Justin Sardi explains how to find high-converting YouTube Ads in the solar industry.
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Video Transcript

Find profitable ads on YouTube

Justin Sardi: If you’re looking for a way to run profitable ads on YouTube in the solar industry, then listen up. Because today I’m going to show you exactly how to figure out what’s working for lead gen in solar, exactly what types of landing pages and quizzes they’re pushing to, and also I’m going to show you what’s not working so you can avoid what’s not working and put to use, or what’s working on YouTube, so you can shortcut the process and start generating cheap, but profitable leads from YouTube ads for your solar business.

So we’re going to be using a proprietary software that we have. It’s going to be on my computer. So let’s go ahead and jump over there real quick, and I’ll show you exactly how it works. All right, so here we are in Video Ad Vault. I’m going to jump over to search ads and we’ve got the title description, channel name, domain URL. So normally we’d go to YouTube, maybe search for something like, is solar worth it? So we might be searching if we’re doing the solar ads, right? Is solar worth it? People are going to be searching for that. They’re thinking, “Hey, maybe I want to buy it.” You can actually see here, here’s a display ad right here. But if we click on this, let’s see if we get an ad. So the problem is it’s a monday.com ad. That’s not a solar ad. So it can be kind of hard to find ads that are actually in the solar niche, although we are finding ads.

Video Ad Vault is a MASSIVE library of the ads and landing pages running on YouTube.
Video Ad Vault is a MASSIVE library of the ads and landing pages running on YouTube.

Make a perfect hook to catch your audience

So let’s go over here and let’s just type in solar. And we’ll do a quick search for solar and boom, here we go. It’s most recently seen, so these are actively running. And then we can find all of the ads running for solar. This has 12,000 or sorry, 12,000, 12,200,000 views right here. So we know this is probably working. It was last seen yesterday. This was last seen today, things like that. Says 8 million. And you can kind of see what landing pages they’re going to. We can click play. We can watch this ad right here.

Speaker 2: I’ll tell you, homeowners, if you are sick of paying too much money for electric bills and you have a mirror that looks like this in your home, you can get paid today to switch to solar at no cost to you.

I mean, that’s a phenomenal hook. Hey, calling out the local area. So it’s like, “Hey, homeowners in this area, if you’re tired of paying too much for electricity,” who’s not tired of paying a bunch for electricity? So they’ve hit on some really good points. They’ve called out the right people, pre qualified, and did a really good job with this. And I bet they’re pushing to a quiz. They are, cool. So, “Hey, does this qualify?” You can see, Hey, it’s slash YouTube, so that’s where they’re pushing their traffic to there.

So that’s how I would go about doing this in the solar niche. You can see there’s tons and tons of different ads in here. This is a lot of them. This is just the first 50. We can go next and this goes deep, deep, deep. So that is exactly how we would find ads for solar using Video Ad Vault.

Video Ad Vault can help you find YouTube ads that work in the solar industry. Image by Kindel Media, License under Pexels
Video Ad Vault can help you find YouTube ads that work in the solar industry. Image by Kindel Media, License under Pexels

Find out what’s working in your niche with Video Ad Vault

So as you can see, there are a lot of people running very successful solar campaigns on YouTube. I showed you what ads they’re running, what landing pages they’re pushing to, and we were able to do it all with just a few clicks. Now, if you want to dig a little bit deeper, because I know we just scratched the surface today, you’re going to get full access to the entire software suite, and there’s things that I didn’t even show you in there. But you get full access with all the training required for you to get these ads up and running and also find what’s working in your niche. So go ahead and click the link below this video and I’ll see you on the inside. That’s it for me. Bye for now.

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