Check out how to use YouTube Ads to find your ideal customer and why your Facebook ad won’t work as a YouTube ad.
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Video Transcript

Prioritize YouTube Ads

Brady Snow: There’s a reason that Facebook ads do not work as YouTube ads. If you don’t change them to fit the YouTube format, it’s not going to work. It’s not going to convert audiences in the same way. There’s also a lot of reasons why ads will work on YouTube much better than they do on Facebook. And today I’m going to show you why and why you should be prioritizing YouTube as part of your advertising strategy. Let’s go ahead and dive in.

I’m Brady Snow. I’m the Director of Content at TubeSift, where we help YouTube advertisers precision target their audiences on YouTube. So let me just go in here to my Facebook ad. Let’s scroll till I find an ad. Here’s an ad that’s a static ad, but what am I doing here? I’m scrolling. Here’s an ad.

A couple things. It’s a square format here. If you look at YouTube, what are videos? They’re wide. Let’s see if we get an ad, but the videos are the same as an ad, whether regular video or not. Different format.

The viewers on YouTube have more intent to buy a product or service than on Facebook. Image by Roman Arkhipov, Unsplash License
The viewers on YouTube have more intent to buy a product or service than on Facebook. Image by Roman Arkhipov, Unsplash License

Put your ads in front of potential customers

Also, on YouTube here, I’m scrolling. I’m trying to find some social stuff to distract me from whatever I’m doing. I’m just trying to see what my friends are up to. Here’s another ad. If it’s going to stop me, it really has to be eye catching. I also might not be looking for ads, so I’m probably just going to keep scrolling because I do not have to stop. I can keep scrolling until I find pictures of my friends or whatever it is.

But on YouTube, say we go to YouTube, yeah, they have the scroll here, but it’s a bunch of videos. But when you click on a specific video that you want to watch, like, why do I go to YouTube? I want to watch something specific. Let’s say, I’m trying to figure out the best gimbals for video. It’s a video stabilizer. I’ll do a search for that. And then I’m already in this specific niche. It’s video equipment, video gear. So if I got hit with an ad right here, I didn’t right there. You’ve got to keep scrolling until I make one pop up. But-

Speaker 2: When it comes to gimbal-

Brady Snow: If this was an ad popping up right here, you’ll get what I’m saying. There’s nothing else for me to keep scrolling to. I’m already at one video screen. I’m trying to watch this video. The ad’s going to pop up.

Let’s find an ad.

Speaker 3: Right now, we’re all feeling-

Brady Snow: Here’s an ad. For Walmart.

Speaker 3: We get creative.

Brady Snow: But look, I can’t skip it. So that means I have to watch the first five seconds of this ad. That’s how most ads are served on YouTube.

Speaker 3: Find a new way.

Brady Snow: So at that point, the advertiser has five seconds to hook me. And if you’re an advertiser, you can hook your ideal audience in five seconds. They’re going to want to keep watching your ad. Versus Facebook where I said I can just keep scrolling. I can get past the ad no problem. Go find something else that’s going to entertain me. So that’s one of the main reasons.

But then also, it’s the formatting. As I said, Facebook has the square ads. Right here. You can have banners across the top. If you repurpose this on YouTube, that’s only going to fit in just this this square right here. There’s going to be black bars on the side. That’s not going to work.

Target your ideal customer using relevant keywords with TubeSift. Image by Ricardo Arce, Unsplash License
Target your ideal customer using relevant keywords with TubeSift. Image by Ricardo Arce, Unsplash License

Target your ideal audience

And, yeah, you can have your video editor reformat the ad, but also, Facebook’s not for intent. Kind of want to structure your method differently. Whereas YouTube, I’m going there for a specific reason, to find something I want to learn, and so you can target your ideal audience right there based on what they’re searching for.

One of the best ways to do that is with TubeSift. You can search by relevant keywords and find all the different channels that your audience is watching their favorite YouTube content on. And then you can place your ads right there. So if you’re interested in checking that out, you can go to You can see a demo of how the software works and see how this is going to make your life so much easier as a YouTube advertiser. And it’s going to save you time and money by allowing you to get cheaper leads and cheaper conversions, making more sales because you’re targeting your ideal audience. So Go ahead and check that out. And, yeah, that’s basically the main difference between Facebook ads and YouTube ads and why repurposing a Facebook ad directly to YouTube is not going to work for your ad strategy. Yeah, that’s all I got. So thanks for tuning in and we’ll talk to you next time.

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