Justin Sardi shares how to find your competitors’ YouTube Ads with Video Ad Vault by TubeSift.
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Video Transcript

Find Successful Ads on YouTube

Justin Sardi: What if you had a crystal ball that showed you exactly what was working in any niche on YouTube? I’m talking about being able to spy on your competitors, see exactly how many views they’re running through their ads, what split tests they’re doing on their landing pages and even get email alerts showing you when they roll out a new ad and landing page, maybe a new offer. Wouldn’t that be pretty cool? Well, that’s what I’m going to show you exactly how to do in today’s video. Let’s go ahead and dive in.

My name’s Justin Sardi. I’m the CEO and co-founder of TubeSift and videoadvault.com. Now, when it comes to finding exactly what’s working on YouTube, there’s a couple of different ways you can do that. Number one is just go over to YouTube and search for, if I want to find people that are running ads about how to run YouTube ads, because that’s what I teach, I might type that in and hope that I see a discovery ad at the top of YouTube. Maybe I’ll click on one of these videos and hope that I see an ad that happens to be targeted at me. But, this is about 10X-ing your conversions, kind of targeted, but still not really my competitor. You could do a lot of searching and manually digging, or you could check out Video Ad Vault by TubeSift.

Now, Video Ad Vault is one of the newer softwares by TubeSift, and it’s essentially a YouTube ad spy tool that’s a collection of over 728,000 unique YouTube ads, and we’re adding to that 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Now, not only do you get to see the landing pages, or sorry, the video ads, you also get to see the landing pages, number of views, what countries it’s been seen in, and a bunch more data. Let’s go ahead and jump into Video Ad Vault, and I’m going to show you exactly how this works. As you can see here, we’ve got our video ads search. This is my personal favorite feature in here. We can go browse ads. We can find all of the ads in our database. This is just going to show us all the most recently seen ads, and you can see a bunch of really cool data on these.

Get tons of insight information from your competitors’ ads. Image by Rachit Tank, Unsplash license.
Get tons of insight information from your competitors’ ads. Image by Rachit Tank, Unsplash license.

Reveals Performance Data from any Ad on YouTube

If we click on this, you can see the graph right here, and that was actually on the main page as well, you can kind of see that down here. You can get an overview of, does this have a lot of views? Is this ad actually working or is this something I need to ignore? You can also see what the links they’re pushing to are, what the thumbnail is, the actual more ads from this channel, more ads linking to the URL they’re pushing to. You can add this channel to a watched channel list, allowing you to get those email alerts I was talking about, and a lot more info, such as all of the split test landing pages they are running, and also where it’s been seen. You can see this one’s a UK ad clearly. We can actually, if we want to see ads that are seen in the United States as well, it’ll get rid of the UK ads, because that actually wasn’t seen in the United States also. On the contrary, we can also throw in UK and it will pull that ad right up somewhere in here. Yep, here it is right there. You can see a couple more ads that were shown there as well.

Now, the browse ads feature’s cool, but the search ads feature is where this thing gets really powerful. Now, let’s say we’re running webinars, for example. I can come over here and I could type in webinarjam.com, knowing that, that’s one of the go-to platforms for automated webinars. I just do a real quick search here, and this is going to find all of the YouTube ads linking to webinars, automated webinars specifically. You can see all of these things, and I actually have it sorted by number of views here. But, you can see over here, passive affiliate blueprint ad, you can see 50,000 views, blah, blah, blah. We can click on this and we can see, yeah, it was kind of flat line. He’s starting to run it again, though. Boom, he’s actually running this again.

Now, if I want to see, and obviously I can click play. This will play the actual video URL. Of course, there’s ads on top of ads nowadays, but bear with me for a second here. Boom, there we go. We can actually see the ad that he is running, what hooks he’s using, how this is all working. It’s actually, there’s a weird cutoff here on his sleeve, so it’s interesting. But, we can see that, we can see what’s happening there. Obviously I had this muted, but you can hear the audio too. We can click the ad link button. We can see exactly where he’s pushing traffic to. You can see how I generated 170,000 euros, pounds, whatever, affiliate income without a website in just 12 months. Here’s a case study. You can see exactly what he’s doing. Here’s how you register. Obviously he’s running a just in time webinar, all that good stuff.

Study everything your competitors are doing and see what’s working. Image by Rabie Madaci, Unsplash license.
Study everything your competitors are doing and see what’s working. Image by Rabie Madaci, Unsplash license.

Discover All Your Competitor’s Ads

I can click this plus button, and I can see, oh look, he actually had a bunch of different split tests as well. You can check out all the different split tests. The one he’s currently running to is going to be the one that links to ad link right here. Then I can click this plus button, and I can actually see more ads from this channel. I can see what specific ads this guy is running. He’s got four different ads he’s running, and I can sort them by views, all that good stuff, and I can see which ones are currently running. It looks like he’s running all of them. I would say that these two are probably his winners, and boom, you can see when it was last seen, when it was published, all that good stuff right there.

That’s just one of the things we can do. Obviously I was searching for a website. If I want to find ads in the solar niche, I could just type in solar here. Oops, there we go, and I could do a quick search. This is going to find all the ads in the solar niche that are running. I can see 2022 solar program. I can see literally everything that they’re doing here, what ads are working, where they’re running them. They’re pushing them to a solar calculator, it looks like, in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, which lines up, that’s where they’re running these ads. It looks like maybe they just ran one in New York recently. But, we can really dig in and start to see what’s working in literally any niche.

You can even search over here for domain and URL. Let’s say I want to find all the ads linking to amazon.com, and I want to find all of the dog, let’s go cat. I want to find all of the cat products. I can do a search here, and boom, we now see a bunch of ads linking to amazon.com that are pushing cat related products. Now, obviously that was a very random search. Everybody does dogs, so I did cats. But, that’s pretty cool stuff. Now, we can actually add these to our watch channels. We click that plus, we click add this channel to a watch channel.

Use the Watched Channels feature to receive email notifications from your competitors. Image by Brett Jordan, Unsplash license.
Use the Watched Channels feature to receive email notifications from your competitors. Image by Brett Jordan, Unsplash license.

Get instant updates to your email

Then what this allows us to do in here is, I have all my watch channels right here, like Dr. Squatch, they make hilarious and awesome ads. I love these guys. You can actually see here’s all their ads, their watch channels, so I don’t have to do any searches there. They’re there. Then I just go over here and I can go to email alerts, and I can get daily or weekly email alerts in my inbox saying, “Hey, this person or this channel that you follow rolled out a new ad.” Then I can just check out the ad, check out the landing page, see what new offers they’re coming up with, what headlines they’re using, how they’re using YouTube ads to grow their business. Then I can replicate the parts that I like.

Maybe find something that works in my niche, like for instance, if I was doing a search and I wanted to find all the ads for a guitar. I would do a search for guitar. Now, maybe I actually teach people how to play ukulele. I’m not just copying all the ukulele ads, but I’m finding the best ads that work for guitars, and I am emulating what’s working there and bringing that over to my sub-niche. That is my personal favorite way to use this software. Now, I do have a link below this video or on this blog post, depending on where you’re watching it, that will show you exactly the homepage for Video Ad Vault, or you can also just go to videoadvault.com. But, you can see right there, we actually have more ads pumped into the database since we have been here.

For any reason, you have any problems, click this live chat button. We will get back to you right away. But, you can get Video Ad Vault. We have monthly or an annual option, annual saves you a little bit. Yeah, you can use this tool to quickly and easily find any and all YouTube ads running in any niche, and see what’s working, make that work for you in your business. That is it for me on this one. Please check out videoadvault.com, and I look forward to seeing the results you get with this software. That’s it for me. Bye for now.

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