Justin Sardi shows how retargeting your site viewers work with YouTube ads.

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Build your retargeting audience

Justin Sardi: If you already have an existing business and you are not running traffic on YouTube, or you’re not at least retargeting your audience, you are leaving a ton of money on the table. And in this video, I’m going to show you exactly where to get your retargeting pixel and how to set that up so that you can easily start to build these retargeting audiences and take advantage of the awesome traffic that YouTube has. So that being said, let’s go ahead and jump right in.

All right, so I am here inside of my Google Ads account. I came over to Tools and Settings, and I’ve gone to Audience Manager, right? So I’m in here. Here’s your data segments, and over here you see your data sources. Now all you need to do is come over here to the Google Ads tag and click this details button. And under here, you can see the tag setup. So install the tag yourself. And this is literally it right here, right? So you’re just going to copy this and it’s just a little global site tag. It’s called the Google Tag. Now it used to be called the Global Site Tag, and you’re just going to install this in the head of every single page that you want to track.

It is that simple. That’s literally all that you have to do. Now, once that is installed, you’re going to come over here to Audiences and you’re going to be in your audience manager. You’re going to click Create Audience. And all you’re going to do is … Oops, sorry, I meant to go to segments. So once you get your tag, you install that in the head, all you’re going to do is you’re going to come over here to Segments. And then you’re just going to, you have your data segments. You’re going to click this plus button, and you can then set up a list of people who have visited any page of your website. So this is really cool. You can say, Hey, visitors of a website or webpage, and I’m going to refine this action, and this might, maybe I want to target the homepage of videoadvault.com, which is our YouTube ad spy tool.

Maximize your conversions and audience engagement by retargeting your page visitors. Image by Nicholas Green, Unsplash license.
Maximize your conversions and audience engagement by retargeting your page visitors. Image by Nicholas Green, Unsplash license.

Maximize your audience engagement

So I can come over here, and I can literally just, here we go, new audience segment. I could say, Hey, URL contains this. I’m going to delete that there. I might even just say videoadvault.com. And I can say, Hey, I want it to be prefilled of people who matched the rule within the last 30 days. Obviously, your tag is going to have to be installed there, but I can then target people who hit this page. And then I can say, and I want to target people who, anything like that, I can refine these actions, all that good stuff, and I can build all of these things. So I can say, Hey, visitors of specific webpages, whatever. And I can actually say, Hey, people who visited this page and this page, or what I can do is I can exclude people. So I can say, I want to exclude people who have visited my login page.

So this is actually where the software is. So if somebody buys, they’re going to be into my software. So I’m just going to say, Hey, I want to exclude everybody who purchases as well, right? So boom, now I can then exclude everybody. And you can say it contains equals, starts with blah, blah, blah. So I’m now going to retarget everybody who hits my landing page who did not log into my software. That’s essentially me excluding all of the buyers. So I can do that. And now I have an audience of people on YouTube that have done awesome things, that have visited my website, not purchased, obviously, that’s not that awesome. I want them to purchase, but now I can retarget them and get them to purchase.

And I actually have another video where I talk about the top two types of ads that you should be using. I’ll link to that on this video. There’ll be a little pop-up right about now that’s going to basically take you to that video. So if you want to see once these audiences are set up, what types of YouTube ads should you be using to reach them? Well, I’ll give you a hint. It’s an in-stream and an in-feed ad. And in-feed ads work extremely well by doing when you set up these retargeting audiences. So definitely check that video out.

If you are interested in setting up these ads yourself, I put together a free training, basically breaking down our entire system for setting up and running profitable YouTube ads. And you can check that out in the description of this video. So that’s it for me.

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