Brady Snow shares how to use Video Ad Vault to find top-performing YouTube Ads for real estate.
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Video Transcript

What’s working on YouTube Ads?

Brady Snow: Hey, you, do you want to increase your conversions for your real estate offer using YouTube Ads? Come here. You got to hear this. If you’re trying to sell some sort of real estate offer using YouTube Ads to bring new leads into your sales funnel, congratulations, you are already ahead of the curve. But there’s one issue, real estate is a crowded niche and there’s one thing that you need to do to make your real estate offer stand out from the crowd. The one issue that you’re going to run into if you’re running YouTube Ads for real estate offers is that there are already tons of real estate offers being run as YouTube Ads. So your ideal audience, your ideal target customer is going to already be aware of the tricks that are out there for real estate offers and they’re going to be a lot more judgemental about the value of your offer.

So you’re going to need to be able to know what kind of hooks are working, what kind of education messages are working about the value of your offer, and what kind of calls to action is working, and then, of course, what kind of messaging and layout design is working on the landing page where the conversions happen. This sounds like a very difficult issue to overcome. How are you going to know what kind of messaging is working with real estate offers on YouTube? There’s a simple resource and a simple strategy that you can use today to be able to know what kind of messaging is working with real estate offers on YouTube Ads today. That way, you can put to use effective messaging that’s going to convey an authentic value in your offer. So let’s jump on my computer and take a look at how this works.

So if I want to use YouTube Ads to run a real estate offer to bring in new leads to my sales funnel that I can convert to buyers, I’m going to want to know what kind of messaging and sales funnel is working with real estate offers right now, because that’s my target audience and those are my competitors. So let’s jump in. I’m in Video Ad Vault right now. I had already run this search, but let’s just do a real estate offer. Let’s just try those keywords. I’m searching for a title, description, and channel name. This searched all of YouTube. And then I can filter by view count here, and so I’m at the highest amount of views. Here’s an offer with 77 million, “Why aren’t you the landlord? Here’s an offer.” This looks clearly like a real estate ad.

Offer your audience a good lead magnet to visit your page and give you their email. Image by Porapak Apichodilok, License under Pexels
Offer your audience a good lead magnet to visit your page and give you their email. Image by Porapak Apichodilok, License under Pexels

Have an attractive lead magnet

If I wanted to check out what this is, I can click play and watch the ad, which you can’t find normally because normally ads are unlisted videos on YouTube. So you can watch it here, see what kind of hook they’re using to bring people in.

Speaker 2: … you the landlord, Yes, you. Why aren’t you the landlord?

Brady Snow: So it’s asking a personal question. If anyone wants to be a landlord and make money with real estate, they’re going to be interested in this hook. They’re going to keep watching. It also has the text here saying, “Why aren’t you the landlord?” So that might drive you in. There’s clearly other principles here showing what that is. But you can watch this whole ad, see what they do here. He brings up a book. This looks like a pretty simple ad, but it’s got a lot of view so it must be working. The view count has been ramping up as time has gone on, so it’s clearly working. They’re still running it. If you want to see where they pushed you, you can click Ad Link right here. So it looks like this is how they bring new leads into their sales funnel, “Get your free copy of commercial real estate investing for beginners.” Put it in here, you get a book, and then I’m sure they have you then in their sales system and try to convert you with an offer that way.

That’s something to consider. You can think of some sort of lead magnet if you run a real estate offer and you run a YouTube ad that’s going to tell people about the value of that resource that you’re going to give them, whatever that lead magnet is, have an opt-in form, get leads that way. And then you can have email automation set up or you can follow up and try to book a call with them depending on whatever your offer is. That’s one thing that’s going on here. This is just a quick little sample. “Real estate rule number three, you can’t get rich slow.” I’m going to just watch this for the title. I’m curious about this, if it’s any different, see what kind of offer it is.

Del Walmsley: Rule number three, you can’t get rich slow. When I owned 100 houses…

Brady Snow: So this guy, clearly, he’s presenting. It looks like this is rule number three. So people will have already been familiar with this guy’s offer most likely if they target them with this ad. They probably would’ve seen rule number two and rule number one, but it’s probably serving as a retargeting ad. Interesting stuff. Let’s see what kind of offer they’re pushing to, what it is. It looks like it is a live stream workshop, so a webinar. That is another way to talk to your leads, send them to a webinar where you talk about something of value to them, something of interest, and then you can pitch your offer at the end. It looks like he’s got to pick your date and time, sign up here, click to register. Okay, that’s one way. It depends on your offer. Let’s look at some other ads. Here’s one about flipping houses. It’s not as many views. It’s only run in the U.S. I’m just curious about it. This looks like someone else. I like to just see what else is running out there.

With a good hook, you will engage with the right people. Image by Tima Miroshnichenko, License under Pexels
With a good hook, you will engage with the right people. Image by Tima Miroshnichenko, License under Pexels

Capture your audience with your hook

Speaker 4: Between now and April…

Brady Snow: Sorry. It’s an ad before an ad. That’s allowed these days.

Speaker 4: … no later than May and next year, there is going to be…

Speaker 5: Do you want to flip a house with me?

Brady Snow: “Do you want to flip a house with me?” If you are someone that wants to flip a house, you’re going to want to listen to that. That’s going to hook and qualify that audience right away. And then we have some music kick in. We have a question mark come up. Clearly, it’s a question. Are you interested? Keep watching if you are. That’s a good hook. It was a little bit different than that first guy that we watched where he was just talking with a whiteboard behind him and the camera didn’t change. There was no music. It was just selfie shot. This one’s a little more produced.

Speaker 5: Like the one that I’m getting ready to flip that’s…

Brady Snow: But he’s still shooting selfie here, which I like, but he had a little production value.

Speaker 5: … right behind me. Do you want to flip a house and do it together?

Brady Snow: He shows proof of something that he is offering. He showed the house behind him saying that he just flipped it. Do you want to do this together? He’s demonstrating that he’s about to drop some knowledge. He’s going to share a strategy with you. He did that in eight seconds. So you see what you’re up against if you’re trying to run a real estate offer about flipping houses. You’re going to want to speak to the value of your offer right away and hook people right away. You don’t want to waste time introducing yourself. You don’t want to go into too much detail. You need to get straight to the value of your offer or speak to the pain point of your customer. And if you don’t do that, other people’s ads might be more engaging than you. So you need to see what other people are doing on your ads.

Think of specific keywords that may be related to your niche and find tons of inspiration with Video Ad Vault.
Think of specific keywords that may be related to your niche and find tons of inspiration with Video Ad Vault.

Use specific keywords for your niche

So you can run through here and see what kind of real estate offers are running. Also, I just want to show you, that was pretty broad search, and this is what I like to do when I use Video Ad Vault, I start broad and then I filter down by keyword. So let’s say we want to actually look into flipping houses. Let’s see what ads come up for that. There are a good amount here. Some of these are getting some good amount of views. A lot of them are only running in the United States. You can see that right here. Here’s one that’s running to a few other places. It looks like it’s about something else. They’re just targeting these keywords probably because they’re trying to get a broad sales funnel. So you might find ads like that sometimes, but you can dig in and find other offers here. So here’s one, “The fastest, easiest way to get your first big payday in real estate.” I like the title. I’m curious about that. I want a big payday in real estate.

Speaker 6: This is Sandra Butler. I paid Sandra $10,000 for finding an ugly house near her hometown in Philadelphia.

Brady Snow: All right. So a couple things I’m seeing right here. This dude is speaking from a boat, which is proof that something might be working from him. It could be like his friend’s boat or his dad’s boat, but most likely it’s his boat that maybe he got with this real estate thing he’s talking about here. But he’s talking about Sandra Butler, so he’s showing proof, a customer testimonial perhaps. You can keep watching and see what he does.

Speaker 6: Sandra found the house using a simple software I gave her. Then she submitted the deal and I paid her $10,000 upfront.

Brady Snow: He says how someone made success with this. She got paid 10,000 upfront.

Speaker 6: I did everything else. I funded the deal, I managed the rehab, and I marketed and sold the property. And on this one, I had the great privilege to meet Sandra in person, which was a lot of fun. The thing is…

Brady Snow: You can see he’s getting right into it, talking right away. This might work for someone that is doing this. The thing is, what?

Speaker 6: … Sandra had no experience with real estate.

Save those YouTube ads that are really working

Brady Snow: No experience with real estate. If someone was trying to get into real estate and they have no experience, they’re going to be a little wary about how to get into it. What should they follow? What advice should they follow? What expert should they listen to? What advice should they do? What strategy should they use? This guy is building that trust in showing that value about what he knows, because he just showed how he made this happen for someone else. So if someone else can achieve this, you can too. That is another interesting way to start your ads out and you’re going to want to see what your competitors are doing if you’re trying to run a real estate offer using YouTube Ads. You can keep looking at all this. You can look at the views. You can dig a lot deeper. If you want to follow more ads from that channel, someone is advertising well, you like their style, you want to just follow them, you can see all the ads that a specific person is running, or a specific business. right here, you can see all their ads. You can click on all of them like I just showed you. You can really dig deep into this. It allows you to easily formulate your ad strategy, set your sales funnel system up, and all of that good stuff. If you can watch this channel, you can see the landing page URLs. There’s a couple of them here where it was most recently seen. You get the video description. And just by knowing what is working with offers in your niche, you’re going to be way ahead of the curve. And you’re already here, you’re thinking about running YouTube Ads, maybe you already are running YouTube Ads, you’re ahead of the curve. A lot of advertisers do not realize how big an opportunity YouTube is.

You can get really cheap cost per conversion because you can use the power of intent targeting. And what that is, is you are putting your ad in front of people when they are searching for information about what your offer relates to, what your offer is. So if you put your ad in front of them at the right time, when they’re already specifically looking for something about that, you’re going to have a red hot buyer on your hands, or 5,000 of them. The power is endless with YouTube. And if you want to dial in your targeting, you can use something like TubeSift. That’s our other software. You can go to and check out a demo. With TubeSift, you can quickly and easily place your ad in front of other YouTube videos about your specific offer. So knowing what is working with other YouTube Ads right now in your niche is the most effective way to guarantee that your ads will convert.

Use our YouTube Ads spy tool with the most comprehensive searchable database of YouTube ads and landing pages available.
Use our YouTube Ads spy tool with the most comprehensive searchable database of YouTube ads and landing pages available.

Use Video Ad Vault to improve your strategy

If you know how to create an ad that’s going to resonate with your audience based on what is already working, you’re already ahead of the curve and best way to do that is with Video Ad Vault. So if you want to check this out further and check out some further demos, you can go to We have a demo on the homepage. Our YouTube Ads database is always updating and we are skyrocketing the amount of ads that are in there. It’s growing by the day, by the hour, and you’re going to be able to search ads in any niche. Even if you don’t run real estate offers, you’ll be able to search your niche. You can search by domain, URL, channel ID, channel name, description of the video title. You can browse ads. You can save certain ads and follow specific channels, as I showed you. We can see top channels that are running ads and the sky’s the limit. There’s a lot of ways you can use this.

So if you’re interested, go to and check that out. That’s all I got for you today. So thanks for tuning in. If you liked this video, if you like this content, if you want to learn more YouTube Ads strategies and tips in the future, please subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss a video. We’re publishing stuff all the time, tips for how to run YouTube Ads and optimize your Google Ads account and lower your cost per conversion. We’re going to share all kinds of stuff for you and we’re excited that you’re here and we are wishing you well with your YouTube Ads journey. Check out Video Ad Vault and improve your strategy and increase your conversions. So thanks for tuning in. Talk to you next time.

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