Justin Sardi explains the best strategy to grow your YouTube channel faster, using in-feed ads.

Video Transcript

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How do In-feed video ads work?

Justin Sardi: One of the questions that I constantly get is, how do I use YouTube ads to build up a channel and get more subscribers? And it’s actually pretty simple. And what I like to do is use in-feed video ads.

Now, essentially, those are going to show up in the search results on YouTube. And you can target those. You set up a campaign with no goal, and you basically say, hey, I only want it to be an in-feed ad, not an in-stream ad. Because in-stream ads are skippable, in-feed show up in the feed of YouTube, right?

So when somebody’s searching for, let’s say, how to grow a YouTube channel, I could promote this video and have my video show up in the search results without having to rank. And essentially, that’s what in-feed ads do. You can target them by specific keywords.

And I just like to think, what exactly would I want this video to rank for? Target that specific keyword, you’re going to pay per-view. And somebody’s going to basically see that thumbnail, they’re going to click on it, and they’re going to watch it.

And yeah, that is how you grow a YouTube channel using in-feed video ads. And the cool thing about those videos is, you only pay when somebody actually clicks on your video and watches it.

Now, one thing that you’re going to want to make sure you have is a compelling thumbnail, so definitely make sure that you’re kind of searching for whatever your keyword would be. Seeing what other types of thumbnails are out there, it’s a very visual thing, and you’re definitely going to want to have a killer thumbnail.

Which, you can actually use TubeSift to craft those thumbnails. So I’m just going to need good ad copy, good thumbnail, and obviously good content. If you’re promoting content like this, you’re going to want it to feel like content.

Because then people will go through, they’ll subscribe to your channel, and you’ll be able to build that channel up. And ultimately get the silver, or maybe even a better YouTube ad plaque. Or, sorry, not YouTube ad plaque, but Creator Award.

So that’s it for me on this one. Just wanted to talk about using in-feed ads to grow a YouTube channel.

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