Aside from helping people easily search for information, Google also helps businesses grow. Image: Caio, licensed under Pexels.
Aside from helping people easily search for information, Google also helps businesses grow. Image: Caio, licensed under Pexels.
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Your Google Ads Account is Suspended!

Whenever we see the word suspended, we panic immediately. As an advertiser, having a suspended account could be a nightmare.

To begin with, you should not panic. Each issue has an underlying driver. We can find the right resolution without much of a stretch. 

The first thing we always ask is, why is my account suspended? There are a number of reasons why a Google Ads account is suspended. 

Egregious Violation

This is an illegal act or activity that may cause harm to users. This infringement is forced by Google assuming the advertiser doesn’t stick to the Google Ads Policy. On the other hand, if the advertiser’s violation is extremely serious, it might influence the customer.

If Google detects such a violation, the advertisers’ account is suspended promptly without earlier notification to forestall criminal behavior.

But what are the violations that are considered Egregious?

  • Circumventing Systems — Taking part in any action that tries to bypass the quality frameworks set up by Google. A few examples of activities that attempt to circumvent the system include shrouding, tricky diverts and controlling ad text.
  • Promoting unauthorized pharmacies – Any advertisements that promote drug items without first applying for approval might be suspended. This involves focusing on where you are not endorsed to sell drug items.
  • Undesirable business practices — This could result in temporary suspension or permanently banned accounts. The example activities of such violations are phishing, scamming, mis-stating, or concealing critical information about your service, product, or business.
  • Counterfeit — Products that are clones, imitations, replicas, and knockoffs are not allowed to be advertised on Google. 
  • Facilitated tricky practices – Lying about your identity or concealing some information about yourself in regards to politics, social issues, or matters of public concern.
  • Repeated Violations — If you violate the terms and policies too often, you will get your account suspended.

Other Google Ads Policy 

  • Publishing prohibited content –  contents that endorse fake merchandise or risky items are considered a violation. This category also includes empowering exploitative conduct, showing stunning substance or advance disdain, bigotry, separation, or savagery.
  • Engaging in Prohibited practices – such as an activity that may manipulate or abuse the Ad network, abuse of Data collected, and dishonest ads.
  • Posting Restricted Content- Google does not allow content promoting violence, gambling, sexual content, alcohol ads not targeted to the correct age category, and political content that does not follow the silence period. Google also strictly imposes legal requirements and the restricted ads format.
  • Editorial & technical requirements – Google also urges advertisers to follow their editorial and technical requirements for their ads.

Additional Violations

  • Not following Age requirement.
  • Violating the Ads Grant Policy
  • Unauthorized account activity
  • Billing and payment issues
Before engaging in Google Ads, it is recommended to learn its policy to run smoothly. Image: Pressmaster, licensed under Pexels.
Before engaging in Google Ads, it is recommended to learn its policy to run smoothly. Image: Pressmaster, licensed under Pexels.

What to do when your Google Account gets Suspended or Banned?

If Google detects any violations, the advertiser will receive an in-account notification and an email notification stating the reason behind account suspension. It also includes the link to where the advertiser can appeal.

Suspension can be appealed to Google, given that you believe there is an error or there was no policy violated by your ads or your account itself.

How to process your Appeal?

You can use the link included in the email notification or navigate to “Contact Us” within your account. It will redirect you to the form appeal that you will see on the right side of your screen. 

Fill out the form provided. While doing that, information about the suspension and the process of appealing will pop up on your screen, which will help you understand the basis of the suspension.

You can always send multiple appeals; however, your account will be under “Appeal pending” status when you try to do another one. 

Once the result is determined, you will be notified again via an account notification or email. If the appeal is approved, the account will be reinstated, but if not, you can reprocess the appeal doing the same steps stated above.

Note that Google only reinstates accounts in compelling circumstances, so your appeal should be definite, exact, and fair.

Temporary Account Hold

There are events where your account may have violate the Google Ads Policy but will not be suspended right away. They will be put on temporary account hold. 

Google will impose a strike on the account and be notified via in-account notification or email. Once struck, the advertiser cannot run any ads but will still access the account.

If the advertiser is given the first strike, they must acknowledge the strike and resolve the policy that has been violated. Their account will only be released from temporary strike 3 days after the first strike is implemented and 7 days after the second strike. 

If the appeal for the strike is successful, the account will be released from temporary hold immediately.

If the advertisers fail to acknowledge the strike or resolve the violated policy, the account will remain on temporary hold. 

Google also discourages advertisers from creating another account if their account is suspended, leading to a more serious violation.

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