YouTube has rolled out a new tool called “Checks” that scans videos for copyright issues before they are published. 
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The New YouTube Checks Tool

YouTube has developed a new tool that will automatically assess videos and warn creators of possible copyright issues and ad sustainability restrictions before they are uploaded.  This new tool is called “Checks.” It is designed to alert creators before the video goes live, rather than getting a copyright warning or having their video barred from using advertisements due to inappropriate content once it is published.

How the Checks Tool will help Advertisers

This will help reduce the number of yellow and red icons next to videos, indicating that ad revenue is being withheld due to copyright issues or infringement of advertising guidelines.  This is good news for advertisers to remain compliant with YouTube’s Ad Policies and avoid getting banned from the platform.

How it Works

The application is focused on the Content ID and will be displayed on the final stage of publishing a video on YouTube. If YouTube’s copyright identification system identifies an infringement after scanning a video, the policy of the rights holder will be applied to the video automatically. This may mean that the video will be totally blocked, or that the rights holders will monetize it instead.

This process takes 3 minutes to complete, so users can continue the publication process while the search is running.  If the Checks tool identifies a few copyright issues, a notice will be sent with all the information, such as the portion of content that belongs to someone else, the timecode at which the contested content appears, and what steps can be taken to address the issues. Creators can either opt to delete or edit certain portions, or they can appeal the results if they feel the system made a mistake. If you believe the system is incorrect, you may also request a human review. You will be informed by email once the video has been checked.

Other Things for Advertisers to Consider

Even though a video passes the YouTube Checks inspection without issue, it is still vulnerable to manual copyright claims from others and could be penalized if the claims are tested. Furthermore, if you make changes to your video settings that violate YouTube’s laws, such restrictions can be imposed.

Although this new tool is all well and good for copyright claims, it just hits one of the factors that an advertiser must consider when running ad campaigns: regulations compliance. Every video marketing campaign’s main goal is to use a video ad to get people to leave YouTube, and visit your landing page, where they will hopefully convert and become a new lead or a buyer.

How to get a High ROI on YouTube Ad Campaigns

You want a high ROI, meaning you want to get more money out of your advertising than you put in, and if you can do that, you have a profitable business. 

On YouTube, one of highest converting methods of getting a high ROI on ad campaigns is to use placement targeting.  Placement targeting is the process of placing your ads on videos with the right kind of traffic that will be interested in your offer.  

TubeSift is the go to software for finding high-converting placements for your YouTube ads so that you know you are serving your ad to the right kind of customer who will be interested in what you have to offer.  

TubeSift’s video search feature and easy-to-use platform makes placement targeting on YouTube easy and delivers advertisers a higher ROI.
TubeSift’s video search feature and easy-to-use platform makes placement targeting on YouTube easy and delivers advertisers a higher ROI.

Check out to learn how TubeSift can help you save time and money on your ad campaigns and get that higher ROI for your business.  

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