Justin Sardi interviews Mike Buontempo, CEO of Client Accelerators, to compare the differences between Facebook ads and Youtube ads and see which platform gets a better ROI.  
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Facebook Ads vs. YouTube Ads

Justin Sardi: Hey, what’s up, everybody? Justin Sardi, CEO and Co-Founder of TubeSift.com here. And today, we have an awesome interview lined up. We’re going to be talking all about the differences between Facebook ads and YouTube ads (Facebook ads vs. YouTube ads) and breaking down some really awesome numbers. So our special guest is Mike Buontempo, and he is from Client Accelerators, who runs a really cool agency. So I’m super stoked to have him on.

Justin Sardi introduces special guest Mike Buontempo to discuss his agency’s experience with Facebook and YouTube ads.
Justin Sardi introduces special guest Mike Buontempo to discuss his agency’s experience with Facebook and YouTube ads.

Long story short, he posted a case study in a group that I’m part of. And I was like, “Dude, this is some amazing data,” Just what he has broken down. And so reached out to him and it was like, “Hey, can you come on, do you want to do a quick interview, break these numbers down? I know this is something everybody’s going to be interested in.” And he agreed.

So thanks for coming out today, man. If you want to tell us a little bit about yourself, your business, and then we can dive in. That’d be awesome.

Mike Buontempo made his first million dollars from Facebook ads in his first two years of advertising and then went on to use YouTube ads and start the ad agency, Client Accelerators.

Mike Buontempo: Yeah. Thanks, Justin. Yeah, my name’s Mike Buontempo. I’ve been marketing online for a little bit over 12 years now. Dropped out of college, started running Facebook ads when I was about 19 years old. And then made my first million dollars from Facebook ads and fan pages in my first two years. I’ve been doing it ever since. We actually launched our agency in June of 2018 and we’ve grown pretty quickly.

We spend a little bit over $3 million a month on Facebook, YouTube, Google Search. Display, Snapchat, TikToK. We run a ton of different traffic sources. We mainly work with like high ticket webinars, book funnels. We do a lot of lead gen, all stuff like that.

Initial Cost per Lead – Facebook vs. YouTube

Justin Sardi: Nice, nice. So that little case study you were sharing in that group, I know you’re breaking down the initial cost per lead Facebook versus YouTube. And then ultimately, what really matters is the ROI, which I thought was a really cool way to break it down because a lot of people that I’ve seen, they’re like, “Oh, my cost per lead is this much with Facebook.” I’m like, “Yeah, that’s great, but cost per lead doesn’t really mean much.” I’ll pay $1,000 for a lead that I know is going to give me $2,000 back. Like I don’t care. It’s all about the ROI in the end. So I’d love if you could share some of those numbers and break that case study down with us.

Mike Buontempo: Yeah. What I’ll do is I’ll just share my screen and show the numbers like right here. We run this high ticket webinar. They sell a $4,000 product over the phone and then they have a $10,000 backend. We run Facebook traffic, YouTube traffic. We run Search, Display, and everything, but Facebook and YouTube are pretty much our two main drivers for this client.

Which has better ROI, Facebook ads or YouTube ads?

And as you can see, we did 223,545 webinar registrations from Facebook. Then we did 174,000 webinar registrations from YouTube. The cost per registration on Facebook’s actually a lot lower than Facebook, I think I had it. So it’s actually close to 32% higher on YouTube. So like you were saying, the average marketer’s going to be like, “Oh, well, I’m paying essentially $6 more to reach the same people, and that’s not going to work, and everything.”

Mike Buontempo shares some data from his ad agency that compares Facebook ads and Youtube ads.
Mike Buontempo shares some data from his ad agency that compares Facebook ads and Youtube ads.

But if you actually track throughout the whole funnel, like we do, you’re going to see a better quality lead. Now that has to do with the targeting. I think the targeting on Google is a lot better, depending on I think the income targeting is a lot more accurate. So targeting the top 10 to 20% income earners. Then targeting people that are in market for what you’re actually selling.

So like, let’s just say you go onto Google and you start searching for I want to get a mortgage. Google is going to place you into a bucket of being in the market for a mortgage right now. So if you’re going to show an ad on how to get a mortgage, that person’s more likely to convert compared to somebody just scrolling Facebook and they see something and they opt in. They might not be in the market for a mortgage right now.

So you could see a lot of the stuff is almost the same. The attendees to bookings is a lot higher. But the biggest thing that you see is the appointments to sales ratio, 7.1% versus 4.1%. Then essentially the lead to sales ratio is literally double. The lead value is more than double. So the ROI on Facebook, and now this is just front end ROI. This doesn’t take into account the 10K, the other stuff they sell. This company’s huge. They do anywhere from like five to $10 million a month in sales. This is just one of the offers that they run.

But so 20% initial ROI on Facebook, which is pretty good at the scale. But if you look at YouTube, 121% ROI. It’s incredible how much better YouTube is just overall with the traffic that we drive. It’s just that the quality is just so, so much better. We’ve seen this with multiple funnels all across the board. We get it from clients all the time, “Oh, well, YouTube’s more money.” Yeah, but if you actually track YouTube’s quality’s just it’s just a lot better, so.

YouTube Ads have Higher ROI than Facebook Ads

Justin Sardi: Those numbers prove it for sure. That’s like 100% ROI more. You’re literally getting that plus doubling your money. That’s like not a small, like that is at scale, like what 3.8 million in spend?

Mike Buontempo: Yeah, well actually it was 7.5 million in spend [crosstalk 00:06:20].

Justin Sardi: Total, but I meant just for YouTube.

Mike Buontempo: Yeah, correct. Yeah, 3.8 million in spend. Yeah, exactly.

Justin Sardi: That’s not like, “Oh, we just started running this thing.” That’s like after spending a significant chunk of change on that, which I think is awesome. But yeah, so obviously you guys are running some big numbers. Any tips you’ve got that you’d like to share with people that maybe things that have been working well for you recently?

Using Testimonials in YouTube Ads

Mike Buontempo: Well, one of the things we actually have seen that worked very, very well is putting a testimonial at the start of the video has actually done very, very well. So let’s say you’re selling a program on how to do Amazon. You could add a testimonial video at the start of the actual thing. “Hey, I worked with Justin and I was able to source my first three products, and I sold 121 units in my first 32 days, and it was amazing, and blah, blah.” Then you actually go into the video and then, “Hey, I’m Justin. You just met my student who did X, Z, and Y.” We’ve seen just adding testimonials at the beginning has really increased the CTRs, the opt-in rate, and lower the CPL and the cost per booking big time.

Justin Sardi: Nice. Yeah, I actually started doing that a while back. I’ll be like, “Hey, I want to show you how this person,” I flash their testimony on the screen, “was able to get this result after going through this training that I’m offering you for free,” kind of thing. So I have noticed that as well.

Optimizing for Specific Conversion Action Sets

Justin Sardi: Another thing I noticed, and I don’t know if you guys do this, but something that I’ve been doing with a consulting client is now that you can optimize for specific conversion actions, we’ve actually, instead of optimizing for registrations, we’ve been optimizing for booked calls. So like higher level conversions, we started optimizing for. We were actually able to more than cut the cost per booked call in half by doing that, same everything.

Mike Buontempo: Yeah. I think Jeremy on my team, who’s my main YouTube buyer, he has done that. I don’t actually have the data. I know we’ve tried it. I don’t actually have the data though.

Justin Sardi: Yeah, it could just be this one, it’s just something I noticed. I was like, “Oh wow. That was really cool.” It could be because when we first started, we’re trying a bunch of different things. We really figured out what was working and got a solid ad, all that kind of stuff. But that is something that I thought was I like how they’re allowing you to do that now.

Google Pixel shows you Interested Buyers

Mike Buontempo: Yeah, it’s great. The other thing is with the Google pixel takes a little bit longer to dial in. But once you get it dialed in, man, it keeps feeding you perfect people, so it’s great.

Justin Sardi: Yeah, definitely. Cool, cool. Well, I don’t want to take up too much of your time. You’ve already dropped a ton of awesome info for us. So we’d love to know, I’m sure there’s other people that are watching this that would love to know how to get in contact with you. So if somebody wanted to reach out, maybe schedule a consult or something like that, how would they go about getting in contact with you?

Client Accelerators is a Full Service Ad Agency

Mike Buontempo: So you could go to ClientAccelerators.com. That’ll redirect to a booking page. You could essentially book a call with my team if you want us to run your YouTube, Facebook, whatever ads you want us to actually run. We’re a full service agency located in New Jersey. Everybody’s in house. We do the scripting, we do the tracking, the reporting, we run all the ads. We do it all.

Justin Sardi: Nice, Cool, man. Well, yeah, thanks a bunch for your time and yeah, thanks for coming on. Really appreciate it. Love the detail in that tracking and just like really showing exactly what happens down funnel, not just like, “Hey, here’s cost per lead.” I think that’s really important. A lot of people overlook that kind of thing.

Mike Buontempo: Yeah, exactly, exactly. Thanks for having me on.

Justin Sardi: For sure, man.

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