Brady Snow, Director of Content at TubeSift, reviews the Full-Time Filmmaker course and shares how to get 20% off for a lifetime membership.
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FullTime FilmMaker course

Brady Snow: If the quality of your video matters in what you do, whether that’s for your work or for your hobbies, or for videos that other people shoot of you for your work or whatever it is you do. You need to listen up because I have something to show you. That’s going to up video quality tenfold, and we’re going to go ahead and I’m going to give you a sneak peek of what this is and what you can do get access. So video is huge these days, everyone is sharing videos. If you do online business videos, essential to getting your message out there. It takes a lot more than just copywriting and static Facebook ads to deliver your message, to engage your customers, whatever it is. If you share hobbies with YouTube videos or whatever it is, or if you even are a filmmaker who does work on the side for other people, you need to listen to how you can up your skills.

I’m Brady Snow. I work at Tubesift. I’m the director of content here, and we help people with the precision targeting for their YouTube ads. And we often talk about out how the quality of the video is not the most important thing. What matters most is your brand messaging, what you say and how that speaks to your target viewer or your target customer. But if you had a very shitty video with all the other ones out there, you might not keep their attention for long. For example, if I had very terrible lighting, that wouldn’t be the best thing in the world and my viewer might click away. But anyway, or if I had less than favorable camera framing, like some of my old videos, that wouldn’t be great, either. Another thing that a lot of videos struggle with these days is having engaging videos, pop up text, sound effects, smooth transitions, great lighting, great sound.

A lot of that is struggling in a lot of videos and with the amount of videos out there, if you don’t have those basic components, your viewers aren’t going to listen to your message or think that it’s that important. But there is a lifelong solution, and it’s a course called full-time filmmaker. This course was created by Parker Walbeck and it is the most comprehensive filmmaking program online today. You can do it all from home. And then of course, practicing in field, wherever you shoot for videos. But Parker started out filmmaking making commercial videos for other people, and he has traveled the world. They shot real estate videos, travel videos, action, sports videos, commercials, you name it, they’ve done it. Parker ended up bringing on a few other filmmakers to share and add their knowledge as well. And now they have this jam packed course. And let me show you how comprehensive it is.

Discover the right video equipment for you based on your budget, goals, and experience. Image: Ricardo Esquivel, Pexels License, Pexels
Discover the right video equipment for you based on your budget, goals, and experience. Image: Ricardo Esquivel, Pexels License, Pexels

The right equipment for your videos

This is their course curriculum. I’ve taken sections one, two, and most of three, and that’s still only 12% of the course. Let me just first off, give you the scroll here to show you how much content there is. Each one of these is a video module and you’ll see the length here. Some of them are nine minutes, some are shorter, three minutes, 17 minutes, half hour, 44 minutes. This one’s a job shadow. You just get so much content and I am going to break down what each section of these is, to show you how much value you get for your lifetime license and access to this, if you go ahead and pick this up. Look, I’m still scrolling. This is longer than Star Wars movie credits. Absolutely crazy. But anyway, what do you get when you get the full-time filmmaker? Let me get back to the top.

There we go. Okay. So we start out, depending on wherever you are at with your filmmaking skills, some of you might have some basic skills. So some of this might just be refresher. Some of these, I actually skipped over myself, but it starts, you get an intro to your teachers here. Parker, you hear Parker story. Jake is another one of the main teachers, but we have a few of them. They give you some free downloads, music, sound effects, LUTs, stock footage, also get a great discount on Adobe products. We were actually paying for one here at Tubesift just to have Premier Pro because mainly that is all I use, but then they actually had a better deal. So by having this course, we were able to get a better discount. And now I have every program in the Adobe suite. So that’s sweet. I get to play around a little bit more with after effects. That’s coming up there and some Photoshop stuff, but mainly I use Premier Pro, but I’ll get to the editing section in a bit. So their first section here is about equipment. They go over reviews of gear, what you should look for when you buy a camera. 10 things to look for when you buy a lens. Stabilizers, like your tripod, microphone, all that good stuff, they show you what they use for their big level stuff.

So you can see they have a lot of great stuff there. So the equipment section is very helpful. If you’re starting out, it gives you the best things to look for. Helps you decide what you might need, because you might not need all of it. But also if you start expanding and start wanting to do more complicated video ads, more complicated videos, more technical style shoots to be even more engaging. You can refer back to this at any time you want, see what gear would be next. And one other thing I’d like to point out, that’s really great about them at full-time filmmaker is Parker started this a long time ago, like here’s a video from 2016. He puts the dates on here. So clearly gear gets outdated, but they do updates to these. So you’ll get to stay up to date with more relevant gear and whatnot and stuff like that. So that’s a great benefit as well. The technical section is great, because they break down how to use the camera and that kind of stuff, and how to navigate it. We were using Canon cameras here at Tubesift, but then we got the Sony A7 and wanted to learn the navigation on the camera.

So this video is able to help me learn the basics of navigating the Sony A7 and how to customize it for my own use for what we’re going to be using it for, for the most of our Tubesift videos, a lot of that comes to under preference, but they inform you of all the options. And that’s a great benefit as well. Whether if you are using Panasonic, if you are using Canon they, they break down navigation for a lot of the basic cameras, the Canon EOS R. Those are all there. The RED, if you have the budget to buy this expensive camera, they go over that.

It’s just packed full of so much value. They go over how to set your white balance. And the importance of that.

Brady Snow: They go over setting picture profiles, frame rates, which situation you’d want to use different frame rates in, also really helpful stuff. 24 frames per second, 30 frames, 60 frames per second, whatever it is, they go over how to nail exposure.

They talk about shutter speed, aperture, ISO, how those work together to make a good image quality. They even have a video about how to acoustically sound treat a room.

If you’re going to be shooting a video in the same room or recording sound in there for whatever your purpose it is, for your business, whatever it is. Also a great thing to have dialed in, is acoustically sound treating your room. I could go on and on. If you do Ronin in the best settings, a cheat sheet.

Video techniques to make more creative videos

The next section, they go over the creative. Top 10 rules of composition, 12 camera angles to enhance your films. They talk about handheld movements, tips for shooting handheld, drone movements, glide cam, or a GIP slider. Believe we have Gimbal in here as well. Yep. Five basic Gimbal movements, Monopod even, because Parker was talking about how that was the best tool to use, when he was shooting on a safari out the top of a Jeep. They go over storytelling, all great things, how to do hyper lapses, green screen. It’s just the pre-production process. How to be more efficient when you do your shoots, instead of just shooting all day long for a two minute video, they talk about how to dial all of that in. All of these amazing tips, they can keep going, man. They just keep going. The editing I use Premier Pro.

They talk about all these different things, using proxies, keyboard shortcuts, data management, sifting and selecting process, building a story on the timeline, color grading, audio mixing, sound design titles, exporting to Instagram, licensing music, it goes on and on. Effects, time remapping, digital blur, how to do sky replacement, how to blur out logos, write on effect and after effects. It really keeps going. So if you don’t use premier, they have tutorials. They have the same editing section for the other famous software. We have FCP X and I believe they have DaVinci Resolve as well. So they have it all. They even have job shadows, you can follow people or some of their filmmakers as they do a travel video, a car commercial, a wedding video. They really got it all here and it keeps going. Let me just scroll for you so you can quickly see it.

Learn how to make a video production business with pricing, negotiating, marketing and business tactics. Image: nappy, Pexels License, Pexels
Learn how to make a video production business with pricing, negotiating, marketing and business tactics. Image: nappy, Pexels License, Pexels

How to make filmmaking a business

There was the editing DaVinci Resolve. They talk about the business of filmmaking, how to make money doing it. If you’re an ad agency, this could have some very useful stuff in there as well. If you’re just a filmmaker they are going to have great stuff here. How to monetize YouTube videos, how to make a living on YouTube. It’s really jampacked full of stuff here. They filmmaker workouts. They even have templates here that you can use for a contract, a release waiver form, invoice template. It’s really too good to be true. A lighting section, which they’re still building out. So as you can see, this course has been out for years, but they’re still adding to it. And so if you buy this lifetime license since you are going to be getting new material, as it comes, it’s absolutely really jam packed of value.

I am really grateful that we have it here at Tubesift. It has been able to help meet up my video skills and we’re still doing real basic stuff. We are going to be doing a lot more in the future, we are hoping, and I’m going to be referencing this thing as I go. Whenever there is something I got to refer back to, to relearn or check, I’m going to do it. If we get new video gear, I’ll refer to this. I absolutely love having access to this full-time filmmaker. You want me to keep going? I will keep going. They have marketing, how to build a marketing portfolio, how to do booking, all these job shadows. So it is almost like a better than a film school and way cheaper. Yeah, it is absolutely a great value for what you get. They have feed back from some of their clients, it looks like. I haven’t even gotten through all this.

There is just so much. Seamless video, how to make great transitions, after effects basics, color grading, look at all this. I’m just going to show you it all, because you got to see how cool this is. Music video, do you want to make a music video? There is that. There is, oh man, so much. Real estate video, if you want make real estate videos, right here they talk about the best tips to do for that, mistakes to avoid, how to edit these, the best way to shoot it, the best drone settings, if you’re going to do that. Travel videos, I’m excited to watch those. Commercial video pro, this is a great section if you run YouTube ads or any kind of social media ads, there’s going to be some great tips in here, because how many people are running ads these days, and if your ad doesn’t stand out from others, how do you expect your viewer to stay on your ad and take the action that you want them to take in order to make a conversion. Great tips in here.

Audio sound mixing, color grading, all of this great stuff. Are we going to ever get to the end? Action sports video. Just wow. After effects training. Seven day filmmaking challenge. Go pro video. And then it ends with a photo pro how to take great photos, which could become useful too. More, there is more, gear reviews. Is there an end? I don’t think there’s end. I think they’re just constantly uploading stuff as we go. Taught by, it looks like other students of their program. And then they have a preview of a course creator. If you make courses, they got it right here. It’s really too good to be true. This is available at a discount, 20% off if you buy through our link, let me come back to the main camera and show you how that works.

Get lifetime access to this video production course

Jam packed information in this course. If you do video, which all the sources are saying is going to be more and more relevant as the digital age marches on. This is a great program, that is going to be able to always be giving you new information to up your skills, for a lifetime, you get lifetime access. And if you buy through our TubeSift link, you will get 20% off this course. You can check that out below. The link is in the description. If you’re watching this on YouTube, it’s also below on the blog, if you’re checking it out there. If you are doing video for your own business. If you have someone else doing video for you, if you have employees that do video. If you know someone else that does video, this might be a great asset for them to pick up and have access to for a lifetime, to always be on the cutting edge of video innovation. So that is about it on this one for me, and please like, and subscribe to this video and we will see you next time on the Tubesift blog.


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