Vijay Sujanani talks about how TubeSift helps his business and boosts the ROI of his customers.
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Video Transcript

A solution to grow your business

Brady Snow: Hi everyone. This is Brady Snow at TubeSift, and today I’m on a call with Vijay Sujanani. He is in India. So we have a 12 hour time difference. So Vijay, thanks for coming on, coordinating this with us. Yeah, real quick, would you just tell us what you do and how you came across TubeSift?

Vijay Sujanani: Thank you so much for inviting, Brady. I came across TubeSift, I was looking for solution to grow my business. So I was looking to find ways and tools where I’m able to grow my business. So I came across TubeSift. I was pretty impressed with that, and then after Justin launched Video Ad Vault as well, so I was pretty impressed and picked up that as well. So that has really helped me to understand and go deep into my business right now.

Brady Snow: Okay. What’s your business called?

Vijay Sujanani: So my business is called Video Ads Master. So I’m helping out people right now to become specialists in video ads. So I’m helping them set up their YouTube ad campaigns for their business, basically.

Brady Snow: Okay. And is YouTube ads pretty big in India? Is that something that you see has been growing over there? There’s like been a need for more people wanting to market?

Vijay Sujanani: It’s still catching up over here. It’s still catching up over here. I’ve seen like other influencers using lot of YouTube ads, so I came across. Okay, how are these guys advertising on YouTube? So then I came across Justin and then things started taking up from there.

Brady Snow: Okay. Nice. And yeah, so far what’s been your favorite thing about using YouTube ads?

Invest in YouTube Ads to see your business grow rapidly. Image by Anna Shvets, License under Pexels.
Invest in YouTube Ads to see your business grow rapidly. Image by Anna Shvets, License under Pexels.

Improve your ROI with YouTube Ads

Vijay Sujanani: The ease, I mean, I felt, compared to Facebook, you have more predictability. Facebook has its own whims and fancies when it comes to running Facebook advertising. You are not sure when your account will be banned. So in India, since it’s still in its infancy right now, you get assigned a Google ad rep also pretty soon, if you are spending, let’s say $1000, $2,000. So you would get access to a Google rep as well. So it’s pretty easy at this point of time, but I mean, since the advertising landscape is ever-changing, you never know how it is in the future.

Brady Snow: Yeah. True. And yeah, speaking of Facebook, a lot of our users say the same thing that they get better results on YouTube and it’s maybe easier to use, easier to target, more options to target, and you just get better results because with video. Speaking of Facebook, did you see yesterday that they changed their name to Meta?

Vijay Sujanani: Yes I did. Meta yes. But still I mean, the app right now will remain the same, but we don’t know again where that will head to.

Brady Snow: Yeah. I wonder, maybe they won’t change the name of Facebook. Just yeah. It’s just the company name, but yeah, that was interesting to see.

Vijay Sujanani: Like how Google did for Alphabet. So maybe it’s well, same thing.

Brady Snow: Yeah. All right. Well, yeah. What’s with your experience and stuff, what you’ve been doing with your business, what’s like the top advice that you’d give to people using YouTube ads?

Vijay Sujanani: So right now I’m like asking them to whatever budget they are allocating for their Facebook ads, I’m asking them to match something similar for YouTube ads because that’ll help them easily double their business at this point of time. Because if they’re starting right now with not many competitors advertising on YouTube and me having access to help them with the tools like Tubesift and Video Ad Vault, it’s really easy to help them out as well.

The right placements make the difference

Brady Snow: Okay. Very nice. And yeah. So you mentioned Tubesift. What’s your favorite part or how does Tubesift’s tools or resources help you with your YouTube advertising and get results? What’s the best feature that you’d say?

Vijay Sujanani: I mean, basic the first set of campaigns, right? You set up the placement campaign so that is the first thing it helps with. Then you have keywords. So there are multiple ways we can, also the related video. So those are all the features, which one can leverage. One more part, which I like is the finding the keyword tags basically for each of the videos.

Brady Snow: All right. Well, thank you for that. What are you looking forward to in the remainder of quarter four, the rest of this year and rolling into next year? Is there anything that you’re really excited about with your business or with helping clients out or anything?

Vijay Sujanani: Yeah, for me I’m personally looking to scale my agency business at this point of time. As far as my clients are concerned, I’m looking to help them grow their business right now where they’re leveraging Facebook ads. So help them add YouTube ads to their repertoire and then grow their business.

Brady Snow: Okay. And you use Tubesift and placement targeting to help find new clients and generate new leads for your business as well?

Vijay Sujanani: Yes. Yes. So that’s really helpful for me as well.

To have good placements you need to know your audience first.  Image by Tim Douglas, License under Pexels.
To have good placements you need to know your audience first.  Image by Tim Douglas, License under Pexels.

Know the right audience for your ads

Brady Snow: What kind of, just curious, what kind of videos do you place your ads in front of that get the best results?

Vijay Sujanani: So I’m looking at people who are specifically learning about Facebook advertising, or they are looking at alternative traffic sources since I’m helping them with specifically for YouTube. So I’m looking at those videos specifically where they are looking at various ways to advertise, maybe for solo ads as well, people who are looking for solo ads. So all those people who are specifically looking for advertising related solutions and reaching out to them. I know your team is working really hard and thanks to them as well and Justin, who’s the brains behind all that and Chris as well, we’re working really hard to help out different people, basically through the Facebook group, the community. You guys are doing an amazing job.

Brady Snow: Thank you. Appreciate hearing that. And then, yeah, real quick before we sign off, what if people wanted to check out your business? Where can they go to find you?

Vijay Sujanani: So it’s my first name, last, They can find me there.

Brady Snow: Okay. Sounds good. I’ll make sure to drop a link for that on this post.

Vijay Sujanani: Thank you.

Brady Snow: Yeah. Thanks for coming on the call today and good luck with everything.

Vijay Sujanani: You too. Thank you.

Brady Snow: Thank you.

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