Brady Snow, director of content at TubeSift, walks us through the value demonstration formula that successful YouTube ads follow to generate new leads and make sales
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How to Demonstrate Value with YouTube Ads

Are you worried about what you’re going to say in your YouTube ads, or how are you going to shoot it to make it look cool? If you are, worry not. Today, we’re going to show you exactly how to build trust with your ideal customer, demonstrate the value of your offer (in ad), and make sales. Anyone can do this and shoot a successful YouTube ad, and today we’re going to show you how.

A lot of big brands have high-quality productions. They have fancy sets that make the video look really spiffy and cool, and they have great talent acting in it. But the truth is you don’t need all the fancy equipment in order to shoot a successful ad. There’s a specific formula you need to follow that builds trust with your viewers, and we’ll go over that step-by-step. I’m showing you right now today that you can shoot this on anything. This is being shot on an iPhone. It can be done on a very minimal budget if that’s all you have. You can use simple cameras too, but I’m just showing that this can be done on an iPhone.

Grab Viewer’s Attention

The first thing that you’re going to want to do is grab your viewer’s attention, and to do that, you got to say something that takes about five seconds that piques their interest and makes them think about a problem that they have. 

To get anyone to listen to you in your YouTube ad, you have to grab their attention in the first few seconds.
To get anyone to listen to you in your YouTube ad, you have to grab their attention in the first few seconds. 

Relate to your Customer’s Problem

What you want to do is you want to relate to a common problem that your ideal customer has. Before you start doing your ad, you’re going to want to think about what an issue that they’re experiencing is and how can you grab their attention in as few words as possible. 

Show you Feel their Pain

Once you do that, and they’re listening to you, the next thing you want to do is show them that you feel their pain, so that way you’re building trust with your viewer. And when you build that trust, they’re going to want to listen to you. Once you have that trust, you go ahead, and you pitch what the value of your offer is.

Pitch the Value of your Offer

Let’s say if you have a software, and it’s going to help save customers time and money if they use it, then you can go ahead and tell them what the value of your offer is. 

Before they buy, your prospective customer’s need to know that your offer is going to add value to their lives.
Before they buy, your prospective customer’s need to know that your offer is going to add value to their lives.

Extend a Call to Action

Then you’re going to want to go ahead and extend a call to action. That call to action is going to tell your ideal customer where they can find the solution to that problem that you discussed with them earlier. Once they go there, they might become a lead. They might become a buyer. And you have had a successful ad. If they bounce, if they don’t follow through, then that is where you might want to try retargeting, remarketing. We have other posts about that, which we’ll link to below on this one, and you can check those out and figure out how that can be another benefit to obtaining more customers with your ads.

Download the TubeSift Scripting Guide

Also, I want to go ahead and shamelessly extend a call to action to you. And I will say that if you want help scripting your YouTube ads, you can download our free scripting guide on this page right here. It is a formula that’s going to help you organize what you say in your ad, following the exact formula that I just walked you through about leading your customer from a hook to being a buyer. Please feel free to download that and check that out. We hope that that helps you. Just know that you got this. Anyone can make a successful ad. It’s about the value of what you say, building trust with your customer, and extending that call to action in a way where they will know that this is a solution that’s going to solve their problem.

TubeSift Blog Case Studies

I’d also like to mention that if you do download that scripting guide, if you would like a walk-through on how it looks in an actual video ad, we have some case studies linked below on this video that walk you through how to use the scripting guide. And we have examples from some of our favorite ads that have been on YouTube over the years. You can check those out. It’s a really helpful way to have a visual element to go along with the scripting guide. Once you do download those and try it out, I think you’re going to be well on your way to having exactly the perfect message that you want to deliver with your ad. So go ahead and check that out as well. Thank you for listening, and we will see you next time.

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