Brian Onesto, from video agency LA Data Nerds, explains their agency’s top strategies and tools for scaling professional businesses with video.
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Video Transcript

Video strategies and tools to help your customers

Brady Snow: Hi, everyone. This is Brady Snow from TubeSift. And today I’m on a call with Brian Onesto from LA Data Nerds. Brian and I were on the TubeSift team. We were hanging out at Traffic & Conversions in San Diego, not too long ago. Brian works at LA Data Nerds, which is an ad agency, video ad agency in LA. He was going to come on and talk to us a little bit about the strategies and tools that they use for their clients. Brian, thanks for coming on.

Brian Onesto: Brady, thank you. Thank you for having me, man. Yeah, I’m doing great. You guys were awesome to hang out with at Traffic & Conversions, which if you guys haven’t been check it out. It’s a good conference and just a good time to network with people and make some connections. Yeah, glad we were able to connect there.

Brady Snow: Yeah, that was a good time for sure. And definitely met a lot of cool people doing great things with digital marketing. Could you just give us a little intro about LA Data Nerds, what you guys do, kind of like what your main focus is?

Brian Onesto: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Our main focus right now is on helping people with their YouTube channels. So we help from anywhere from A to Z. So from strategizing with you on planning how to actually position your YouTube channel so that you can monetize it, rather than just having a YouTube channel, just to have one. It’s not just to check off a box, so we help with that part with professionals, specifically. And then we also help with the editing. So making it as simple as where you know what to do, what to film. And then from there, we text you a link and then you upload your content onto the link.

And then we do all the posting and all the stuff that takes a bunch of time, making a thumbnail, doing tags, titles, descriptions, all of the stuff that’s important to have a good YouTube channel. We do all the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on creating the content, and we can focus on producing the content and making sure it looks nice and that it’s positioned well in the YouTube world.

Brady Snow: Awesome. Yeah. That’s awesome to hear. It’s definitely a really important skill for businesses to have. And YouTube’s a great way to connect with potential clients share free knowledge, but also bring in new leads for your business as well. But there’s so many people creating stuff-

Brian Onesto: Super high quality leads. That’s the key.

Give quality content to your leads

Brady Snow: Yeah. That’s the thing about YouTube is if someone is interested in what you’re saying on your video that they see is, they’re going to be highly qualified to be interested in what your business is offering. But with that said, there’s a ton of people on YouTube. And like you said, some people also just create a YouTube channel, put out content, just to check off the box. But if it’s going to work, it needs to be quality content. You got to have good creatives. So can you talk a little bit about that? Like what strategies and tools you guys might use to make sure that you guys have quality content that’s going to actually engage with viewers?

Brian Onesto: Yeah. Yeah. We use all the professional video editing softwares, Adobe Premier Pro. We use Descript. I love that tool that one’s really cool. Another one is Adobe After Effects, sometimes, and Canva, Photoshop, just your basic creative kind of tools. Love Adobe Suite and stuff. So that’s more the post-production side, but really for in the beginning of your channel, before, depending on what industry you’re in, whether that’s real estate or law or some type of small business, it’s really important to see, all right, here’s my channel, and here’s what we’re going for. What’s your end goal? I always try to start with that.

Every business is different, so we love using TubeSift, because we’re able to also map out just the competition and see what videos are hitting. And also even just, so we start with organic, but there’s also a paid strategy. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to grow your channel, but there is a strategy that people use. And we use it and then I even see other top coaches and people doing that. And I’m like, “Oh, wow.” In the back of my mind I’m like, “I wonder, I think they’re using TubeSift,” kind of a deal, where I’m like, “I’m pretty sure they’re using… ” Because it definitely helps with the placement targeting with TubeSift and stuff. So I’ve been super thankful for that tool. It’s nice to sift through all the information really quickly.

Brady Snow: Awesome. Good to hear. Yeah. It’ll help you find placement if you are running ads, paid ads, which is an important part of it. It helps you find your placements, which is part, and if you find a placement like a video to place your ad on that you know your customers will be watching on, then it helps you keep those costs lower, like you mentioned. You don’t have to spend a ton of money, but with placements it can help ensure that, rather than putting your ad out in kind of a big, broader net. You can focus in on where exactly your audience is, where qualified clients and leads might actually be watching on YouTube. So that’s cool.

Brian Onesto: Yeah. And it helps too to have a organic and paid strategy, kind of married together. You have your organic stuff going, and then eventually as your channel, you start having more video, you have content available. When I say content, maybe five, 10 videos, not a whole lot. And then when you do an ad, people, they’re going to look up who you are. They see your ad, “Who is this guy? Who is this person? Who is this?” So they want to see. They want to consume your content. They want to see who you are.

I always recommend both. We have and using… Most people aren’t doing both. They’re either doing only paid or they’re doing only organic. But when you know how to use both of them together, it’s a powerful tool. You’re able to expand your reach at the most cost effective way.

Study what’s working for your competition with Video Ad Vault. Image by RODNAE Productions, license under Pexels.
Study what’s working for your competition with Video Ad Vault. Image by RODNAE Productions, license under Pexels.

Funnel Hack with Video Ad Vault

Brady Snow: Yeah. Awesome. Yeah. Good to hear. You mentioned about seeing what the competition is doing. What else is working out there. Can you talk a little bit about that? What your strategies are for that?

Brian Onesto: Yeah. So I love, Video Ad Vault has been really cool. I feel like I’m, not like I have an unfair advantage, but I guess a little unfair advantage. I type in, at the [Clicko 00:07:01] button, I can just type in people’s channels, and then I can see exactly the ads they’re running. I can see within a specific space. For example, real estate, I can see what other agents in that specific area are doing. It helps also just with getting ideas for creatives, getting ideas. And then you can also see what ads are working or not with a little bit of just inference. So if somebody scales up an ad, it’s probably working, it’s probably doing really well.

So you can try to mimic that or put your own kind of spin on it. So it’s like you have Video Ad Vault, you can see what ads are working. And then you use TubeSift to see where I should put my ads. You kind of put them together and it’s a good little comp… It’s a nice, not, what’s the word now I’m looking for? But you’re just, you’re smashing things together. It’s like a good sandwich, like, “Oh, cool. These work really well together.” So that’s been cool to just be able to see other people what they’re doing. So you don’t have to, yeah, it is just, and depending on your industry, it helps so much. You’re just able to see, you don’t have to necessarily spend a ton of time trying to…

And also, I think one thing with Video Ad Vault that is maybe not talked about a whole lot is you can funnel hack people really easily, because you can see what ads are doing. You can see the funnel they have. And then you’re going to start getting retargeted on Facebook. So you can start seeing like, “Oh, this is how this person is kind of going about with their paid strategy.” And then you can even copy some of their… I don’t, just for educational purposes, guys. I’m not saying copy people’s funnels. But in terms of their copy, their exact copy, you can see what they’re testing and stuff, so that’s been really eye opening.

Russell Brunson, he coins the term “funnel hacker.” And he even says to kind of do that. And you’re able to just learn. I even see what they’re doing and you’re like, “Oh cool. That’s what they’re doing. Here’s the ads they have running. Here’s even the funnel they have running.” So it’s powerful within the respective of whatever niche you’re in, because you can see, type in the specific niche, you kind of just look up people in that niche, and you can see exactly what they’re doing. So it’s been pretty cool.

Brady Snow: Yeah. You can see all the ads that any given company or advertiser is running, and you can see the different versions of ads too. Sometimes they test different angles, that kind of stuff, so you can see. And then you can also see what’s working. We got the chart in there that shows you the view count. If it’s been ramping up, you can tell that that ad’s probably working.

Brian Onesto: Yeah. Yeah. It’s been really cool. Yeah. It’s nice to have just kind of a mountaintop kind of a view of everything, rather than getting caught and then… There’s so many things we have to do with our businesses and stuff. It just pierces through the information to like, “All right, cool. Now I can see a lot, really quickly what’s going on in the space.” And then we can take action, plan of action to… because you actually got to film the ad. You got to film the ad, get it edited, whatever post-production you do, whether it’s simple or more advanced. So there’s so many things to do, so it’s nice to have something that’s just cool. I have the answers. Awesome. Let’s keep going forward.

LA Data Nerds has launched a new YouTube channel covering crypto currencies called DeFi Nerds. Image by Worldspectrum, license under Pexels.
LA Data Nerds has launched a new YouTube channel covering crypto currencies called DeFi Nerds. Image by Worldspectrum, license under Pexels.

YouTube Channel for Crypto Currency Education

Brady Snow: Definitely. Yeah. I’m glad to hear that those are helpful for you guys. Yeah. Is there anything, I know 2021’s coming to an end. Is there anything big and exciting that you guys are looking for? Any big projects or kind of other goals that you’re working on that you’d like to share?

Brian Onesto: Yeah. Okay. So we actually just started a channel in the crypto space and it’s called Defi Nerds, D-E-F-I Nerds. And yeah, we’re really excited. I just filmed a video yesterday, and that’s going to be posted sometime next week and stuff. But we’re going to just cover all the different coins in terms of, there’s a lot of different coins out there and tokens. So we’re going to cover educational, just all that stuff, so people can have a quick overview, should I buy this or not? And they can make an informed decision.

And yeah, just teaching people all about the Defi crypto space. And it’s just a good thing. Yeah. I was telling my brother yesterday that I think crypto is at the point where Facebook was in 2004, 2005, and ’06, where a lot of younger people were doing it. And then 2010, it just took off, and then a lot more mass adaption just came in, and a lot of older people started coming onto your Facebook. And now it is what it is today, which is just commonplace.

Brady Snow: Awesome. Yeah. I think it is about to take off too. I’ve been getting into crypto trading a little bit and some NFT projects, just kind of testing the water, seeing what it is. But yeah, I think it’s, like you said, a lot of younger people have been doing it and some older generations. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg, and mass adoption, it’s really just going to ramp up. But that’s awesome to hear you’re doing a YouTube channel about that. You should send us the link. I can drop it on this blog post and in our YouTube description for the video, if anyone wants to check it out.

Brian Onesto: Yeah, yeah. And we have a free Facebook group. You guys are welcome to join, and where we just talk even more in depth about that.

Brady Snow: Awesome. Cool. Well, good to hear too. We’ll also drop a link to LA Data Nerds as well. And see if anyone wants to check them out. Definitely, we’ll have that link in the description. And if you’re on the blog, it’ll be there as well in the resources section. But yeah, Brian, did you have anything else to add?

Brian Onesto: No, that’s it. Thank you so much for having me, Brady. Yeah. I really appreciate you and the team and the tools you guys make. It’s been awesome, so thank you.

Brady Snow: Awesome. Yeah. Thanks, man. Well, yeah, thanks for coming on. And we’ll talk to you. We should do it again soon.

Brian Onesto: Definitely.

Brady Snow: Sounds good.

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