Justin Sardi explains the new Google Ads update about the destination requirements policy.
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Video Transcript

New update from Google Ads

Justin Sardi: Landing page compliance is one of the biggest things you have to pay attention to when it comes to advertising with Google ads, YouTube ads, display ads, and all that good stuff. And Google has an important update that’s coming out. They just released it a couple of days ago in August. It’s the beginning of September now, and it’s going into place in October 2022. So less than a month from now, this is going into place, and I’m going to break it down today, explain exactly what’s going on and what you need to do to be ready. So let’s dive in.

Justin Sardi here, CEO and co-founder of tubesift.com and videoadvault.com. And like I said, I’m going to be talking about the update to the destination requirements policy that ties in with the better ad standards from the Coalition for Better Ads. Now, essentially what Google said is our landing pages now have to conform to the better ad standards from the Coalition for Better Ads, which means every landing page that you push traffic to, you need to comply with the proper user experience. And if you have a few things on there that we’ll run through right now, you are going to get disapproved. I don’t want that to happen. So I’m going to run through them with you today. Now the Coalition for Better Ads, if you’re not familiar, essentially what they’ve done is they surveyed a ton and ton of consumers, and they found out things that people hate.

Make the proper updates on your landing page and stick with the new rules from Google Ads. Image by Kindel Media, license under Pexels.
Make the proper updates on your landing page and stick with the new rules from Google Ads. Image by Kindel Media, license under Pexels.

Update your landing page experience

Now, obviously, a lot of people don’t like ads, but they’re talking about landing page experience, ad experience specifically. One of the things that I’m sure you hate it just as much as I do auto-playing video ads with sound. So I’m like scrolling on a desktop website, I’m trying to read an article, and a video starts playing and the sounds going, I’m like, “What is that? I can’t stand it. I hate it. I don’t even like when my cell phone rings.” So obviously, that’s one of the things. So no more auto-playing videos with sound, no popup ads, no presential ads with countdown, no large sticky ads. So if you click on these, you can see popup ads, and they’re basically saying, “Hey, you can’t have popup ads.” Well, initially, I thought, “Uh-oh, we use exit pops; this is no good.” But if you check out the interpretive advisory, it actually says, “Hey, exit pops are okay as long as they don’t interfere with somebody actually exiting the site.”

So it’s okay. Exit pops are still a go, so we’re good there, but they don’t want popup ads that block the main content of the page from appearing after it begins to load, all that kind of stuff. So you can read about that, but you’re not allowed to have those anymore. However, exit pops, all good. And you can check out a few other things here, large sticky ads. So that’s on desktop mobile. There are popup ads, same things. Presential ads, add density higher than 30% of the screen, flashing animated ads, large sticky ads, full-screen rollover ads, videos with auto-playing sound, pretty standard stuff right there. Short form video experiences. Now, you can see long pre-roll ads that can’t be skipped. If we jump in here, they’re basically saying, “Hey, we’re not allowing ads that can’t be skipped that are over 31 seconds, and you can’t skip within the first six seconds.”

Study Google Ads policy updates so your account doesn’t get banned. Image by Craig Adderley, license under Pexels.
Study Google Ads policy updates so your account doesn’t get banned. Image by Craig Adderley, license under Pexels.

Know the rules so you don’t get banned

So obviously, YouTube lets you skip it five seconds, so they’re exempt from that. Auto-playing videos with sound, obviously if you’re on YouTube and you’re watching with sound, you’re initiating a video playing … Oh, sorry, I was on the desktop again. Short form video again. So sorry, I was like, “Wait a second.” Mid roll ads. Now, I was not able to find anything. Obviously, Google has mid-roll ads right now on YouTube. I am not sure if they’re going to be getting rid of these, but they’re saying that this is not okay. Now, the one thing that I would say here is they might still be allowed; as I said, I dug in, but I was not able to find anything from Google saying, “Hey, we’re going to get rid of mid-roll ads.” They’re still talking about, “Hey, here’s how you do it for creators,” all that kind of stuff. So there’s still a thing from what I’ve seen and why I think that they might be able to is because this specific policy is an update to the destination requirements.

And so I think what they’re talking about here, I’m like 99% sure is, if you push traffic to a landing page with a video and then you have an ad in the middle of that video, they do not like that. So I think that’s not allowed. However, it remains to be seen, I don’t think they’re going to disable mid-roll ads on YouTube because I just don’t see that happening, and then large display ads on videos. And then mobile apps, you can see different things that they don’t want you to have on mobile apps. So they are talking about those things. Those are the updates. Those go into place in October, which, as I said, is less than a month away. And if you do have these things on there, it says, “Any ads that lead to such, the destinations will be disapproved.” So you have to conform to that, and they have the ad experience report. You can kind of check this out, and you can really see what’s going on here.

You can verify your properties, you can add properties, and you can really test all of these things. So they have some cool web tools that will allow you to make sure that your landing pages are at least somewhat compliant. So cool, cool little tool to check out. Honestly, the easier route is just not to violate … read these policies, and don’t violate any of them. You should be good to go. So get ready for that. It’s coming October 2022 in just a couple of weeks, so don’t want anybody getting caught with their pants down. That’s it for me on this one. And yeah, as always, definitely check out videoadvault.com if you’re looking for a giant collection of YouTube ads and landing pages. You can actually check out compliant landing pages on there because Google’s allowing traffic to be run to those. And then, if you’re looking for a way to target your YouTube ads more effectively, check out tubesift.com. And that’s it for me on this one. Bye for now.

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