Justin Sardi reveals the game-changing features of ClickBank’s update, making it easier than ever to run ads on platforms like YouTube.
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Video Transcript

A new update for affiliate marketers

Justin Sardi: ClickBank just rolled something out for affiliate marketers that advertise to get their traffic. So anybody running YouTube ads, Facebook ads, anything like that, they just rolled out a new update that is going to make everything so much easier and essentially eliminate the need for you to set up a bridge or a landing page. That’s right. You can now direct link to certain ClickBank offers using Google and YouTube ads, and I’m going to show you exactly how right now.

So we’ve got direct offer tracking for affiliates in here, and this is something they just rolled out, like I said. Essentially what used to happen, if you come over here to ClickBank, you would get a typical hoplink. Now a hoplink looks just like this. You could copy that, and essentially that would be your affiliate link. So if somebody goes here, it would take you to a page, and it would be hoplink, blah, blah, blah. But it has to go through a quick redirect to cookie you.

And let’s just come over to Video Ad Vault. This is Prodentum. So I’m just going to pull up Prodentum over here. I did a search already. So you can see how most people are doing this. They’re going video ad. So basic video ad over here. That video ad is then linking to a landing page right here, that this is then the affiliate link and it’s hop.clickBank, whatever. And the reason you had to do this in the past is because Google does not let you use redirects in your ads. They think it’s deceptive. They want people to land on the exact domain that you are telling them they’re going to land on, which technically this is my weekly health, and they’re actually going to Prodentum. So you need that bridge page in between to bridge the gap and get your users to click through and allow Google to approve it.

Easy tracking and fast setup

Not anymore. So with this direct offer linking basically, or direct offer tracking, whatever, usually it was the ClickBank redirect or hoplink redirect to the sales page. Right now it’s literally offer URL to the sales page, and you get tracked. This is badass. So here’s what’s happening now. You come on over to whatever, Prodentum for example. And not every offer has this yet. It is a new thing. You can see direct offer tracking not available right here. However, if I come over to Prodentum for example, which is a phenomenal offer, lots and lots of traffic, this thing works great, and I click this direct offer linking, I put my affiliate nickname in here. And then I can throw in a tracking ID if I want. This might be YouTube ad one or something. And this is super cool. Then I can track every single ad that is generating me sales.

So boom. Right here, I could just copy this. Now, all I have to do, and this goes directly to Prodentum. So if I paste this here, there’s literally no redirect. It’s hard-coded in, same landing page. We are good to go. So now all I have to do when I set up up my ad is get my video ad. And what I can do here, if I really like this ad, I can come over here, let’s say. You can literally get this set up in a matter of minutes. So you come over to Video Ad Vault, search for the ad you want, come over here to the AI script assistant. I’m going to have it rewrite this for me. I’m just going to come over and I’m going to have it rewrite this. I want it to be 120 seconds and I want the tone to be educational. I’m going to generate the script. This is going to spit out a script for me.

From here, all I have to do is use one of the AI video creators, and boom, this will create it for me. And this is extremely cool. So I can use InVideo, I think. Yeah. Here we go, invideo.io. I’ll drop a link below this, but check this out. So while that’s generating my script, you can actually see how this all works here. I literally just put this in here. You can actually see my history. And this is a free prayer coin that I made, and I literally just take my script [inaudible 00:04:03]-

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Justin Sardi: … and this makes-

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With this update, your ad setup will be much easier and quicker than before. Image by Dominika Roseclay, license under Pexels.
With this update, your ad setup will be much easier and quicker than before. Image by Dominika Roseclay, license under Pexels.

Simplify your ClickBank affiliate marketing

Justin Sardi:… amazing videos in a couple of seconds. You can tell it what to do and you can export it. Now I’ll get a link. You can get this for free as well. I’ll link that below this video. But I just wanted to show you all how this works. So I could go create new video script right here. Here’s my new script. Boom. I can copy this. Obviously read it, make sure it makes sense. And we literally just paste our script here, generate the video. And in a couple of minutes this is going to generate a video for me. This is a newer one that I’ve really been digging. It analyzes it. It spits this out. And then all you have to do is literally just create your video campaign and direct link. This is so cool. So awesome new update that ClickBank just rolled out. I will link to InVideo. They have a free plan. You can check that out. And obviously I used Video Ad Vault in here to find the actual ad and model that script so we’re not just snagging it.

But we literally don’t have to do this anymore and we can direct link. So that is about all I’ve got on this one. I do want to toss out that if you pick up Video Ad Vault through this video or whatever, just shoot an email to support@tubesift.com and I will get you my free four-day affiliate marketing bootcamp where I show you how to market these products and services using YouTube ads. And I’m also going to make a bonus training video showing you how to direct link just with the ad setup. It’s super quick, super easy. This absolutely rules. So I hope you enjoyed this video. And I’m loving this new update that ClickBank has. Super cool. You can literally, like I said, direct link using these affiliate offers. So that wasn’t a thing in the past.

Like I said, not everybody has them yet, but a lot of these really good offers do. Sometimes, you have to apply, blah, blah, blah. But I mean, pretty cool stuff here. Anytime you can direct link, awesome. If not, whatever. You can find another offer where you can direct link. And this is new, so a lot of people are getting on board with it. So between Video Ad Vault, the direct linking, and some of these AI video tools, you can literally have your campaigns up and running in a matter of minutes. So that is it for me on this video. Thanks so much for watching and bye for now.

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