Justin Sardi explains how to lower cost-per-conversion with the new feature of Google Ads.
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Video Transcript

Google’s New Feature

Google just rolled out a new feature that is absolutely amazing and anybody running Google ads needs to be using this. In fact, when we deployed this one thing that they rolled out, we saw our cost per conversion in certain campaigns go down 30 to 50% without changing a single thing on the campaigns.

So today I’m going to break down exactly what that is and show you how to set it up. Justin Sardi with tubesift.com here and today I’m going to be talking about customer acquisition. Now, Google just rolled this out not too long ago. And essentially what it allows you to do is upload a few different customer lists or retargeting list, website visitors, things like that. And tell Google, hey, I want you to use these specific audiences to narrow down my targeting. Now exactly what it is, it basically says these lists will be used to improve the accuracy of customer acquisition for your campaigns.

So like I said, you tell them, for instance, what we did is we uploaded all of our best buyers. All the people who have logged into our software in the past, say 90 days or something like that and we created a bunch of different lists. You’re allowed to upload 10 list maximum. And we told Google, these are the 10 audiences that we want you to find more people like. Now we didn’t go with our lowest quality buyers, we went with people who have been with us the longest, people who have spent the most money, all of that good stuff. We weren’t uploading lists of leads, we were uploading buyers. So essentially what you do is you go over to the audience manager, you can upload some email lists, pretty simple to do. We actually have a blog post on how to do that as well.

The customer acquisition feature allows you to efficiently reach new customers through your Google Ads campaigns.
The customer acquisition feature allows you to efficiently reach new customers through your Google Ads campaigns.

Customer Acquisition

You can upload email lists. Now, some accounts you can’t use that for targeting, but you can use it for this, which is the customer acquisition part, right? So you basically upload those in your audience manager, or you can pixel your websites, members, areas, things like that, all the people who have purchased, logged in, blah, blah, blah, and you can then use that in the customer acquisition over here. Now where that is, it’s in tools and settings and then conversions. And when you get over to conversions at the very top, it’s going to say customer acquisition, and you’re just going to click this edit button and you can then click over here to your audience lists and you can browse them. And you can see right here, it allows you to do either website visitors or customer lists. Now customer lists, obviously, I’ve uploaded.

Website visitors, obviously, you put your global site tag on that, you start building those audiences and then it will populate those. So we put things like top customers by lifetime value, at least $300 an ad spend, all the active members that have purchased or logged in, right? And a few other things. So we’ve set all of those up. And as soon as we did that, without changing a single thing on some of our prospecting campaigns for Video Ad Vault, which is essentially a Facebook ad library, but for YouTube, if you haven’t checked that out, definitely do so. But as soon as we changed that, we saw our cost go from like break even to profitable, which I’m totally fine with break even, it’s recurring software and that’s great. But if we could be profitable on the front end of our recurring software, that’s even better.

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So that being said, as soon as we deploy these customer acquisition, or just basically fed Google a little bit more data, we were able to, or we weren’t able to, Google was able to essentially identify what those people that were already our best customers had in common with some of the other people in their audiences and were able to serve our ads to more people that are more likely to buy. So this costs nothing extra to use. All you have to do is spend five, maybe 10 minutes setting this up and you will be good to go. So that’s it for this one. Like I said, a brand new feature.

Super cool. Definitely recommend you check it out. And like I said, if you haven’t checked out VideoAdVault.com, definitely check that out. It’s a full blown YouTube ad library. And currently, let me just check this real quick, I believe we have about 654,472 unique YouTube ads and counting. That comes with landing pages, average daily views, it’s searchable by domain. You can plug your competitor’s domains in there, figure out exactly what they’re running. We’ve even added a bunch of new features to this and are constantly updating it, and ads are being pumped in 24/7. So that is it for me on this video. Thanks for watching. Bye for now.

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