George Louvis explains how TubeSift helped him find much better prospects and quadruple his investments with YouTube ads.
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Video Transcript:

YouTube Ads Helping Local Marketing

Brady Snow: Justin never dresses up, sometimes he wears tie-dye tee shirts in interviews.

George Louvis: Can I tell you something?

Brady Snow: Yeah.

George Louvis: I love that man. And it’s funny, because he kind of reminds me of me. When I was in my 20s, I had hair down to here and it was sort of an afro. I did things people said nobody could do, I ended up… I worked with J. Geils. Well, I worked at Record Plant in New York, which is a recording studio. So, I was there when they were recording J. Geils and REO Speedwagon and Heart and Meatloaf. Then I opened my own recording studio, I ended up recording Earth Wind & Fire and Mary J. Blige and Diana Ross.

George Louvis, in his 20s, working for a recording studio in New York.
George Louvis, in his 20s, working for a recording studio in New York.

I have a platinum record behind me for a song that I wrote, there’s actually a gold record above that from [crosstalk 00:00:58] Cox. I did her album at my studio. He reminds me of me, because in hearing his story, he overcame things that people said he couldn’t overcome.

Brady Snow: For sure.

George Louvis: I have massive respect for him, and I love his spirit. I love the way he does his webinars, because he doesn’t waste time.

Brady Snow: Yeah.

George Louvis: “All right, well first you’ve got to set up your Google Ads account, so let me just show you how to do that, we’re going to go into Google right now. You click here, you do signup…” He’s quick. And then if something doesn’t fail, you hear him talk to himself. “Oh, that didn’t work.” Or whatever, when something glitches. He has the best webinars online. Everything he teaches is super, super valuable. And I couldn’t wait to get into the video ads course that I’m in now, the… What is it? Video Ads Cracked.

Brady Snow: Yeah. 

How to Target Your YouTube Ads Better?

George Louvis: I’ve been using TubeSift for two years. And initially started using it with one client. Jumping back just to [inaudible 00:02:12] and my past, at one point I owned a radio station and a newspaper publishing company in the New York Metro Market in New Jersey. In 2008 when I got out of that business, there were probably 30 or 40 companies that had been running ads with me on my radio station or in my newspapers. And they were like, “Well now that you’re not here, what do we do? Can you help us?” So I had no intention of starting an ad agency/marketing company. 

But because these guys were always good to me, we had a great relationship, I decided, all right. I’m going to help you. So, I got Google certified and I started running digital ads for people, Google AdWords, pay-per-click. I also still run radio and television ads for people that want those, and I can produce videos and do different things for customers. 

But you see the up and down on returns. A few years ago, you could buy an ad, if you were a local business in New Jersey, you could buy a cable TV ad on News 12 New Jersey, pay $15,000 for your campaign and get a huge return on your investment. But over the last couple of years, that started to just decrease dramatically. All of a sudden, we were spending $15,000 on an ad campaign and getting $3,000 in sales from our TV ads. 

So, we started doing Facebook and Twitter and still doing Google and a little bit of YouTube. But what I tended to find was, the first year we did Facebook, it was great. We really did well with Facebook ads. But the last 18 months, I have pulled 250 to $300,000 out of Facebook and Twitter. And my budgets for them now are zero. I spend zero dollars with either one of those. Because after getting TubeSift, and realizing I could target my Google/YouTube ads better, and that I could put my ads just where I wanted them to be seen, and I only paid if somebody watched up to 30 seconds of it, or if it was a shorter… Obviously, it was less than 30 seconds if they watched the whole thing. But I started creating ads that, where I would say something like in the first seven seconds, “But if you’re not interested, skip this ad.” You know? And I learned that from Justin. 

So, I would target ads really, really well. But I also would encourage people to skip the ad if it wasn’t… Like, “If you’re a do-it-yourselfer and you don’t need help, skip this ad.” That kind of thing. So then people skipped it. So, I watched my ad spend plummet while my sales went up. And I wrote down a couple of things, because I wanted to share them with you. And I know I’m a little scattery. But before-

George Louvis explains how Tubesift helped his client get better sales just usig YouTube Ads.
George Louvis explains how Tubesift helped his client get better sales just using YouTube Ads.

Achieve the highest ROI for your video ads campaigns

George Louvis: Before TubeSift, for every dollar we spent in our digital advertising, we were getting about $2 in new sales. Our closing percentage was around 30%. This year, 2021, where we are exclusively using Google Ads and mostly TubeSift fed video ads, okay? Like, we do have some display ads and we do have a couple of keyword searches. I’m speaking of one specific client who is an organic lawn care specialist in Bergen County, New Jersey. 

I can’t share client names, but they’re a really high end company. What we’re seeing now, this year we shifted, like I said, we took everything out of Facebook, everything out of Twitter, and put 100% of the budget into Google AdWords, and created a lot of new videos, so we’re doing a lot of video ads. Using TubeSift, I found videos that I wanted to put my ads in. And we want homeowners, we want people that own a home, that are concerned about their health, they don’t want tons of chemicals sprayed in their lawn, they don’t want those chemicals seeping into the water supply. 

So, I found videos on organic cooking, I found videos on garden projects and organic gardening. I knew if I get in front of those people, those people are going to be interested in what this client offers. 

Brady Snow: Yeah, definitely.

George Louvis: So, we budgeted a whole lot more money than we’ve spent this year. Because people click off if they’re not interested, we’re saving a whole lot of budget. But this year, for every dollar we spend on ads, we have generated almost $4 in new sales. So we’ve-

Brady Snow: [crosstalk 00:07:37]

George Louvis: Using TubeSift. And I completely attribute that to TubeSift. Because I can pull so much information, and I can find so many great videos to put my ad in front of, that I’m pretty darn sure those people are interested. And what’s really cool about it, is our closing percentage… I told you, it used to be about 30%. There’s a form on the website to request a quote. So, the videos send people to request a free quote. We used to close about 30%. This year, we’re closing 48%.

Brady Snow: Wow.

Take Ownership of Your Professional Development

George Louvis: 48% in the lawn care industry, in a high ticket item. It costs a lot more to use my client’s services than it does to use TruGreen or ChemLawn or one of those national chains that just uses a ton of nitrates and phosphates and synthetic product. And we’re closing 48%, which means TubeSift is finding us people who are much better prospects. Because we haven’t changed anything else, the sales team is still the same sales team, the prices have actually gone up 2% since last year. They haven’t gone down. So, the big, big difference is that last year, I took one of Justin’s courses. I bought TubeSift two years ago. But I didn’t take a course.

I don’t even remember how I heard about it, but I signed up, I bought it. And I started to use it a little bit. But I didn’t do what you should do, looking at the tutorials, joining the Facebook group and really paying attention. I just kind of saw a little bit, I was like, this is kind of cool. And I just used it as a little piece of my marketing. 

Brady Snow: Yeah.

George Louvis: Then last year, he offered a course. I can’t remember what it was called but it was something about ultimate YouTube ads, or ultimate leads or something.

Brady Snow: The Unlimited Leads Challenge?

George Louvis: Unlimited Leads. So, I took that. And I started realizing, wow. I was only using about 30% of what TubeSift can do. Lucky for me, I get a reset every winter. Nobody’s buying lawn care in January when there’s six feet of snow on the ground in New Jersey, they’re just not thinking about it. So, I took that course. And then, I had basically January and into February to reset all the campaigns. And get rid of some of the ones that didn’t perform as well last year, create a few new video campaigns, create some new videos based on some of the advice that Justin gives, and then just launch this thing at 100 miles an hour, basically the third week of February. And sales are up. As of yesterday, I think we’re up 28%, year-to-date over the last year. 

And last year was up 20% over the prior year. So, sales are way up. The cost of getting leads is way down. The amount we’re spending on ads has actually gone down. And it’s all TubeSift. You know? I mean, the freaking program is just brilliant. To go in and find your competitor’s videos, to go in and find videos that you know your customers want to watch. And putting your ad right there in the front, it’s just killer. 

Brady Snow: Go ahead.

George Louvis: I was just going to say, and Justin in his classes, teaches you so many things that you might not think of. Like, I used to let some of my ads run on TV. Justin brought it up, I was like, how stupid am I? Because I don’t… If I’m watching YouTube on my smart TV, I don’t stop when I see an ad. I skip the ad, because I’m on the couch, watching TV. I’m not in that frame where I want to watch… It has to be an unbelievable ad to get me to get up, and either grab a piece of paper or take my phone and take a picture of the screen to get the guy’s phone number or whatever, to ever go back to it.

Brady Snow: Yeah.

George Louvis: So, Justin… He was like, “Yeah, we don’t do that.” And I was like, you know what? That’s smart. And so, I pulled all my ads. They don’t run on television screens. And again, the results go up, the income goes up, my client is super happy. 

Strategies to use for better results

Brady Snow: That’s great. Yeah, that’s good to hear. So, you were saying how you started using TubeSift and you were getting good results with some of the features, but then you took the Unlimited Leads Challenge, and you learned that there was even more ways that you can use TubeSift. What are some of those ways that you found that got you even better results?

George Louvis: I didn’t do a lot of keywords searching and things. Basically, what I did was I would just search videos. And I would take 50 videos and do my placement.

Brady Snow: Yeah.

George Louvis: But that was it. I wasn’t doing 200, 300 videos. It didn’t dawn on me. And what Justin taught is like, you take a keyword and you search. But then you take something similar, and search again. And it’s going to come up with say, 50 or 100 videos. Some of them are going to be duplicates. But it didn’t register in my head initially, to just pull those all anyway, put them into my AdWords account, and let Google just delete the duplicates. It didn’t dawn on me to try various, longer-tailed keywords and shifting things around a bit to get more videos. Basically, I would do, “How do I take care of my lawn?” Or I might do, like I said, organic gardening. Because I knew people that were gardening, it means they own a home because they’ve got the property to do the gardening in, and they’re concerned about, they don’t want to throw down tons of chemicals in their property.

So, I would do that but then that might be it. And then I listened to Justin, I was like, well what about fixing a roof? You got a house, you might have a roof problem. That’s a homeowner. 

Brady Snow: Yeah.

Expand your leads for different interests

George Louvis: That’s something I never thought about, because I’m thinking, oh, it’s got to be organic gardening. But now wait a minute, somebody who’s fixing their roof, somebody who’s got a problem with their gutter, somebody who’s got a problem with water on their property, like drainage, whatever. All those things, those are homeowners. And since my client serves a small geographical area, I need as many leads to homeowners as possible.

Brady Snow: Yeah.

George Louvis: And I need people who are kind of active, who do things outside, who care about their yard, people who are looking to buy playground sets and things like that. That means they have kids. That means they don’t want a ton of chemicals on their property. You see what I’m saying? Because, if I have kids and my kids are going to be out in the back yard in their bare feet going on the swings and everything, I don’t want somebody coming in and spraying stuff that causes cancer, and they’re running around in their bare feet, stepping on it.

So, Justin just made me think. And made me expand it out. I also had never used the feature where you can build your thumbnails and everything. Banners-

Use the Banner Design Studio

Brady Snow: Banner Design Studio, yeah.

George Louvis: Yeah. I had never used that. That was in the side, I didn’t know what it was. 

Brady Snow: Okay. You can make a lot of your art that way that you’ll use for your banner.

George Louvis: I did a video… This is crazy, because I was experimenting on some stuff for a Shopify store. And so, I created a video for a product on a Shopify store. That video that I created ranks number one on YouTube if you search for ‘best free tactical pen’. It rates number six on Google. The thumbnail was made in TubeSift, in the Banner Studio thing. I haven’t even run ads for that yet. And there’s been sales, because of the way it ranks. 

Brady Snow: Wow.

George Louvis: And the only reason we’re not running ads for that yet is because the store is not really set up with all the tactical gear that’s going to be sold. This was just sort of, let’s get something up and kind of get this store started, start to get this store ready. But until we get 10 products on the store, we don’t want to run the ads, because if we’re paying for the ads and people come to the store and they take their free pen, obviously the income is then selling them additional products. But it’s not set up yet. 

But I did it as part of the Ads Cracked course. Just to kind of see how it goes. And it’s like, wow, this went really well. [crosstalk 00:17:29]

Brady Snow: Yeah, that’s good to hear.

Brady Snow described Ad Spy, the new feature of TubeSift, to get in front of the competition.
Brady Snow describes Ad Spy, a new TubeSift feature, that helps marketers see what ads are actively running in their niche.

New tools for looking at your competitors: Ad Spy and Landing Page

George Louvis: And because you can use TubeSift to find all those competitor videos, you can get a feel for what they’re saying, what’s working for them, how they’re presenting things. 

Brady Snow: Yeah, that Ad Spy feature that we recently added in the last few months. We’ve been posting about that a little bit just to get people informed on how to use it and what you can use it for. So, you’ve used that to look at what other competitors that are running similar ads in the same niche, right? For the same… You’re essentially competing for the same audience, right?

George Louvis: Right.

Brady Snow: But you can go ahead and look at what specific ads they’re running, how they’re framing their messaging. And then also the landing page feature, have you used that to go see [crosstalk 00:18:16] traffic to?

George Louvis: Yep, I’ve used that. And I also watch their primary videos, even the people that come up just in the videos. So, you’ve got so much data. And if you have data, you can make money. 

Brady Snow: That’s true.

George Louvis: If you have data, you can make money. Because normally, you have to spend money to get the data.

Brady Snow: Yeah.

George Louvis: It’s like, I used to start campaigns, and I remember… Back in the day, owning the radio station and publishing a newspaper, we would tell people, “We’re going to need three to six months. We’re going to run some ads, we’re going to run some offers, we’re going to… You’ve got to tell us what you get the best response in,” because in a lot of those cases, they just want people to come to their store. You know? 

But you’re spending a fortune while you’re gaining information. And then you’re adjusting your ads. With TubeSift, if I have an online product or service, I can go in, I can spend the time doing the research, get my data, look at everything that they’ve done, look at how many likes, how many thumbs up, how many shares, how many comments. When you start looking at the video, it’s like, yeah. This video has 85,000 likes. Yeah, I need to learn from this guy.

Brady Snow: Yeah, it’s definitely someone to pay attention to if they have that many.

Create a unique brand with the help of the experts

George Louvis: Yeah. And just being able to dig in and instead of spending my own money, producing six different videos and all these different offers and landing pages, you start to get a feel. If this guy’s running this ad, this is working. So, let me learn from him and… I don’t steal people’s ideas, I used to be a songwriter. So, I’m very big on copyright. But you can certainly learn from somebody’s ideas and then tweak them, improve them, customize it, make it your own. 

Brady Snow: Definitely.

George Louvis: And get sales a whole lot faster. 

Brady Snow: Yeah, that’s totally what it’s for. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but you can take what someone else is doing, but then repackage that message into something that’s unique to your offer. And then it’s totally your own thing, right there. 

George Louvis: Yeah.

Brady Snow: Yeah, that’s good to hear you’ve been using that. It’s a new feature, so yeah. That’s good to hear it’s getting used and it’s actually showing some results as well. All right, well yeah, you definitely… I had questions for you, but you definitely answered everything I was going to ask. So, if people do want to get in touch with you for any reason about your YouTube ads business, where can they go to find you?

George Louvis: The easiest place to find me is So again, 

Brady Snow: Okay.

George Louvis: And my website is actually It stands for Regional Broadcasting Services, which is the name of my corporate business. And 919 is because my radio station was 91.9 FM. So, it’s

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