Brady Snow, director of content at TubeSift, walks us through how a scripting outline works with the Dr. Squatch ad and how it can help organize a successful ad.
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Video Transcript:

Successful YouTube Ads Begin by Organizing the Content

Hi. Brady Snow with TubeSift here. We’re trying out a new camera angle today. It’s within six feet so I thought I’d wear my mask and show off my new Star Wars face mask. But anyway, we’re safe here. So I want the audio to pick up clearly.

We are back with another YouTube ads case study. We’re doing another one of our favorite ads today, Dr. Squatch. They make soap for men and they have a really funny angle, just like another one of our favorite ads, Squatty Potty. But we’re going to break down why it works.

So if you hop on over to the computer here, you’ll see on our scripting guide, which you can download for free, helps you organize the content that you’re going to put in your ads. You’ll see that you use a pattern interrupt or a hook, something that grabs the user’s attention. You can use comedy or something that will interrupt them from their normal train of thought or what they’re looking for. Grabs their attention. And then you want to qualify that viewer, so telling the viewer what your product or service is about and how it’s irrelevant. If they’re interested, they’re going to keep watching. You intersperse these with calls to action. Telling them how they can purchase the product or explore more about the offer, learn more at a website or whatever it is. But as you draw more of this into the content, you’re going to also want to address the problem and explain why. The people that have been qualified, what’s the problem that they’re experiencing and how is your product or service going to help them. And then also, we have more calls to action and then you want to educate them about how your product or service is going to help them achieve a goal or a certain outcome.

The Dr. Squatch Natural Soap for Men ad uses a pattern interrupt or hook effectively in order to capture their audience’s attention.
The Dr. Squatch Natural Soap for Men ad uses a pattern interrupt or hook effectively in order to capture their audience’s attention.

Have Purpose to your Ad’s Content

So anyway, let’s hop over to their ad and we’re going to look for those moments where they do exactly those things.

Listen up, the soap you shower with, it’s (beep). You probably haven’t even questioned what bar of soap you lather up with. Let’s face it. Most guys don’t. They’re still using whatever bar their mommy bought for her little man. Is that what you want, to smell like mama’s little man?

So already it’s been 18 seconds. We had that pattern interrupt. They said that the soap that you’re using is most likely very bad. Okay. So I’m interested now to learn more. And then we qualify the viewer by saying-

Is that what you want, to smell like mama’s little man?

So as you can see, it continues to qualify the viewer. It’s a lot of jokes. It’s humorous with all the references to manly things. So clearly this is an ad for men. But some women might find it entertaining as well. Maybe they have a boyfriend or husband they’d like to buy some good soap for. But that humorous lists of things that are all things that guys do, manly things, is something that continues to qualify the viewer, continues to show you what this ad is about, what the product is for. It continues to address the problem, explains the why, and shows you how you can overcome that pain. So it introduces what the products are, the different scents. And then it’s going to continue to educate on how the product or service is going to help the user achieve a goal or some challenge that they face. So let’s keep watching and see how they end the ad.

Educate the Viewer

Is that what you want, to smell like mama’s little man? But now you can upgrade your shower game with Dr. Squatch Natural Soap. I’m talking about natural, nourishing, cold press, hand cut soap for men. Men who use their hands. Men who build things. Men who open the pickle jar on the first try. Men who catch foul balls without spilling their beer. You won’t just smell good either. Your skin will be healthier and more nourished. Dare I say, soft. Oh, men aren’t supposed to have soft skin? Yeah, well, men weren’t supposed to cry during movies and then they made the movie Rudy. He’s so little.

You want to smell like the forest? Boom. Pine tar. We’ve got you. You want to smell like the sea? Boom. Nautical sage. We’ve got you. You want to smell like you just got off a boat in the Caribbean? Boom. Bay rum. We’ve got you. And with six more scents, we’ve got you covered no matter what kind of man you are.

Educating the viewer on the power of the solution your product offers is a key component to a successful YouTube ad.
Educating the viewer on the power of the solution your product offers is a key component to a successful YouTube ad.

Now, you’re wondering, why have I been doing it wrong for so long? During the first world war, big soap started taking out all the natural ingredients to make production cheaper and faster. And they replaced all the natural stuff with chemicals, chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, and dioxin. Chemicals linked to depression, liver damage, cancer, and low sperm count. And worst of all, dry skin. Oh, your poor balls, all dry, empty and sad. But there’s good news. We make our soaps with natural ingredients from the earth, ingredients like oils, plants, goats milk, Greek yogurt, oatmeal, shea butter and citrus. No. Turn your shower game up to 11 with the smooth lather of gold moss or the exfoliating woodsy bliss that is pine tar. Get ready to step out of the shower feeling alive.

Still not sure? Here’s a couple of reviews from real customers. Joseph S says …

This is the perfect bar of soap. It’s like it was handcrafted in a Northwest forest by beautiful tiny elves.

Oh, tiny elves isn’t enough for you? Well, here’s another review from Michael A.

It makes you feel like you just stepped out of a mountain stream and Squatch was there to hand you the towel.

It’s time for you to get the right tool for the job because you’re worth it my friend. We ship it right to your door and with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If it’s not the best bar soap you’ve ever used, it’s on us. Tens of thousands of men already soapscribe, which means that every month, fresh new bars of Squatch show up at their door. Click the link for Dr. Squatch Natural Soap, real soap for real men. Or don’t and continue to be mommy’s little helper.

That’s a wrap.

All right. Nice. Nice. Did he click it yet? Did he click the link? He hasn’t clicked the link? I would have when I heard about the dry, sad balls. Man, what’s this guy doing? Click the link, man. Step up your shower game.

Qualify the Viewer

So as you saw in the ad, they continued to use humor throughout as they had the pattern interrupt, then they qualified the viewer. They continued to qualify the viewer throughout and then they address the problem and explain the why. And then they continued to educate on how their product is going to solve the challenge of using bad soap. Maybe smelling better. And with this humorous theme that we see in our society about being more manly, whatever it is. They use the call to action at the end. Most likely when they ran this ad, it was back, I believe, from 2018, they probably had a clickable space, a video overlay ad when they ran that. But there’s links on the video. If you look at this ad now, there’s a link here that takes you to their website. And after being educated on the ad, after the pattern interrupt, you’ll have a pretty good frame of mind of why this product would help you out.

The humor, as well, also just ingrains that brand in your head so you remember it next time. Say you see another ad again, say you see it somewhere else, you’ll remember it because of that humor. And it starts with that pattern interrupt in the beginning. And most ads, you got to do this in the first five seconds or you might lose your audience’s attention.

So anyway, that’s it. That’s a quick little video here of another one of our favorite ads at TubeSift. And yeah, check back next time for more YouTube ads case studies. We hope you got something out of this one and we’ll see you next time.

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