Brady Snow shares a strategy to keep tabs on competitors’ YouTube ads.
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Video Transcript:

Stay Ahead of Your Competition by Knowing What YouTube Ads are Active in your Niche

Hi, Brady Snow with TubeSift here. And today we are going to talk about why you should know what YouTube ads are active in your niche. There’s a number of benefits that you stand to gain as an advertiser if you know what ads are working or not working in your niche. But more specifically, how you can define your own strategy and improve your own ads to make even more sales by using this strategy, and we’re going to show you some tips and tricks and a powerful tool that you can use to get this done and automated for you and get this knowledge in as quick of time as possible. So let’s go ahead and take a look. So as we said, we’re going to be talking about why you should know what YouTube ads are currently active in your niche. What ones are running well, which ones are not performing well.

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The Benefits of Keeping Tabs on Competition

There’s a number of benefits you can get from this. By knowing what ads are running, you are monitoring your competitors. So with that knowledge, you can see what they’re doing with their ad. You can also look at the sales funnel that they’re using to push traffic to their offer. And with this knowledge, you can see what’s working for them. If it’s an ad that has a lot of views, you know it’s probably working, so you can go ahead and use that knowledge to improve your own ads. Also, another thing you can do is if you see that there’s a lot of similarities between how people are talking about a specific offer that might be related to what yours is, if they’re all doing something similar or the same, you can use that knowledge to differentiate yourself and do something differently that makes you stand out from the competition so people will want to buy your offer.

There are a number of key benefits from keeping tabs on competitors’ YouTube ad strategies.
There are a number of key benefits from keeping tabs on competitors’ YouTube ad strategies.

The Manual Way of Tracking Competitor Ads

There’s a lot of ways you can do this, but I’m going to show you the manual way and the automated way that’s going to help you save time. So let’s look on the computer here. Let’s pretend I am trying to promote an offer I have for an affiliate marketing course. You can go ahead and take a look at what results you get on YouTube. You see some of the top results here, and you’ve got to look to see if you find an ad. There’s one. So not necessarily an affiliate offer. It’s about a Shopify store. You can also click this ad here and see where they’re pushing traffic to. Okay, it doesn’t give me a ton of info about an affiliate marketing course. So it’s about a PR business with print-on-demand. That won’t work for me so I’ve got to go back. Let’s try another video and see if we get an ad. No ad. Let’s try another one. Nothing. The ads don’t pop up every time.

So you can see, there’s a lot of guesswork in this and a lot of clicks getting and waiting, and that takes too much time. And we don’t have time for that in today’s day and age. Everything’s moving so fast. We want to know what videos are best, have the most views, and then see what ads are running on them. There’s no way to know, because it’s going to just be one ad each time. 

The Automated Way of Tracking Competitor Ads

But we have a solution. So if you have a TubeSift account, you hop over to, login. And here’s my account. So I’m going to type in “affiliate marketing” as my keyword, which was the same search I performed on YouTube. And what this is doing is it’s looking for all the videos related to affiliate marketing. So as you can see, this video looked like it had the same results that we saw. So here’s that same video. But you get all these other ones so that you can see that they’re similar.

So what TubeSift is here’s one that we get as well. TubeSift is sifting the massive database on YouTube for videos related to this keyword. And with it, we see all these stats here. So this video only has 989 views, but this one looks like it has 687,614 views, so that one is doing well. But what you can also do here, if there are ads on it, here’s one here that has ads, so here’s this specific video, I can click ads. And I see that these are the two ads that have been running on that specific video. But if I want to see what the ad looks like, I can click this and watch the ad.

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So you can see what they’re doing there. That may or may not be a video related to your niche, but this way you can find exactly which ones are. But also you can click this link here and see the landing page that their ad is pushing to, so that you can take that knowledge and redesign your own landing page to optimize it, to make your offer stand out over your competition. Let’s take a look at a few more here. Let’s just do this one, for example. One Hour Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Challenge. So, that headline might grab a lot of people’s attentions. He’s calling it a challenge. You can click ads and see what ads have been running on that specific video. A free book, a free training. Let’s see what this ad looks like.

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See How Others Shoot their Video Ads

There are a number of key benefits from keeping tabs on competitors’ YouTube ad strategies.
There are a number of key benefits from keeping tabs on competitors’ YouTube ad strategies.

Okay, so regardless of what the offer is, you can see how an ad is structured. So this guy is using text across the bottom of his ad that grabs your attention. He’s using some images. It’s a selfie style video, but he’s using this image here. And he had a sound effect that came with it. So you can see what other people are doing with ads and you can try to make yours stand out by knowing what other people are doing in your niche. Also, if there’s one that you really like, you can take ideas from it and then make it your own. So that’s just a powerful way to know what competition you’re up against and then how they are trying to pitch their offers. And then you can also look at their landing page and find out how they try to make a conversion after their ad. With this knowledge, you’re well equipped to optimize your own ads and landing pages, your sales funnel, to grow your business and make more sales, gain more leads, whatever your goal is. It’s a powerful way to stay ahead of the competition.

Use TubeSift to Stay Ahead of the Competition

So this is a strategy that you can incorporate with having a well-structured script. We covered that in some previous posts that we’re going to link to below. So with this knowledge, you are able to optimize your own ads and improve your own sales funnel, and it’s guaranteed to give you growth if you are diligent with this process. So if you would like to put this strategy to use, you can pick up a TubeSift license at We will link to that below, but you can also just go to and grab a TubeSift license and get started with being well on your way to having optimized sales funnels by knowing what ads are actively running in your niche, know what’s performing well, and improving your own ad sales funnel with that knowledge.

Thanks for watching. This is just a quick tip. And please look for more from us on the TubeSift blog. If you liked this video, please subscribe to our channel, give us those likes on social media accounts, and we’re grateful. Look for more content from us about YouTube ads strategies next week, and we will see then. Thanks for listening. Goodbye.

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