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How to Present Value in your Entire Ad

How do you present highly engaging value all the way through your ENTIRE ad?

Well, for one, you can take examples from other ads that do it right and then put those strategies to use with your own offer.  

Here’s a Shopify ad I saw with Mr. Beast that I bookmarked with the TubeSift Bookmarker to reference later.  


Landing Page:

Mr. Beast's ad engages the audience’s attention from the beginning of the ad up to the last second.
Mr. Beast’s ad engages the audience’s attention from the beginning of the ad up to the last second.

The Hook

This ad hooks the target audience AND presents the value of continuing to watch the ad in the first 5 seconds (4 seconds, actually).  

The ad is set in what looks like some kind of large, spacious product warehouse or storage center with some colorful signs and objects in the background, which is engaging to the eye.

Mr. Beast says, “Don’t skip that ad.  In the next 30 seconds, I’m going to show you how to start a business on Shopify.”

During this time, a motion graphic pops up with a ringing bell sound effect that shows Mr. Beast’s face and says his name and job (Entrepreneur).  

The video also has big, bold captions following along with everything he says.

Boom!  The hard part of hooking your audience and demonstrating the value you’ll get by watching the rest of the ad is done!

Mr. Beast has successfully crested that hill, and now he just needs to coast through showing the educational value that creates demand for the solution and then deliver that solution in the form of the call-to-action. 

The Educational Message

Now the camera cuts to a wider shot with another person on the computer who is going to be doing the steps as Mr. Beast narrates how to start a business on Shopify.

Mr. Beast then walks through the steps of starting a business on Shopify.  

He has some helping creative elements to emphasize these steps as he says them.  

There are animated graphic pop-ups (with SOUND EFFECTS!) that show steps such as signing up and finding a product to sell.  

These are basically the steps the actor on the computer is doing, and they take it a step further when after signing up, the actor says, “That was so easy!”

He also says other lines that demonstrate social proof, such as “Ah, this is sick!” ( in US slang, this means awesome or cool).

He smiles as he says this, which makes the viewer relate to how easy and incredible it is to set up your own online shop.  

Simple, straightforward, and highly EFFECTIVE.  

Mr. Beast shows how easy it is to spread the word on social media, and then we cut to another shot with a third actor and everyone looking at the computer and celebrating.  

Mr. Beast goes on to say how he sold out his products in under 2 minutes and then delivers a simple phrase that backs up the entire sales messaging of this ad: “It’s literally that easy to start your own business on Shopify.”

At this point, we are at 24 seconds, and now we transition to the CTA.


He says, “Just got to right now.”  

More animated graphics pop up, and then we cut back to all 3 actors, and the third guy says, “It’s so easy, it’ll knock your socks off.”

Keep in mind the socks are the animated graphic they used as an example for Mr. Beast’s product.  

This is just another example of sticking with recurring themes throughout an ad since, as humans, we value consistency and familiarity.  

That’s it!  It’s that simple to create an engaging ad all the way through.

Use our free Google Chrome Extension to quickly bookmark YouTube Ads to visit later.
Use our free Google Chrome Extension to quickly bookmark YouTube Ads to visit later.

How to Simplify your Value Ad Creation

To make this process even easier for you, we highly recommend studying what ads are working in your industry or in related niches, so you can employ tactics that you already know are working.  

The best way to do this is to bookmark ads you see that you like and want to reference later with the free Chrome extension, TubeSift Bookmarker.  

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Stay tuned, and until then, keep up the good work!

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