Andreas Kiouras, founder of Vential Marketing, explains why to prioritize YouTube Ads for your business.
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Video Transcript

Best advice from a YouTube Ads Expert

Brady Snow: Hi, everyone. This is Brady from TubeSift. And today, I’m on a call with Andreas Kiouras from Vential Marketing. And yeah. Andreas, thanks for coming on the call. How are you doing today?

Andreas Kiouras: Hi, Brady. I’m great. Thank you for having me. Absolutely.

Brady Snow: Yeah, of course. So, yeah. Can you just tell us about what your business does?

Andreas Kiouras: Sure. So personally I’m a YouTube ads expert. I’m also the founder at Liquid Sounds. It is a music promotional agency based on YouTube. And I’m also founder at Vential Marketing, which is a YouTube advertising agency.

Brady Snow: Okay.

Andreas Kiouras: So at Vential Marketing, we work with e-commerce brands, coaches, and info-product sellers who have the potential to scale to seven and eight figures with YouTube ads.

Brady Snow: Awesome. Great to hear. What made you decide to focus on YouTube advertising specifically for that business?

Andreas Kiouras: Well, YouTube ads was kind of the obvious choice for me because I have spent pretty much half my life on YouTube. I started off with the Liquid Sounds where I ran promotional campaigns for many artists. And eventually, I started the experimenting with YouTube ads for e-commerce companies, and then I started working with coaches and info-product sellers as well.

Brady Snow: Great. Yeah. So there’s a lot of advertisers. There’s a lot of people that don’t necessarily prioritize YouTube specifically; people like to focus on Facebook and Instagram. But what advice would you give for anyone that’s like on the fence about using YouTube ads or hasn’t prioritized in their business? Are there any benefits that you can tell us about?

Learn how to use YouTube Ads for your business. Image by Karolina Grabowska, Pexels License.
Learn how to use YouTube Ads for your business. Image by Karolina Grabowska, Pexels License.

Why prioritize YouTube Ads?

Andreas Kiouras: Yeah, you’re right. Lots of companies, especially big companies, eight figures e-commerce stores, they have kind of neglected YouTube ads. What I can tell them, what I can advise them is to consult with an expert first because YouTube ads is a relatively hard to make work in comparison to regular Google or Facebook ads. Most often, the clients I work with had either the agents or the freelancer who run a regular Google ads for them to try out YouTube ads on the side as well. And they cannot make it work because it’s so much different. So there is no reason to waste ad spend and money. So it’s best to consult with someone who does that just YouTube right away.

Brady Snow: Okay. Yeah, definitely. It’s definitely a different platform and you kind of need to structure your ad differently.

Andreas Kiouras: Yeah.

Brady Snow: But what would you say are some of the key benefits of using YouTube ads over other platforms?

Andreas Kiouras: I would say that YouTube ads is probably one of the best kept secrets on the internet right now. They’re much less competitive than Facebook. The ads have much better durability. The platform itself is more reliable and more stable. And you’re not… I mean, pretty much you’re losing money not being on YouTube right now, especially if your business has the potential to seriously scale.

Brady Snow: Okay.

Andreas Kiouras: There’s no [inaudible 00:02:52] to hold that off.

Brady Snow: Yeah, definitely. Yeah. So with a YouTube ad specifically, like what components of the creative or of the campaign make a high converging ad?

Andreas Kiouras: Yeah, yeah. Right. So really it all comes down to the messaging. Once you get that right, everything should be based on it. So the scripts for the ads should be based on it. And so should adding target to the funnel as well. In regards to targeting with YouTube ads, you have to keep testing new targeting options and [inaudible 00:03:28]. Testing never really stops with YouTube ads. If you’re going to keep scaling, you have to keep testing.

Brady Snow: Okay. Yeah. Testing’s definitely important. It’s kind of like you always want be doing that, make sure your ads getting the most convergence for the lowest cost, for sure.

Andreas Kiouras: Yeah.

Brady Snow: So with YouTube ads, do you see that they can make a stronger connection with your target audience than other types of ads? Have you noticed that?

Andreas Kiouras: Yeah. Yeah. Especially in comparison to Facebook. Well, video is the most engaging type of content and YouTube is a video platform that is based on video solely. So it gives you the chance to educate your audience and captivate them in that other platforms do not offer. So you can advertise with it on Facebook. But I have found that on YouTube, people tend to be more engaged. And I have worked with funnelists, with both, and often times we spend the same amount on both Facebook and YouTube, and YouTube ads always have a much higher ROI.

Brady Snow: Great. Yeah, that’s definitely true. We’ve seen a lot of other agencies, they say the same thing. Their YouTube ads just have way better numbers than other ad formats, especially than Facebook.

Andreas Kiouras: Yeah.

Use TubeSift for your placement campaigns and get a higher ROAS. Image by TubeSift
Use TubeSift for your placement campaigns and get a higher ROAS. Image by TubeSift.

Use TubeSift for your placement campaigns

Brady Snow: So you use our tool, TubeSift, the placement finder with your company. Can you tell us how that tool has helped you get the results with your company?

Andreas Kiouras: Yeah. Yeah. I use TubeSift and all of my media buddies do as well. It’s very, very helpful in creating placement campaigns, which pretty much get the wheel rolling in the first month, especially for coaching and info-product offers where the target market is more narrow. So yeah, placement campaigns is definitely something that you should be focusing on in the first month. And that TubeSift is pretty much a requirement to get those set up.

Brady Snow: Awesome. Yeah. Great to hear that, that helps you get the results. You did share some numbers before our call from some results. And you said one of your biggest clients, their campaigns had a total profit of $1.5 million or so, and that was just the second half of 2021. Can you tell us like what your sales funnels look like for those clients and maybe also what your budget is like?

Andreas Kiouras: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. So in 2021, we did generate in the second half, $1.5 million in profit for our most successful client. Honestly, it was a great year for simple VSL funnels with the sales ledgers. I’m a free believer that the simpler the funnel is, the better. No need to start off with a 27-step funnel. We’re going to simple opt-in pay it and then a VSL with the lots of roof. I mean, really, just go straight for the kill.

Brady Snow: Okay. Yeah.

Andreas Kiouras: And it depends too the budget, which you also asked about. Really, it depends on the client. For established businesses, we do want around $10,000 for the testing. But for new offers, we go much more, maybe between $3,000 and $5,000. Of course every situation is different, but the numbers are around there.

Brady Snow: Okay. Yeah. I like what you said about keeping the funnel simple. I mean, it does come down to your messaging and you want to put that offer up front and make… You know? So if you have great messaging, simple sales funnel, you can really just work that system and get some great profits. So that’s awesome.

Andreas Kiouras: Yeah, exactly. You want something curiosity based. Yeah.

Give your ad time to run before you decide to scale. Image by KoolShooters, Pexels License.
Give your ad time to run before you decide to scale. Image by KoolShooters, Pexels License.

How to scale your YouTube ads

Brady Snow: Yeah. Just curious, what countries do you advertise in? I’m sure it’s different for different clients, but do you a lot of stuff around the world or do you focus on just certain countries?

Andreas Kiouras: Well, assuming that the offer is primarily in English, we start off with just the US. Later on, we also expand to Canada. And recently, we have started experimenting with other markets such as primarily Russia and also Brazil for specific info-product offers in very competitive markets. And we’re seeing very encouraging results because the competition there is much, much lower.

Brady Snow: Okay. And then, yeah. I was just curious. For your clients, how do you know when it’s… Like, how do you scale up your ads and how do you know when it’s time to scale up if an offer’s going well? Do you have like a rule of thumb or a system you follow? Or can you tell us about that?

Andreas Kiouras: Yeah. So for reaching a project, we create an optimization checklist. So it’s pretty much a set of rules that we follow in regards to scaling. And really you have to keep testing. The testing never ends. In the first month, we test the safest targeting options with multiple creatives. Pretty quickly, we will figure out which videos perform best, meaning that they have the highest CTR, click-through rate. And then we start testing lots of different targeting options just with those. And once we achieve a stable set of campaigns that bring [inaudible 00:08:33] amount of revenue as to the amount of sales, then we keep scaling that setup very conservatively while also being very aggressive with new targeting options or creatives.

Brady Snow: Okay. Nice.

Andreas Kiouras: And in regards to your question about when it’s time to start scaling up the ads, really, it just comes down to the [ROAs 00:08:59]. We need to have a high enough ROAs so that we can scale effectively without [inaudible 00:09:06] too much cost without losing profitability.

Schedule a strategy call for your business

Brady Snow: Okay. Yeah. That’s a great rule of thumb for sure. So yeah. That’s about most all my questions, just a couple last ones here. Like, what are you most looking forward to in your business this year? Is there anything that you’re really excited about?

Andreas Kiouras: Yeah. Well, we’re working with some real great companies right now. We have a pretty big e-commerce store that is working with us and some great [inaudible 00:09:35].

Brady Snow: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Andreas Kiouras: And honestly, the goal that I have for myself is amount of revenue. Just [crosstalk 00:09:45]-

Brady Snow: Okay. Nice. Yeah. Always a good goal to have every year. All right. Yeah. So-

Andreas Kiouras: Absolutely.

Brady Snow: Definitely, yeah. If people wanted to get in touch with you and look up your business, where can they go? What’s your website?

Andreas Kiouras: They can head over to our website: And they can book a free strategy call with me. We can cover their business, discuss whether it could be a good fit for YouTube ads. And on the website, they can also find my email which they can use to contact me.

Brady Snow: Okay. Perfect. And yeah, if anyone’s watching this on Tubesift blog, we’ll have those links below as well. But yeah. Did you have anything else you wanted to add? Those were all the questions I had. Thanks for coming on with us.

Andreas Kiouras: Not really. Thank you for inviting me. Thank you for having me. I really liked our conversation.

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