Brady Snow explains how to find high-converting YouTube Ads for the digital product niche.
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Video Transcript

Improve conversions for your business 

Brady Snow: Do you want to increase your conversions for your digital product using YouTube ads? If so, listen up because I have a strategy that you need to learn that’s going to set you apart from your competitors and allow you to get your offer in front of the right people and convert them because you’re going to be knowing exactly what kind of messaging is going to work for that audience based on some competitive intelligence that you can easily and quickly gain with a special strategy and resource that I’m going to show you today. So, let’s jump on my computer and take a look at this.

All right. So, if you’re selling a digital product online and you want to bring new leads into your sales funnel with YouTube ads, you are ahead of the curve because YouTube ads allow you to get really cheap conversions. It comes down to using intent targeting and the targeting options out there on YouTube are very powerful, lot more effective than other social media platforms like Facebook. And you are able to get really cheap leads because you are only targeting the people that are going to be interested in your offer. So, a digital product applies to a lot of different things, but let’s say you’re just selling some software. One of the best things to do is to see what kinds of ads are already being run and see which ads are performing the best. And that way you can replicate what kind of messaging offers hooks and even landing page styles are working.

And you might ask, how do you get this information? How do you know what’s working? Well, you can use something called Video Ad Vault. And so, I’m in my Video Ad Vault account right here. And I’m at the search bar here, I’m going to just search for title, description, and the channel name. Let’s see what we get here. So, I’m going to search software and yeah, here are the results. So, here’s one we all seen in ads. If I wanted to see what kind of ad they’re running, how to bring all your work into one place with If you’re selling some kind of project management software or service or a training, an online course about project management, you might want to see what kind of ads are running in that niche. So, let’s just watch this one and see what it is. I wonder if I’ve seen this ad before?

Let your audience know you can solve their problem with your product. Image by Olav Ahrens Røtne, Unsplash License.
Let your audience know you can solve their problem with your product. Image by Olav Ahrens Røtne, Unsplash License.

Solve your customers’ problems on the hook

Speaker 2: Oh, the first day that we signed up for, our department was already able to connect our processes, our software, actually, everything into one centralized place.

Brady Snow: So, it starts right off with a benefit that ad, a customer testimonial saying what they got out of using this software. That’s an effective hook right there. You’re going to hook a lot of people that want to solve a common problem. And if it’s a project management problem, you get that solved right there. You can watch the whole ad here and see how they structure their messaging, what else they show. But for the sake of time, I’m just going to look at some other ones here for you. Let’s see what else we got here. Business planning made easy. I mean, if you’re selling some kind of digital product that is about business planning, similar project management, you see what kind of add is here?

Speaker 3: This card right here, creates you a brand new side business and a-

Speaker 4: So, you’re an entrepreneur and you’re ready to start pitching your idea to lenders and investors. And you know what they’re going to ask for, your business plan. But you don’t have an MBA.

Brady Snow: So, it relates right to the story that someone is experiencing. If you have a business plan that you’re trying to pitch to investors, if you’re trying to communicate your business plan to someone, that’s going to hook anyone that’s interested in that. It’s using an animated graphic here, kind of a cartoon figure. That’s real popular in ads these days, but you can kind of start to see what messaging is working. If you wanted to also see the landing page, you just click that little button right there and plan, fun, and grow your business. You can see what they put on the landing page here. You get a video tour, talks about the benefit right here, growing your business by planning and funding it, easily write a business plan. You got a to call to action here where you can take a tour, you learn more, and here’s some stuff here.

You can see how it works. Finish faster with expert guidance, organizing, pitch you ideas, build accurate financial reports while lenders using a proven format. Yeah, you can cut and then we got some testimonials here it looks like. Yeah, with some quotes from happy customers. And how do I know that this is working? Let’s look at that ad here. It looks like it has almost two million views. It’s being run in a bunch of countries here. You can see all the countries that it’s being run. It was last seen today, is July 25th. It’s been running since 2017. So, that’s how you know that ad’s working. You can click this little button here and get some more stats. The view count’s been going up, so they’re putting more money behind that because they’re running this ad and people are seeing it. Som must be working for them. It must be bringing in conversions for them. So, if I was trying to sell something that’s about planning your business. I would go ahead and watch this whole ad that I had opened right here.

What problems do you deal with if you’re trying to plan a business or if you’re trying to make a business plan? They’re talking about that, so it’s going to resonate with that audience. So, that’s the kind of stuff that you want to do on your ad. And just by studying this ad that you know is working because of the view count going up, you’re going to be able to know what to say on your ad. So, you’d want to say something about those pain points, speak to those pain points. You don’t have to copy this other ad, but you can make your messaging authentic to your own offer and talk about pain points that you’re going to be able to solve for your ideal customer.

Use Video Ad Vault to learn how to make amazing ads for your digital product. Image by Jonathan Chng, Unsplash License.
Use Video Ad Vault to learn how to make amazing ads for your digital product. Image by Jonathan Chng, Unsplash License.

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Video Ad Vault

So, that’s just one way you can dig a lot deeper. You can see all the other ads from other businesses that are running. So, by studying what is working with other ads, you’re going to have a lot more intelligence when it comes to creating your own ads and how you’re going to structure your message to convert your ideal audience. So, if you’re interested in using this tool, you can check it out at We have a demo on our homepage that shows you all the different ways you can do it. I just scratched the surface here. You can search in a lot of different ways. If you want to track competitors’ ads, you can do that as well. You can follow certain channels, you get alerts to your email inbox every time that they roll out a new ad. So, you can keep track of competitors or other people in your niche that have inspiring ads.

So, you can always be on the cutting edge with your ads and make sure that you are bringing new leads into your sales funnel and able to convert them on the front end with your amazing offer because you’re going to know how to structure your messaging in order to convert that audience. So yeah, that’s all I got today. I just wanted to do that quick little demo about using Video Ad Vault to find digital product ads that are running out there on YouTube. You can search a lot of different things. If you’re doing like an online course, type in online course, you can see that. If you want to get more specific, you can do an investing course or whatever your offer is. You can also just search by a certain business name if you know them or the domain or the URL, you can just check the box for that and go ahead and search for that specific business’s ads.

So, a lot of different ways you can use this. That’s all I wanted to show you for today. Yeah like I said, if you wanted to check it out, go to, get the demo about all the different ways you can use the software. So yeah, that’s all for today. If you like this video, please like, subscribe, so you don’t miss future videos. We’re going to be sharing all kinds of YouTube ads strategies in the future and yeah, hope you have a good day. Thanks for tuning in. Bye.

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