Brady Snow reviews a YouTube ad that has an amazing hook to replicate.
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Video Transcript

Save an interesting ad to study later

Brady Snow: I just saw an ad for the second time, and I think it’s a sign that I break this ad down. Normally, I review digital products, like a coaching program or some kind of software or some kind of online course. But today, we’re going to review an ad for a physical product. This ad was great because it got to the point of the problem so fast. I always think that’s impressive when you can do that. It’s pretty much what you got to do these days. Let’s take a look at this.

I just saw this ad, so I bookmarked it with my TubeSift Bookmarker. This is it right here. But just in case you’re not familiar with the TubeSift Bookmarker, you can install this free Chrome extension and bookmark the ads that you see, and refer to them later. You just go to Google and type in TubeSift Bookmarker. It’s going to pull it up for you here. You can just click this, and you can just install it. It’s completely free. You’re going to be able to use this feature here. This is the interface. This is the ad. I bookmarked it. If you don’t bookmark the ads, you can refer back to the last 50 ads that you have seen. I’ve seen a lot of different ads here, different kinds of stuff. But this is the ad right here, so I can just click it. Then, it’s going to open for me, and I’m going to be able to watch it again. Let’s look at this hook.

Maggie Q: Can eating sweet potatoes make us look younger? That’s correct. This amazing potato actually can make us look younger because-

Brady Snow: Look at that. It’s been six seconds, and they talk about qualifying the viewer, anyone who wants to look younger, and then they talk about the solution right there. They’re talking about a sweet potato. Look at it. It’s within six seconds. It’s already hooked a lot of people: anyone who wants to look younger/is worried about aging. Basically, skincare, your appearance… You hooked those kinds of people there. Then, they present the solution, and you’re curious. Because a sweet potato. What’s that guy do with this? Let’s learn more.

Maggie Q: Because it is very rich in amino acids-

Brady Snow: It’s rich in amino acids.

Maggie Q: …that allow us to produce collagen.

Brady Snow: Produces collagen.

Educate your audience with an interesting fact about your product or niche. Image by Monstera, license under Pexels.
Educate your audience with an interesting fact about your product or niche. Image by Monstera, license under Pexels

Educate your audience with your ad

Maggie Q: The biggest problem with collagen is we’re told it can be absorbed into the body. We’re taking animal collagen. But the protein is actually too big to be absorbed by the human body. We’re not the same thing.

Brady Snow: Look at that. We’re getting educated so much right here. This looks like a pretty long ad.

Maggie Q: The focus should be on producing it and absorbing it.

Brady Snow: It’s very educational. You want to produce collagen. You don’t want to absorb collagen. You can watch this whole ad if you want if you use the bookmarker. You go through. They have a lot of education about having good skincare, that kind of stuff. But I wanted to see other ads from this channel to see what hooks they’re using because this one has 24,000 views. It must be working pretty well. ActivatedYou is the name of that YouTube channel.

I’m just going to go to my Video Ad Vault account here. We have 716,790 YouTube ads and counting. Actually, it’s probably more than that by now. Yep. 93. We’re updating that every hour. But you can search all the ads that are active. Right now, I’m going to search the channel name. It was ActivatedYou. Let’s go here.

Here is that lady again. I believe her name is Maggie Q. She’s an actress. Mission: Impossible III. Never made it to Mission Impossible III. But I’m sure Tom Cruise is doing great. He’s he is also a fighter pilot, again, or coach. But here are all the ads. I can just click play. I can watch the other angles that they’re running on different ads.

Maggie Q: I don’t eat salads. And I know that sounds crazy because it’s like, “You must eat salads.” But I would get really bloated.

Brady Snow: Okay. Interesting hook there. Different audience. Maybe they have a different product. But if I want to see where they’re pushing traffic to, then I can just click this. It looks like it’s ActivatedYou: our special internet-only offer to first-time customers. Look at this: wellness products, health, and adaptogen blend. I take adaptogen mushrooms. Those are good for you. You can see the sales page that they’re pushing to here. You can see all the other ads that they are running on their channel. But let’s say I want to see other ads running in the skincare niche. Skincare, anti-aging… We can do searches for all kinds of stuff. Let’s do a search for description and title. Here are other ads running in this niche. You can see the ones with the top views here. Your dry skin is missing something. What’s their angle here? What are they saying?

Explore the best YouTube ads in any niche using Video Ad Vault.  Image by Andrea Piacquadio, license under Pexels.
Explore the best YouTube ads in any niche using Video Ad Vault.  Image by Andrea Piacquadio, license under Pexels.

Discover best YouTube ad hooks for your campaigns

Speaker 3: Hey, it’s me, your dry skin. I’m craving something we’re missing: the ceramides in CeraVe. They help restore my natural barrier so I can lock in moisture.

Brady Snow: You can talk about the problem right away to hook you. Dry skin is missing something, and then they offer the solution. They show the product in action: CeraVe. Then, they show [inaudible 00:04:49].

Speaker 3: We’re missing: the ceramides in CeraVe. They help restore my natural barrier so I can lock in moisture. We’ve got-

Brady Snow: Lock in moisture. Restore your skin health. You can see how knowing all the ads that are running on YouTube. Seeing what is working is going to allow you to come up with different hooks and angles that is going to work for your product for your offer, whether you do skincare or not. You can search Video Ad Vault for anything. You can do digital products. You can find all kinds of stuff here that are running on YouTube and see which ones are performing best.

See, that one plateaued. It has a ton of views. But you can see which ones are performing best. If you want to follow certain advertisers, you can quickly and easily add them to a certain channel, and you’re good to go. You get email updates every time that they pump out a new ad. There’s a lot of different ways you can use this to stay ahead with your YouTube ads.

If you want to check it out, go to Remember, if you want the TubeSift Bookmarker too, just to be able to bookmark the ads that you see, that’s TubeSift Bookmarker. It’s on the Chrome Store. That’s all I got for today. I just wanted to do that quick ad breakdown and show you these tools and how you can get a major advantage when you use them. Check those out. Thanks for tuning in. We’ll see you next time on the TubeSift YouTube channel. Thanks for tuning in. Bye.


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