Justin Sardi shares the ultimate YouTube ads hack to get more conversions.
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Video Transcript

Your ad creative is everything

Justin Sardi: It’s no secret that your ad creative has a lot to do with how your ad campaign is going to perform. And today I want to share a cool little hack, if you will, that’s going to help you get the most out of your YouTube Ad campaigns. What that hack is is basically analyzing all of the different targeting options that you have and figuring out a way to line up your ad creative with your targeting option.

Now that might sound a little confusing, but let me break it down in very simple terms. So with YouTube Ads, you can actually target specific people’s websites. And Tube Step actually has a tool that’ll allow you to do that. But let’s say, for example, I want to target all the ClickFunnels users.

Well, I can actually do that very easily by going to the sign-in page for ClickFunnels. I know where that is. I use ClickFunnels, so I’m like, why not? I just snag that sign-in page and I know that only ClickFunnels users are going to be hitting that page. So then I can create an audience in Google Ads saying, Hey, I want you to target all of these people, or build me an audience of people that are similar to people that visit these websites. Now it’s not going to be perfect, and I actually do have a video on exactly how you can do that.

You can actually click the… We’ll throw a card on this video and you can check out that other video showing you how to create those audiences. And like I said, it’s not going to be a perfect match, but you are going to have a large percentage of people that are hitting that ClickFunnels page added to that audience. So I know that’s a targeting option.

Target your right audience and align your ad messaging with the targeting. Image by Christina Morillo, license under Pexels.
Target your right audience and align your ad messaging with the targeting. Image by Christina Morillo, license under Pexels.

Connect the targeting and the ad creativity

Well then I’m going to do a little bit of research. And I know within the ClickFunnels ecosystem, let’s say funnelhacking is kind of a buzzword, and by kind of, that’s obviously an understatement. Funnelhacking is definitely something that the whole ClickFunnels community knows about. So what we decided to do was we actually came up with a really cool ad angle. We were giving away a YouTube Ad Bookmarker, and you can actually get that in the link in the description in this video as well or just go to tubesiftbookmarker.com. But essentially I was giving away this YouTube Ad Bookmarker. So we came up with a really cool angle and it was basically thinking about, all right, we’re able to target these ClickFunnels users.

So we thought for a second we said, okay, well, they know about funnelhacking, how can we tie that in to our bookmarker? And we came up with a really cool hook and it basically just said, Hey, as a ClickFunnels user that the first step to funnelhacking is finding and saving an ad. And obviously we’re giving away our YouTube Ad Bookmarker. So in doing that, we’re literally calling out the exact audience that we are targeting. I know, hey, I’m targeting the ClickFunnels audience because I’m building an audience of people that visit these different websites. And by tying in my ad creative with our ad copy, or sorry, with our targeting options, we were able to see amazing results and we actually, we were able to cut our cost per lead a little bit lower than in half just by making that one simple change to our ad creative and thinking, how can we bridge the gap between this targeting option and our ad creative and make them overlap and really speak to your audience?

And by doing that, we were able to, like I said, cut our ad costs more than in half and see some amazing results. So I just want to encourage you to look at all the different targeting options that you can target and figure out how to tie your offer or your ad into speaking to that audience specifically. And another cool way to do this obviously is use Video Ad Vault. We have a collection of over 1.3 million unique YouTube ads and counting. You can go find all kinds of awesome hooks, ad angles, what kind of landing page copy is working, all of the funnels that are working and all of that good stuff. And you can check that out at videoadvault.com.

And yeah, that’s kind of my tip that I’ve got for you today is to recap that, line up your audience with your ad creative, and if you can kind of overlap those and really speak to your audience the right way, you are going to see amazing results. So that’s it for me on this one. Thanks for watching. Bye for now.

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