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The Importance of Video Advertising Today

Video advertising has become the primary driver for businesses to reach their marketing goals.
Video advertising has become the primary driver for businesses to reach their marketing goals.

When someone watches a video ad, they are left with a more profound impact than other types of ads.  Video ads engage the senses of sight and sound and can have an impact on memory.

In the United States alone, the video advertising market is a $19 billion industry.  This is set to increase to $22 billion in 2021.  

The article Tech Talk with Mike: Video Advertising can Help Grow Business from The Goshen News reports that 92% of marketers say that video ads are a vital part of their marketing strategy.  In 2015, only 78% of marketers reported the same about video advertising.  

An even more astounding fact is that 88% of these marketers say that video ads provide them with a positive ROI, which is up from only 33% in 2015.  For the remaining 12% who say they do not get a positive ROI with video ads, it is likely there is a missing piece in their strategy.  

For businesses with a valuable offer who follow an effective video ad structure and target their ideal audience, they are guaranteed to receive a higher ROI than other forms of marketing.  

Below we cover the main benefits of using video ads in a marketing strategy and discuss some general guidelines and best practices when creating video ads.  

Benefits of Video Ads

Brand Awareness 

Making prospective customers aware of your brand is the first step in a successful sales funnel.  Video Ads have been deemed one of the best tools that can help increase your brand awareness because a video can be more memorable than other ad formats. 

Brand awareness is powerful because once a prospect knows the name of your brand, they will instantly have a mental association every time they see one of your ads or another name.  Familiarity goes along ways in building trust and showcasing the value of your offer.  

 Educating about the Value of your Offer

Consumers need to be convinced that what they are buying provides value to their life.  They want to know it is going to solve some problem they have.  Marketers need to effectively convey why their offer will add value to the consumer’s life.  

Video ads are one of the best ways to do this because you can tell them and show them the benefits of your offer.  The human brain is wired to remember things it has seen so video is one of the best options for conveying the value of your offer.  

Story Teller

Consumers are inundated with content these days.  Without authenticity behind a brand, consumers are sure to forget them and not buy.  Relating to prospective customers by telling your story is vital for brands today.  This not only makes your product relatable, but also humanizes your brand as well.  Consumers will create a positive memory with your brand and will be more likely to buy if the value of your offer aligns with their wants and needs.  

Boost Conversions and Sales 

An average click-through rate for Video Ads is 1.84%.  This is the highest on all digital ad formats. Shorter videos, specifically, have higher CTAs. On average, 15-second videos have 2.2% CTA. This shows how powerful video ads can be for your business, if done correctly. The likelihood of purchasing increases by 35% after a consumer watches a video.  

Up your Brand Positioning

Video ads can help up your game in creating great brand image or identity to boost your positioning. Consumers will choose your product over competitors if you make a good impression in exhibiting your products’ quality, relating to your customer’s pain points, and offering your solution. 

Once you create an effective video ad, the next questions successful marketers need to know is “who is their audience?”
Once you create an effective video ad, the next questions successful marketers need to know is “who is their audience?”

What Video Ads Should You Use? 

Shorter videos were deemed to have the highest ROI, have the most impact on brand preference and purchase intent, and are the lowest cost to make and least intrusive to the consumer. 

In one survey, skippable pre-roll ads were identified as the best performing video ads, with display ads at a distant second. 

For the best results, make sure to follow effective video ad scripting to ensure you connect with your audience and deliver the value of your offer in a non-intrusive way.  After that, your placement targeting will be the most important piece of your ads strategy.  

Youtube is the best platform to use for video advertising because of its massive reach of 2 billion users worldwide.  If you’d like to see how TubeSift can help you find placements for your ads where your audience will be watching and save you time, money and make you a massive ROI back, visit

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