Brady Snow shares the ultimate YouTube ad spy tool and the Free TubeSift Bookmarker that will give you an unfair advantage over your competition.
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Video transcript

Use the TubeSift Bookmarker

Brady Snow: On this video, I’m going to show you how to find any YouTube ad. Why would you want to find a YouTube ad? You might want to reference it when you’re creating your own ad creatives on YouTube. Well, today we’re going to show you how you can do this. I’m also going to show you how you can use a YouTube ad spy tool to find any YouTube ad and browse a collection of YouTube ads in a specific niche category by specific advertiser from a domain, from a channel on YouTube, whatever it is, you can search the YouTube ad library using this ad spy tool. So let’s take a look at this.

So one way to find any YouTube ad is to bookmark it with the TubeSift Bookmarker tool. Let’s say I’m just browsing YouTube and an ad pops up. Let’s see if the ad comes up though. Yes, it’s an ad. So let’s say this is an ad I wanted to see. I could put bookmark ad here, and that’s using the TubeSift Bookmarker, which is a free Chrome extension. You can install it. No opt-in required just type in the TubeSift Bookmarker. And you’re going to be taken to this Chrome Web Store where you can add this. And you can go over here to where extension once you have it installed. So you can see that it’s being run by Shopify. So these are all the ads that I have bookmarked. If you don’t bookmark it, you can see the last 50 ads that you’ve been shown. So that’s one way to find it if you know you’ve just seen it and you have the TubeSift Bookmarker installed, you can just go ahead and see your ad history. Find the ad that you wanted to watch, like here’s one by MUD\WTR, it’s a health supplement beverage.

If I wanted to see that ad that’s that’s one, I can check out Motion Array. This was an ad for a motion graphic site, stock footage site that I saw. Here’s the one from LegalZoom, fiber art grid, all kinds of stuff. But when I hit bookmarks right here, I can just click it. You can also click this from the ad history where I just was. And there’s the ad. So that’s one way that you can find any YouTube ad, you just have your TubeSift Bookmarker, Chrome extension installed, and you just access that plugin right there. And access that interface, and you can see those ads easy, just like you see here. I bookmarked this one too for a video called [inaudible 00:02:19].

Video Ad Vault is the biggest searchable library of YouTube ads.
Video Ad Vault is the biggest searchable library of YouTube ads.

Use the best YouTube Ad library

So the other way to find any YouTube ad is to use a YouTube ad spy tool. This is just like an ad library. It’s similar to the Facebook ad library, but for YouTube, the one I really like because of the search features is Video Ad Vault. And I’m in my account here. Let’s say I just wanted to find those Shopify ads, because I knew that that ad I had seen was from Shopify. I can go through here and see all of the ads that they’re running. If there was a specific term in the Shopify ad, I could go through and search that too, sell online with Shopify. It might help me narrow down my ad results. Here you’re getting results from other companies as well. So if you want to see diversity of ads that are being run about Shopify offers, or maybe it’s Shopify education or software that helps you run on Shopify, you can see all those ads right there too.

Another thing I really like is if you do want is just search a specific advertiser’s domain. You can check domain right here and it does help to put in the https:/, but let’s just say I wanted to see Tubesift’s ad. That’s the company I work for here and we own Video Ad Vault. So here are ads that we’ve been running. You can see various angles, we’ve run. We run a bunch of different varieties. Another way to use this YouTube ad spy tool is to use the watch channels feature. So these are all advertisers that I’ve chosen to follow, and I can see all the ads that they roll out here. So anytime they roll out a new ad, I’ve chosen to turn on email alerts so I get notified every time in my email inbox when the new ad comes out. And I can just click and watch the ad itself.

Study what’s working for your competition with Video Ad Vault. Image by RODNAE Productions, license under Pexels.
Study what’s working for your competition with Video Ad Vault. Image by RODNAE Productions, license under Pexels.

Get unfair advantage over your competitors

So there’s lots of different ways you can use the search feature here. You can filter down, we have advanced exclusion filters where you can filter out videos that are within a certain time duration. If it’s under 15 seconds, only if you want to see that, or if you want to exclude ads that are under 15 seconds, that’s where you do that. There’s the bookmarker there, you can access that and get that installed as well, if you go to Video Ad Vault and check it out.

So those are the top ways to find any YouTube ad. Get that TubeSift Bookmarker. It’s free. We have a link in the description. You can check that out and get that installed. And if you’re watching this on the blog, we have links there as well. And then if you do want to use that YouTube ad spy tool, you can go to and check that out. We have monthly or annual subscriptions. You’ll save a little bit of money with the annual and you also get access to weekly coaching sessions where you’re taught, not just how to use the YouTube ad spy tool, but gain major advantages when you’re advertising in your niche, but also about targeting, about making your ads, all kinds of different things. And it’s going to just help you dial in your YouTube ad campaigns and see massive ROI on your ad campaigns. So that’s all I’ve got, if you like this video, please subscribe. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you next time.

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