Image by Canva Studio, License under Pexels.
Image by Canva Studio, License under Pexels.

A method from Video Ad Vault’s Advanced Training

I recently rolled out a new training inside of Video Ad Vault that reveals my simple, templated process for how anyone can make better ads.  

If you’re the kind of person, who thinks they can take on the world solo and doesn’t ever need to learn from what others are doing, then feel free to skip this and get back to plotting but not acting on your world domination.

For those of you who want to find out how easy it is to become more observant of what is working in top-performing YouTube ads and how you can extract winning strategies that you can repurpose in your own ads, then please read on. 

An ad breakdown process

I am pulling an ad from my ad history in the TubeSift Bookmarker here.

I saw this ad from Russ Rufino:

This is a super simple ad because it lacks animated graphics, b-roll, on-screen text, music, and added sound effects.

Those are all great to have, but this ad shows you can accomplish a lot with a little.

A simpler ad also helps illustrate how easy it is to start noticing helpful insights about ads.  

The setting & composition of shot

The first thing I notice here is that he is in some form of intimate recording setting.  There’s a microphone, some upholstery behind him, and lighting on his face.  

It is a tight frame, meaning he is clearly the subject, and there are very few distractions on screen.  

This makes us trust that he is the authority we should be listening to.  

The message

He opens the video by saying:

“Do you want to know how I’ve gotten 4,327 high-ticket clients to pay me more than 85 million dollars in just the past few years with just one short video that took less than 24 hours to create?”

This is a long sentence that needs to be broken down.  

The hook

This is the hook of the video that shows his results in the first 5 seconds. He got 4,327 high-ticket clients. This is a lot, and we should listen up if we even want a tenth of that.  

Proving Results

He shows how having that number of clients changed his life…in the form of 85 million dollars.  

Russ Rufino’s ad is a simple yet effective message that presents a solution to a problem his audience has.
Russ Rufino’s ad is a simple yet effective message that presents a solution to a problem his audience has.

The how

He tells you how he did this in just the past few years with one short video that took less than 24 hours to create.  

The benefit for the viewer

Now we know:

  • He has a proven method
  • His method gets huge results
  • His method is not that difficult

If getting high-ticket clients to pay us a lot of money is something we want, you can bet your socks we’re gonna listen up to what he has to say.  

The educational body

At this point (only about 11 seconds into the ad), he has basically already told us about a solution to a common problem we are experiencing.  

He now tells us he’d love to show us exactly how he did it and “how you can use the exact same video structure to create instant demand for your product or service.”

I mentioned there were no sound effects, or b-roll, or music.  

Instead, Russ uses personal gestures and on-camera sound effects to multiply engagement.  

When he references how he can help YOU, he points to the camera.  

When he says INSTANT DEMAND, he snaps his fingers.  

These are tiny little gestures but, when timed just right, create a rippling effect that carries engagement through the ad.  

Additional talking points

  • He then tells us to click the button, and it is ours.  
  • He gives us a verbal warranty that he will pay us $5000 if we try it and it doesn’t work.
  • He says this is the easiest and most proven way to begin generating high-ticket clients on demand.
  • He breaks down a misconception and objection by saying, “Stop letting other people convince you that it is harder than it is.  It’s not.”

Final Value Pitch

At the end, he says, “Click the link somewhere around this video, and I will show you how quickly and easily you can start waking up every morning to a fully booked calendar of high-ticket clients that are just waiting to give you their money.”

This claim is highly effective because it tells us about the end state that his offer can take us to, the thing that people viewing this ad will want.  

After his message, there is finally…a graphic.  

It is a static image that is engaging to look at and tells the viewer what to do to take action and sign up.    

Visit the Advanced Training tab in your Video Ad Vault membership and start learning our process for making winning ads.
Visit the Advanced Training tab in your Video Ad Vault membership and start learning our process for making winning ads.

Extracting valuable ideas from winning ads

You can see how I was able to extract some detailed observations from a very simple video ad.  

If I were to create an ad for a high-ticket program or any offer that requires booking calls, I could take some plays from Russ Rufino.  

Obviously, you repurpose it for your own content and offer, but the principles still stand.  

Noting these elements of the ads was easy for me because I’ve followed the Top Ads Breakdown Template for countless ads.

This is the template inside the BRAND NEW Advanced Training tab that’s inside the Video Ad Vault membership (more high-level trainings to come from Justin Sardi and me….😏)

This template I developed after studying tons of ad philosophy courses shows you the exact information you need to be watching for in ads and the questions you need to be asking yourself about how you can apply it to communicate the value of your own offer.  

It even has a section that helps you document your favorite parts of the ad to form the basis of your ideas for your next ad shoot.  

If you want to watch the full training, just go to the Advanced Training Tab inside your Video Ad Vault account to watch the video modules and download the worksheets.  

Once you run through a few ads with this process, I promise you will start to become more observant and will develop better ad search habits to find winning ad elements every time you go to make a new batch of ads.  

This process and habit will ensure you never blank on ideas for what to say and do in your ads.  

If you don’t have access to Video Ad Vault, you can pick up a membership here:


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