Advertisers need to adapt their marketing strategies in 2021 to align with new consumer values.
Advertisers need to adapt their marketing strategies in 2021 to align with new consumer values.  
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Five Key Consumer Insights to Help Advertisers in 2021

Making sense of 2020 could seem an almost impossible task. The pandemic and social chaos have caused dramatic behavioral, economic, and technological changes across the globe. With this massive disruption of daily routines, consumer behavior has changed as well. 

Google ran some studies and looked back at billions of search queries from 2020, as well as consumer behaviors, surveys, and interviews.  They discovered five meaningful findings on consumer behavior that advertisers can capitalize on in 2021 (2021 Consumer Insights for Marketers). We have summarized these five truths about consumer behavior below.   

Establishing control: How can advertisers help customers find success?

People are facing a world fraught with uncertainty in 2021. Consumers will continue to value signs of reassurance and protection as they work through the current challenges and search for ways to proactively take control of their lives.

People are looking for ways of maintaining influence over their immediate surroundings, and products that are emotionally beneficial.  

For advertisers, this means they need to take a different approach to connecting with their customers.  Relating to the customer and establishing an emotional connection by showing you understand their pains is more important than ever before.  By putting the customer’s needs first and determining the best way to make that connection between their problem and the solution you offer will be a powerful way to generate new leads and buyers in any niche.  

Seeking balance: How will advertisers enable customers to find balance in work and life?

Although the pandemic predates the need for a more balanced approach to life, the need is now more evident than ever before. People continue to work with themselves among others to set limits and restore a sense of equilibrium across emotional, physical, and psychological aspects.

Consumers want products that will help them achieve better balance in their lives.  This means that balancing work, recreation, and physical and mental health are priorities to consumers.  Whatever their product, advertisers need to demonstrate how their products help consumers live a more balanced and healthy life.  

Whether your product is a work tool that helps alleviate the stress of work by saving time and money, or a product that helps people achieve rest and relaxation, it is important to demonstrate the value of your offer.  Customers want to know how any product they are buying will help them live a more balanced and healthy lifestyle, including in their working life.  The most important thing to remember when you present your offer is that you need to show your customers how your product or offer will improve their situations.  

Developing ties: How can marketers preserve current relationships while also creating new ones?

Interpersonal connection is a trademark of the human species.  The pandemic has limited how people can interact.  We have been used to social settings and workplace interactions, but for many this is not presently a reality.   

Individuals have searched for alternate means of communicating, concentrating on those nearest to them, both interpersonally and within their societies.  For most this has brought on new innovations in social media and video conferencing.  

Regardless of the means people have used to meet their social needs, one fact is more important than ever.  People want authentic connection not just with others, but with the businesses they choose to buy from.  

Marketers need to nurture this important human need and make lasting, trustworthy connections with both their existing customers and new ones.  

Finding comfort and purpose: How can marketers help?

The restrictions imposed on mobility by COVID-19 forced many individuals to make their personal environments convenient and comforting. Although this emphasis on comfort is likely to continue, customers are longing for ways to find meaning and purpose in their lives.  

For marketers working in ecommerce, personal care, entertainment and other products that can benefit consumers in the home, there is a ripe opportunity to present the value of your offer and make lasting connections with your customers.   

Acting on social allegiance: How does social-responsibility influence purchasing decisions?

The pandemic has coincided with massive social upheaval in many parts of the world.  Populations globally have embraced the need for reform.

68% of Americans claim that the credibility of a company’s social-responsibility affects their buying choices, according to Forrester.  

Customers want to know that the businesses they interact with care about bettering the world and making an impact on improving lives.

Key Takeaways

The main points of Google’s research show that brands need to adapt to the times by showing empathy for their customers and prospects.  Deceptive sales pitches that don’t present value to customers are not going to work in the new age our world has entered.  

To adapt, marketers need to consider the customer mindset, their values, and ultimately present an offer that is going to improve their lives.

If marketers can effectively do this, they are setting themselves up for a successful year.  

By adapting to the social trends of our times, marketers have a massive opportunity to connect with customers and form a lasting relationship that is both profitable and benefits the consumers’ lives.
By adapting to the social trends of our times, marketers have a massive opportunity to connect with customers and form a lasting relationship that is both profitable and benefits the consumers’ lives.

Changes in Video Viewing Habits Present Opportunity

Think with Google recently ran a study where they asked 12,000 people from countries around the world what they’ve been watching online. The results showed that the video viewing habits of the world are changing. 

This poses a massive opportunity for how you can gauge your digital marketing efforts in 2021.  Go here to learn how marketers can take advantage of this opportunity in video advertising.

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