George Louvis shares how the YouTube ad spy tool Video Ad Vault is helping his clients have higher converting ads and how MySocialMediaUSA can boost your brand recognition and help you schedule your social media posts.
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Video Transcript:

Boost your brand online with Video Ad Vault and MySocialMediaUSA. Image: Pixabay, Pexels License, Pexels
Boost your brand online with Video Ad Vault and MySocialMediaUSA. Image: Pixabay, Pexels License, Pexels

Video Ad Vault is Changing the Game

Brady Snow: Morning, George. How are you doing?

George Louvis: I’m good, man. How are you?

Brady Snow: Doing well. Yeah. Welcome back on our TubeSift Blog.

George Louvis: Yeah. Glad to be here.

Brady Snow: Awesome. Yeah, I saw you were one of the founding members with Video Ad Vault.

George Louvis: Yes.

Brady Snow: That’s awesome. How are you liking it?

George Louvis: It’s unbelievable. It’s already changing the game, and I’ve barely gotten to use it. Anyway, Video Ad Vault. So I signed up for the seminar. I mean, I think anything Justin is going to have or recommend I’m interested in. So I knew I was going to want to see what he had to say. And when I saw what he was doing, in my head, I was like, “If this is $2,500 or less, I’m getting it.” And it was for the initial, it’s getting started lifetime thing, which is huge. And what’s amazing about it for me, one of my clients in particular, competes with a national chain. And even though they’re local, the chain has franchises in their market. So they’re going head to head with these guys.

I could never find their ads because they don’t put their ads on a YouTube channel or whatever. They were just running ads. And I was always trying to figure out what are they doing? How do my ads for my client compare to what this national chain is doing that’s spending millions and millions of dollars a year? And so the first thing I did when I got Video Ads Vault is I just put in the name of the national chain, and all these ads came up. I can figure out from the ads, what they’re doing, essentially every month of the year.

Because of the industry, I know they’re going to do certain things at certain times. And just by watching the 22 or 24 ads that came up, I’m like, “Okay, so this is what they’re doing in January and February. This is what they switched to probably March, April, May.” I don’t have exact dates, obviously. But I can kind of get a feel for it. And on some of them, they started an ad. It says they created the ad June 1st. So in some of them, I know exactly when they started it. Others that have been running longer, I don’t suspect they run certain ads 12 months of the year, just because of the content.

It’s been huge, because I’m about to go into the off season for that client. And what I do from basically October first until the end of January, is I create all the new campaigns and get everything ready to go. I usually run a test for a week or two, even though it’s off season, just to make sure that Google approves it for YouTube and all of that. But now, I can also see what are the other guys doing and when are they doing it. So this is just huge for me. I also, I’m pitching a new client, actually sent the proposal out yesterday, that I’m trying to onboard a brand new client. And I want her to just pay me to do YouTube ads, nothing else in her campaign.

And she makes, it’s a bakery in New York. They specialize in low carb, keto, breads and buns and things like that. I basically did some searching, using TubeSift as well as Video Ad Vaults. And I’ve been able to see what other people in that niche are doing in their ads. And I have, I think, 400 and something videos of how to start a keto diet, ups and downs in keto, all these different things. And so we are going to, assuming she hires me, I’m going to create the ads and pop them right into the beginning of those videos. And it’s like, listen, if you want to start keto, the hardest thing in the world, at least for me, when I’m doing keto right now.

When I started it, the hardest thing was giving up bread. So finding a bakery that makes artisan bread, that’s only two net carbs for a slice of bread, oh man, I’m a happy person. Because I can have bacon and eggs, but I can have toast. It makes it so much easier. And on a personal note, I’ve dropped 12 pounds in just over 35 days. And this bread has become a big part of it. Because in the past, when I would try keto, I could do it for a little while, but I was like, “I got to have something.” So I’m really excited. I hope that she hires me. We’re still going back and forth a little bit about budgets and everything. But I’m ready to go because of TubeSift and Video Ad Vault. I have everything that I need.

Save Time Finding the Right Keyword for Your Message

Brady Snow: Awesome. Yeah. It’s good to hear they can kind of work together. Video Ad Vault’s the ultimate competitive intelligence tool. You can see what ads are running in any niche. And then you can add exclusions and narrow it down even more from there. Figure out what angles are working. You can see what ads are working too.

George Louvis: Yeah. If somebody runs an ad for 3, 4, 5, 6 months, you know that ad’s working. If they ran it for a week and shut it down, you know it didn’t work.

Brady Snow: Yeah. And then you can probably go into it and see maybe why it didn’t work or something like that. Maybe they didn’t get to the solution within the first 30 seconds or whatever it is.

George Louvis: Yeah. And with that million dollar, multimillion dollar national chain I’m competing against, so it’s very cool is seeing them do something and then cut it off, and they replace it. And again, because I know that industry, I know this is still that same time period in the sales process. It’s still that same time of the season, but they killed this ad and they’re running this ad. And so then I can watch the two ads, and I’m like, “Oh, okay. They didn’t say this.” Like in this case, it’s a landscape industry related thing.

What I’m learning is crabgrass is a much bigger keyword in getting people to be engaged than weeds. If I post an ad, “Get rid of weeds in your yard,” and talk about how we can come service your lawn and get rid of weeds. It doesn’t do half as much as if I’m saying, “We’re going to get rid of the crabgrass. Call us now and you can virtually eliminate crabgrass for the summer.” And seeing them do that, I’m like, “All right. I didn’t have to spend all the money running two or three different ads and A/B-ing them.” It’s like, “Okay, I’m pretty certain at this point, just from what I’ve seen, that that’s the big change.” And so that’s what I need to do.

Brady Snow: Nice. Yeah. That’s awesome to hear it can save you time in figuring out what’s the best keywords and best way to pitch your message in your ads.

George Louvis: Yeah. I don’t steal ads, and I would never tell anyone… Don’t ever steal somebody else’s ad. That’s just not cool. But to glean from it and go, “Oh, all right, they’re using the word crabgrass instead of weeds,” Or whatever it might be. In certain industries, it might be used fat loss instead of weight loss, reduce your body fatty. You just start to see certain terms come up, and you see that those are the ones that are running and running and running, so they must be more successful. So then when you’re writing your script, you glean from that, and just go, “Okay, I’m going to say fat loss. I’m going to say keto friendly.” And whatever these words are that I keep hearing, almost like making, what do they call that? Like a word, I forget what they call it, but you put a bunch of words in, and then it shows you the words that are used the most. I forget.

Brady Snow: I forget what it’s called. I know what you’re talking about though. It’s like in a circle and it shows words and some of them are bigger than others.

With TV ads you spend a lot of money to reach millions of people but only a few real customers. Image: Andre Moura, Pexels License, Pexels.
With TV ads you spend a lot of money to reach millions of people but only a few real customers. Image: Andre Moura, Pexels License, Pexels.

The Difference Between TV and Video Ads

George Louvis: Right. And there’s all these websites where you can just load all your words in for free, or take all that content that like, in some cases I transcribe it out or type it out or whatever, and you can throw things in there, go, “Oh, okay. These are the bigger ones. These are coming up more.” So using that helps. All these tools are just awesome. But I also got to tell you, I got a phone call from someone who saw the last video we did on your blog, and asked me a few questions. And I looked at his ad campaign and immediately thanks to TubeSift, I was like, “Oh yeah. Well, this is your problem.”

And I didn’t even charge you guys just give it a shot. And he went from three impressions and no clicks to 487 impressions, I think, in three days after I told him just to add these couple little changes.

Brady Snow: That’s [crosstalk 00:10:05].

George Louvis: Yeah. I’m telling you, man. I swear by TubeSift. And I was telling somebody yesterday in a group conversation, “Take your ads off of Facebook, stop wasting time, get TubeSift and just run your ads on YouTube,” because you can guarantee the audience. In most industries, you do the right searches in TubeSift, you find your 200, 300, 500 videos and do your placement, and it almost has to work, because you know these people are looking for what you’re selling. And you’re giving them that chance.

And plus with that little corny thing that I do in the beginning, “If you want to do this on your own, skip this ad.” I always do that little intro. And then if, “If you’d rather do it yourself, skip this ad.” And people click out if they’re not interested. So I’m not spending money like I used to on television, with people that are just getting up and walking away and going to the kitchen when my ad was on TV, and I was paying a fortune for it.

Brady Snow: Yeah. TV doesn’t, they didn’t even have a call to action that you could click and go anywhere. You just have to make sure that your message is ingrained and they remember you.

George Louvis: Yeah. And you got to flash your phone number a million times, call now, call now. Here’s our website, call now. But you spend 30, 40, $50,000 on a campaign on TV before you find out it’s not working. Especially where I was in the New York City market, that was premium dollars. Now I go on YouTube and it’s 3 cents.

Your Social Media in One Place with My Social Media USA

Brady Snow: Yeah. It’s crazy how much it’s changed. It’s a whole different game now. Well, yeah, that’s awesome to hear. You mentioned that last time we talked, I think that was in May or June of this year. I remember I was in New York then, but yeah. You mentioned your software, My Social Media USA.

George Louvis: Yes.

Brady Snow: And you showed me a video about it briefly. But could you tell us a little bit about that? I think some of our subscribers might be interested in that. It essentially, it keeps your brand when you post something on social media?

George Louvis: Yes. What it does is it’s And I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to share this info. And if you’re familiar with Hootsuite, is very similar. We aggregate content. So we have the system set up where it’s constantly, every minute, pulling new articles from, I think right now we have probably close to 150 sources. So we’re always pulling software and they’re categorized, but there’s also a search bar. So you could search a specific thing and find 20 articles on that particular topic.

The other thing that it does is there’s a way in your admin to add RSS feeds. If there’s a feed you want that we don’t have, you can tell us. And either we’ll put it in for you, as long as the RSS feed works, or you can just add it to your own account, so it’s private just for you. But so it aggregates all this content. You click in, you link it to your Facebook, your LinkedIn, and your Twitter. It will link to those three directly and post directly from the software.

Facebook, it doesn’t link to your personal page, but it will link to all your business pages and all your groups. And there’s no limit. If you’ve got 20 groups and 50 business pages, you can link to them. You can post to them all in one click, or you can segment it the way you want. I just want these to go to these three feeds. Anything you want to do, it does it all. But it gets all that content. And then within the software itself, you have the ability to create a banner ad that goes across the bottom of the screen.

Brady Snow: Okay. Yeah. That’s what I remember you showing me.

You can make your ad redirect the viewer to any landing page, product or anything you need. Image: OVAN, Pexels License, Pexels.
You can make your ad redirect the viewer to any landing page, product or anything you need. Image: OVAN, Pexels License, Pexels.

Edit your Interactive Ad Banners to Boost your Brand Online

George Louvis: I’m a TubeSift affiliate now, so I can make a banner that says, “Save money on YouTube ads,” and put Justin’s picture there. “Check out this free webinar,” and then put the link to his webinar. And anybody who clicks that… And then I can pull articles that are all about advertising and marketing and trends. So on my Facebook business page, which I have a business page that’s about marketing, I can post these marketing articles. And when somebody clicks the article, that opens up in a new window, and there’s the TubeSift ad, or there’s an ad for a book that I sell on my website or a free class that I’m teaching.

Brady Snow: And it’s a clickable banner, and it takes you to whatever landing page?

George Louvis: You’ve got a bunch of different options. You’ve got a clickable banner that is just, “Learn more.” And it takes you to any landing page you want. There’s an opportunity for, I can give away a free e-book. You put your email in and you click “Go” and I get your email address and you get the link to download the e-book. And I don’t have to even have a separate landing page for that. It’s all within the system. So, boom, “Learn how to make $500 a day online,” whatever, click and boom. You get the e-book.

The other cool thing about it is there are certain things that Facebook and Google and stuff are, it’s sometimes hard to get the ad approved if you’re doing an affiliate product. But with My Social Media USA, you can have an affiliate product, set it up within your banner, and you’re not paying for ads on Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter anymore. You’re posting articles. The ad is with-

Brady Snow: [crosstalk 00:16:27].

George Louvis: Say?

Brady Snow: Posting articles is just free. Right?

George Louvis: Right. You could post a hundred at articles a day for free. You never pay for that. You create the ad. The ad runs for free. If I post it on my page and you share it, all your friends see my ad when they click that article. If they share it, all of their friends see the ad. The ad goes on forever. I never pay for a click. I never pay for an ad. It’s a hundred percent free minus, obviously, the fee to have my software, but you can post as much as you want. And it’s just like, “All right, I don’t have to wait for approval on an ad. I can change an ad.”

If I create an ad, I have car dealers that use the service. And they might do, “The December to Remember.” And they post 50 articles in December with the December to Remember ad. What happens January 1st, when they’ve got a new campaign? They go into the software, they go into the December to Remember ad. They edit it into “January is 1% financing,” or whatever their big thing is for January. And because the ad is stored in the cloud until someone clicks the article, if you go January 15th and click an article I posted on December 3rd, you’re going to see the January ad, not the December ad. There’s never an obsolete ad because it’s cloud stored until you click it. You just go in your back office and you change the ad and you can create as many ads as you want. You can link to as many accounts as you want.

The other cool thing that realtors use it for. We have a banner that you create that’s called advertising. The advertising banner allows you to put three images with their own links. So if I’m a realtor and I work with a certain home inspector, a mortgage company, and an appraiser, let’s say, I can put their logos on there with links to their websites, charge them a hundred bucks, 200 bucks a month each to be on my page and on all my posts. And now I’m making money because I charge $199 a month for the service, for the My Social Media. You go get three people to pay you to run some ads, even at a hundred bucks a month, and you’re now making a profit using my service and posting unlimited ads, as much as you want, wherever you want.

Brady Snow: Yeah. That sounds like an awesome way to just get organic traffic, because you’re posting content that’s valuable. Your audience is reading that, but then there’s a clickable ad right there too. And if they’re interested, they click it, and they go to go to the landing page.

George Louvis: And it gives you clout, because if you’re using a high end source, and they see your ad on that page, they don’t know that that’s been superimposed there. It looks like you’re running an ad on or whatever. So it’s like-

Schedule Your Social Media Ads in Advance

Brady Snow: That’s so cool.

George Louvis: Yeah. I mean, I was an investor in developing this thing years ago. And we’ve had a couple bumps in the road, but at this point, it’s running really well. It does link to Instagram, but you can’t put a banner on Instagram. You can post to Instagram through it, but Instagram doesn’t let you have that space to insert your ad.

Brady Snow: You got to put your link in the description or whatever.

George Louvis: Right.

Brady Snow: You have to customize an ad for, or something for Instagram and say, “Link in the description,” or something.

George Louvis: Yeah. And-

Brady Snow: Go ahead.

George Louvis: I’m sorry. We… Oh man, I lost my train for just a split second there. Oh, my goodness. My old man brain.

Brady Snow: That’s starting to happen to me too.

George Louvis: Yeah. You got a ways to go to catch up. But yeah, I lost what I was… I’m sure it’ll come back in a second, but it’s… Oh, I’m sorry. I do remember. You can sit down on a Sunday afternoon with your laptop, and you can schedule a whole month of posts. You can also set posts to repeat. So on Facebook, generally, my understanding of Facebook and this may have changed, but if you have a business page on Facebook and you have a thousand people that follow your page, they basically only put your post in the feed of about a hundred of them. And then if people interact with it, then they expand it out and they let more people see it.

So you could set an article that you think was probably good for your audience to set, say Monday at 9:00 AM, and then post again three days later, five days later, 15 days later, once a month for an entire year. There’s really no limit. I think, well, it’s a 10 year limit. So you can make a post once a month for 10 years, if you wanted to. And your ad would always be there.

Brady Snow: That’s cool.

George Louvis: That’s very cool. For some of my clients, we’ll set up, we’re going to run this article every four days for one month and just keep pushing it out there, pushing it out there. Others, we post something one time. There’s one of my clients is a smaller retail store in an area where there’s a lot, pre COVID at least, there’s always a lot going on on the weekends. So on Thursday he would post, “Great things to do in town this weekend.” And there would be his ad, “While you’re out, stop by my store, get 10% off,” whatever he was going to do for that weekend. But that, of course, would run once. Because if it comes out on the 15th and it’s basically for the 16th, 17th, 18th, you’re never going to repeat that one. You just run it once.

Brady Snow: Wow. Yeah. It’s really useful even for, yeah, a store owner in a local town or something. Local businesses, that sounds like something that’d be really useful for them for that as well.

George Louvis: Yeah. It’s very easy. I always do training. And actually when people sign up, I give them my cell phone number, initially. So walk them through getting set up, making sure they know how to use it right. After that, we do basically online tech support generally. But I can’t handle every, there’s too many people using it for me to be always accessible. But I try when somebody signs up new to basically say, “Look, there’s a seven minute tutorial that teaches you how to set the whole thing up and run it. You have any questions, call me or text me. I’ll do a screen share with you and get you going.” And pretty much everybody, once they’ve done it once, I don’t hear from them because it just works.

Use our coupon code TUBESIFT to get 50% off on MySocialMediaUSA. Image: Karolina Grabowska, Pexels License, Pexels.
Use our coupon code TUBESIFT to get 50% off on MySocialMediaUSA. Image: Karolina Grabowska, Pexels License, Pexels.

Use Our Coupon Code to Get 50% Off 

Brady Snow: That’s cool. Yeah. That sounds really useful for any business. Because I mean, getting your message out online over social media is the best platform. You pretty much have to be doing it, so that sounds real useful. What’s the website if people were interested? Where could they go?

George Louvis: It’s And what I thought I would do, if it’s okay with you, is I thought I would create a coupon. And I could make it Justin. I could make it TubeSift. I could make whatever word, but it would wave the setup fee, and it would give each person the first month for $99.

Brady Snow: Oh, cool.

George Louvis: So that they can try it and make sure they like it before they’re committed to the… And there’s no contract. It’s $199 a month generally. But basically, you could cancel at any time, and it just runs. So I’ll make the coupon TubeSift with a capital T. It’ll wave the setup fee and make it $99 a month for the first month. No setup fee. And if they don’t like it and they contact me within 20 days, I’ll actually even refund the $99. I’ve never had anybody ask for that. So I feel good about that.

Brady Snow: We’ll put that info and that coupon code and then the link as well in the blog post. And then if you’re watching this on YouTube, we’ll have that in the description as well for everyone.

George Louvis: Yeah. Thanks. Really appreciate it.

Brady Snow: Yeah. Thanks, George. That a cool tool. Well, yeah, thanks for coming on and letting us know how Video Ad Vault is working out for you and then letting us know about how My Social Media USA works.

George Louvis: Yeah. Thank you.

Brady Snow: We’ll have a link for everyone below where you can get the coupon there that George provided for us and get 50% off your first month.

George Louvis: Yeah. Well, the next couple weeks, I’m going to be putting a lot of new campaigns together, and I’ll be using VAV, want to sound cool, and TubeSift.

Brady Snow: VAV, yeah, VAV.

George Louvis: So I will definitely, I’ll be available. If you want to check in and see how campaigns are going and all that, happy to sit down with you. Justin is like my hero. I basically tell people of all the internet guru guys in the world. If I had to shut out everybody else and pick one, it would be Justin, because he knows more than most people and he cares more than most people. Justin doesn’t sell you something and leave you out there. This guy could be getting $5,000 an hour for his time working with multimillion dollar or billion dollar corporations, but he’ll help anybody, for basically pennies compared to what his value is. And then you can reach out and say, “Hey, I’m having a problem. What do you think?” And get an answer. And he’s got you guys. He’s got a great staff. There were a bunch of people I used to follow and sometimes even pay for. I don’t anymore. So Justin is it, man.

Brady Snow: Yeah. He’s helped a lot of people out, and he makes learning new stuff really relatable. You get it ingrained, you get it memorized, and breaks it down and simplifies it. So it’s not as overwhelming in the beginning and you realize, “Oh, I can learn this. I can do this.”

George Louvis: And he’s fast. He never wastes anyone’s time.

Brady Snow: Definitely.

George Louvis: He’s a hundred miles an hour. It’s all gas, no brake. And it works. So I am very grateful.

Brady Snow: Awesome. Good to hear. I’ll pass on the message for you too.

George Louvis: Cool. Excellent. Thanks.

Brady Snow: Awesome. Yeah. Well, thanks George. Have a good day.

George Louvis: Thanks. Stay safe and healthy.

Brady Snow: Thanks. You too.

George Louvis: Bye-bye.

Brady Snow: Bye.

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