’s a video, it demonstrates, it’s sexy, and then of course you say free shipping, link here, goodbye. That’s pretty much it.

Brady Snow: And would you say it’s kind of the same thing for high-ticket offers, like if you’re selling a high-price point crash course in some kind of knowledge that you can learn on an online course? Is it kind of the similar strategy or have you found the same?

Kim Blanc: So for high-ticket, we found that it’s best to use a different formula. So for those, what we use is our PUMPP BC formula, which is the problem that they’re trying to solve.

Brady Snow: Yeah.

A Formula for High Ticket Offers

Kim Blanc: And then there’s the urgency, so how fast is it you want to solve it? Your mechanism, which is your way of solving their issue that makes you different from everyone else. Then the promise, like, all right, Kim, if I click this link and it’s an ad, what’s going to happen? What’s the promise? Then the proof is results that you’ve done for others, proof and results. Then B for branding, so Kim, who are you and what have you done? And then C, which is call to action, click here.

Brady Snow: Okay, yeah, that’s kind of the acronym. What was that again, real quick?

Kim Blanc: It’s PUMPP BC, so problem, urgency, mechanism, promise, proof, brand, call to action.

Brady Snow: Okay, yeah, that’s actually a really good strategy and a good way to remember how to structure your info.

Kim Blanc: Yeah.

Different Strategies depending on what you’re Selling

Brady Snow: Awesome. So there’s kind of different strategies depending on what you’re selling, but either way, YouTube is a great place to connect with your audience. And then on our last call that we did, which we’ll also have a link to, for any watching on our blog, we’ll have a link to that post as well on this blog post page. But you were talking about how the targeting can be so precise on YouTube. Can you tell us a little bit more about that, whether it’s an ecommerce product or a high-ticket offer, like a course or something that you’re selling? What are the benefits of the targeting available on YouTube?

Brady asks Kim Blanc about using different strategies depending on what your offer is.
Brady asks Kim Blanc about using different strategies depending on what your offer is.

The Value of YouTube

Kim Blanc: Sure. So for most people on Facebook there’s interest, but on YouTube there are so many target options to choose from, it’s just … you get a bit overwhelmed. So there’s keywords, placements, topics, intent, there’s video views, subscribers, marketing. There’s so much stuff that you can do, and what we found to work really best is the intent, where we can [inaudible 00:04:24] the people based off their search history on Google.

Brady Snow: Yeah.

Kim Blanc: So let’s say they’ve googled water repair damage market agency.

Brady Snow: Yeah.

Kim Blanc: We can run ads to them and then say, hey, we do this for you, come work with us. And it’s just so new, it’s so refined, it’s targeted … that I think most people aren’t seeing the value there, but it’s actually really the … this gets you the lowest cost per leads and the highest-qualified prospects ever.

Brady Snow: So you get a higher ROI on your ad spend.

Kim Blanc: Yeah.

Using TubeSift for Targeting

Brady Snow: With the targeting available with YouTube. And you use TubeSift for targeting with keywords and stuff? What’s been the biggest benefit for you using the TubeSift software?

Kim Blanc: For TubeSift, our biggest benefit was finding the right channels to get the most sales for free comm. It also helps to find the best channels, and to then reach out to them outside of YouTube and say, hey, we want to do some kind of deal with you, so there’s this ongoing partnership, in a sense.

Brady Snow: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Kim Blanc: So that way, you can run ads on YouTube as well as ads on your channel for free, and then really dominate your niche by doing that. So for us, it’s not just finding ads and channels, but to find the right guys to work with for our brands.

Brady Snow: Awesome, good to hear. And then, yeah, I think we touched on it on our last call too a little bit, but a lot of people wondering, where’s the better place to advertise, where is their audience? Facebook ads are big, have been around, but YouTube’s still kind of an under-capped platform with digital marketers and stuff. So have you found you’ve had more success with one or the other?

YouTube has lower costs to acquire customers

Kim Blanc: Of course, we found more success on YouTube than Facebook. The whole reason that we’re on YouTube is because on Facebook, our costs to acquire [inaudible 00:06:46] customers was so high that it couldn’t work. Like, there is no money in doing that. All right, so let’s find a platform that we can use to make profit and then scale. And for us, so far that’s been YouTube.

Brady Snow: Yeah, and people go there specifically looking for something in general. I think the organic search effect of YouTube has a lot more potential for brands to connect with interested clients or potential customers. What about, have you had any experience with YouTube ads for agencies or coaching and consulting businesses?

Kim Blanc: Sure. So for those businesses, right now what we do is we use YouTube as well as a mini-webinar funnel. So what we do is, of course, there’s the ad on YouTube where we just say, hey, we have the offer, come click here. They click that, that goes to our landing page, the opt-in. Then they watch our mini-webinar. Now, this is a condensed version of a webinar that we use, because we found that people who pay top dollar for coaching, consulting or for an agency, their time is very scarce. So we’d be wanting to get to the point real fast: our offer, who we are, what we’ve done, and then, of course, book a call with our team.

Kim Blanc: Now, these mini-webinars, their sole goal is to pre-sell our prospects on our offer, on us, so that once they’re on the phone with us, it’s not like a forced sale, it’s a more … it’s just a, how do you say this? It’s more like you’re taking the order over the phone. [crosstalk 00:08:34] Like a hard close over the phone, in a sense.

Brady Snow: Yeah, yeah. Awesome. So Adsvisore, can you just tell us a little bit about that, how you got started with it and what it does?

Adsvisore for YouTube Strategy

Kim Blanc: Sure. So Adsvisore started as, obviously, just me, and at first, our sole goal was to help ecomm clients. But then what happened was there was this demand and this need for ads on YouTube for people who were selling high-ticket courses, coaching, consulting and services. So right now, that’s who we help, and we really help them to streamline their ad system and get clients from YouTube, of course, clients who are willing to invest in their offer and their programs at a high cost … high price, obviously. Get those clients, make it profitable, and then scale their ads as well their sales teams by doing that.

Brady Snow: Awesome, good to hear. Have you noticed, just in this year with everything happening in the world, that kind of a lot of stuff’s been talking about how it only accelerated the trend towards online commerce, like online business. Have you noticed an increase in stuff and demand for people wanting to learn YouTube and how to advertise and connect with audiences on YouTube? Have you seen an increase in that?

Kim Blanc: The demand in the knowledge space did increase, though I thought you were going to ask me about the profit in the YouTube space, because-

Brady Snow: That too, yeah, I’m curious to hear about that.

Kim Blanc: In June and July of this year, clients still just tripled. Everyone’s home.

How the Pandemic has Increased YouTube Profits

Brady Snow: Yeah, everyone’s home. [crosstalk 00:10:21] A lot of people have made more money than ever before, but they’re just doing it from home, just by finding the right placements for their audience, knowing where not to advertise, but then that leads you to where do I advertise to connect with my audience? We’ve seen it for a lot of our clients as well, just a lot of people are just having really great success with YouTube ads.

Brady Snow: Yeah, it’s awesome to hear. Hopefully things change for us to at least get back out into the world, start traveling again, but I don’t think, even when that happens and things open back up, I think YouTube’s still going to be just a top spot and just going to continue growing. I was reading an article the other day, I get the Google Alerts about anything, digital marketing and video advertising, and there’s been a bunch of articles recently just about how they’re saying the demand for video and video advertising growth is just expected to just, whew, sky-rocket all the way in the next few years. It’s going to just keep going, the more and more people are connected. It’s pretty interesting thing to watch, for sure.

Brady Snow: Yeah, this has been Kim Blanc. We’re going to link to Adsvisore, you can find him on the blog post, and then this is actually our second call with him, so we’re going to link to that one as well. But Kim is active in our YouTube Mastermind group on Facebook, so people can join that, we’ll have a link to that as well, if anyone wants to get in, it’s a great place for people to share tips and secrets and stuff that’s been working for them about using YouTube ads and how TubeSift has helped people find their placements and such. It’s a great place to get in on tips, and Kim’s always posting in there, so look for those as well.

Brady Snow: Yeah, thanks for coming on the call, man.

Kim Blanc: Thanks for having me.

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