Justin Sardi reveals how Glenn Dawson, founder of  3 Step Reset Formula, helped him save his business.
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How I Almost Destroyed my Business

Justin Sardi: Hey. What’s up, everybody? Today we’re going to be talking about something a little bit different than we normally talk about. It’s not going to be tactics or strategies, but it’s equally as important, and it’s a huge lesson that I learned along the way through my entrepreneurial journey, and we’re going to be talking about one specific thing, maybe two specific things, that almost ruined my business, and this is very, very important. If this hadn’t been addressed, I probably would not be where I am today. So, let’s go ahead and dive in and talk all about it.

Justin Sardi: All right. So, let’s start off with a little bit of backstory on how I got to the one or two things that was really messing me up and almost, like I said, destroyed my business. So, back when I was 15, I had back surgery, and I had two metal rods put in my spine, and I’ll just show you my scar here. You can probably see that. I’ve got metal rods from here to here. So, I was doing construction afterwards, and maybe that wasn’t the best job for me, but at least it kept me on my feet, kept me moving. I was pretty in shape at the time because I was carrying doors up and down stairs, all that kind of stuff. Turns out I hated doing construction and working long hours, all that kind of stuff, and I didn’t actually want to do that for the rest of my life, which is kind of unfortunate because I had gone to college to get a construction management degree. So, whatever, didn’t need that anyway.

Justin Sardi: So, long story short, a buddy of mine introduced me to internet marketing and was like, “Hey, man, you don’t have to work full-time jobs to make an income. You could have a ton of freedom and do whatever you want,” and that was the one thing that I really, really hated about the construction thing, was the lack of freedom. I had a set schedule, all that kind of stuff. So, he was like, “You can get into internet marketing and basically send emails and make money, and you can work whenever you want. It’s the ultimate job for freedom or whatever. It’s not even like a job.” I was like, “This sounds amazing.” So, I ended up quitting my construction job, getting into internet marketing, and like I said, the number one reason that I got into internet marketing was for the freedom.

Justin Sardi: But after a year or two of really busting my ass to make this thing work, spending long hours at a computer, which totally paid off, by the way… Starting a business obviously takes some time up front. You have to be willing to put that commitment in, all that kind of stuff. But what I found was this really took a pretty big toll on me, and originally I had got into this for the freedom, but at the time I got pretty out of shape because I was literally sitting at a computer, just drinking beers a bunch, I guess. I don’t know. I got pretty out of shape, which ultimately led to a lot of back pain, and like I said, I do have two metal rods in my spine.

Justin Sardi: I was sitting there one day, and I was like, what good is this freedom that I have to… My business started taking off at that point, and I was like, what good is all this freedom I have if I can’t actually enjoy it? I wasn’t even able to do the things I loved like snowboarding. Hiking would kill me. I’d be like, oh, I got to stop, and I just had bad pain in my back, shooting down my legs, all that kind of stuff. So, fast forward to a mastermind that I was at, and I met this guy Glenn, and I actually have Glenn on this call today. He’s going to be talking a little bit about what he did to help me out here. But we were sitting down, and this other guy running mastermind, Tanner, was also… He had some mobility issues or whatever, and his doctor was like, “Hey, you’ll never be able to squat again,” or something along those lines, like, “You basically can’t exercise. Your back’s messed up.”

Justin Sardi: Tanner had been working with Glenn, brought him in. Glenn was talking a little bit about what he did, and I was like, man, I should probably talk to this guy. Yeah. So, long story short, I started working with Glenn, talking with him every single week. He was like, “Hey, man, no wonder you’re in pain. First off, you’re a little overweight,” and I was like, “Hey, hey, buddy,” but no, he was like, “You’re overweight, first off. You got to shed some of that fat.” So, he helped me get my ass back into shape. But ultimately, there were a lot of imbalances, and I’m going to let Glenn talk about that because he knows a lot more, but basically, from me just sitting, hunched over at a computer all day… I’m actually at a standing desk now. I don’t even sit. I have a chair, but it’s somewhere over here. But long story short, me sitting, hunching over, was putting stress on specific muscles, and I couldn’t tell you what was going on, but Glenn was like, “Dude, grab this broomstick, put it over your head, and squat.”

Justin Sardi: So, essentially, I’m like this. I’m like, okay. I did a squat, and he was like, “Oh, dude, you’re all messed up. Here’s how we fix it,” gave me a few things to do, and literally a couple weeks later, I didn’t have any more pain from sitting like this. I was able to correct all of that, and over the course of the next couple months, really gain my life back, which I thought was a really awesome thing. If it wasn’t for working with Glenn and him being like, “Dude, what are you doing?” I was extremely unmotivated. I didn’t like sitting at the desk, anything like that. It was honestly painful for me to sit at the computer and even work, so I just wasn’t really doing it. So, he actually helped me get back to where I was like, “Okay, I can actually do this. This is good,” and also get back to enjoying my life in general, which made it so I felt like I could actually work. So, I want to bring Glenn on, talk a little bit about what you do, and hopefully that was a decent intro.

77% of Americans experience chronic pain.
77% of Americans experience chronic pain.

One solution for your back pain 

Glenn Dawson: Dude, that’s an amazing intro. Thank you for having me, and man, it’s crazy going back down Memory Lane. I’m so proud of you and the changes you’ve made in your life and how far you’ve come, because you do active stuff all of the time now. That’s all you do, is active stuff.

Justin Sardi: Yeah. I mean, we live in the mountains. That’s why we live up here.

Glenn Dawson: Yeah. You’re literally one of the most active people I know now, so it’s amazing that you got your freedom back.

Justin Sardi: For sure. So, tell us a little bit about what you do, all that kind of stuff, because I did a kind of… I know you have people hold brooms over their heads and squat, but…

Glenn Dawson: So, I own a company called ResetU, and what we do is we reset you. So, basically, most people in America, the stat is 74% of Americans are overweight or obese, so there’s 25%, depending on what you look at, of Americans that are actually healthy. The rest of them are unhealthy. Then it’s 64% to 77% experience chronic pain. So, almost the exact same correlation from people that are overweight and people that are in pain, and there’s one quarter of Americans who are basically living it up, that are in shape, and don’t have pain all the time. Most people do. If you guys are listening, there’s a good chance you probably have both of those problems, and most people blame their age or inactivity. Those two aren’t the root causes.

Glenn Dawson: It’s basically just years of compound damage to your body. So, the first one, pain, if you think about it, we’re supposed to be hunter-gatherers. No one is born with pain. There’s not a lot of five-year-olds walking around with pain unless they have some sort of birth defect, or they got in an auto accident, for very, very, very small chances that a five-year-old has pain. But what they do is we put them in shoes that take away a lot of their movement patterns in their feet. We put them in chairs from a young age. When you’re in kindergarten, you’re in a chair, and you start to just form your body into the chair, like you were talking about with the desk job. You didn’t have a lot of pain doing construction, but it was saving you because that’s more of a hunter-gatherer-type job. But the chair tilts your hips in a different area. It turns off muscles, and a lot of people experience lower back pain and upper back pain and neck pain from just sitting at the desk, because it starts to curl you in almost a C or a crescent moon.

Glenn Dawson: If you’ve ever seen somebody who’s elderly, they just kind of start to form themselves into a walking crescent moon, and they’re just rounded, they’re in a lot of pain. They’re walking around every single day with pain, and that pain starts creating limitations in your life, holding you back from all the freedoms that you could be doing, because you stop doing certain things. So, what we do at ResetU, like you were talking about, Justin, with the overhead squat test, with that squat test online, we can see every single muscular imbalance you have. Now, a muscular imbalance is these dominant muscles that pull really, really hard in one direction. Everyone has them, even me.

Glenn Dawson: As you get older, every year that goes by, these muscles get stronger and stronger and stronger, and they start to pull harder, and the weaker ones turn off more. So, what that does is it creates friction in your joints and ligaments, and that friction gives you a pain response like a check engine light to tell you, “Hey, this is bad. Stop doing it.” If you go to the chiropractor or the physical therapist, they’ll put that joint back into alignment and get rid of the friction so there’s no pain, but those dominant muscles will pull the joint right back out of alignment, so you’re back in pain the next week.

Glenn Dawson: So, what we do at ResetU is we diagnose… We get rid of the friction, so we mobilize the joint so it moves the way it’s supposed to, and then we give you a resistance training program or strengthening program to activate those weaker muscles based on your biology, get them to activate, and hold everything in place, so that way you can go do things like canoeing, hunting, hiking, biking to work, all the other stuff that you get to do without ever having to worry about pain or another flareup.

Your bad food habits are part of the problem 

Justin Sardi: Nice. Yeah. I mean, that pretty much sums it up a lot better than I could’ve said, for sure. No, and dude, since working with you… When you first started, or when we first started working together, it’s been a few years now, you were like, “Dude, you’re way imbalanced.” My hips still get out of alignment because I had scoliosis, which is why I had that surgery, but it slowed… This week you were like, “Dude you’re actually in balance. You’re where you’re supposed to be. You’re just a little tight.” I’m like, “Yes, finally.” Yeah. I mean, I’m sure I’m probably a little more of an extreme case with the metal, the fused spine, but maybe not.

Glenn Dawson: Honestly, dude, there’s a lot of people that just live with pain, and they accept it. We were talking about your buddy who’s on your team that runs Facebook ads, and he just has a kinked neck and was doing everything he was trying to do, hiking, rock climbing, with his neck so out of alignment he can’t even turn his head. People just start cutting off pieces of their life and accepting it as, “This is my life now,” and it’s the same thing with nutrition. At ResetU, we reset that part too. There’s not a lot of people that eat correctly when they’re in pain. When you’re in physical pain, on a hormonal level your body’s pumping cortisol through your bloodstream, and it messes with insulin and it makes you want sugary foods and carbohydrates. On top of that, you also have years of damage to your hormones that control your metabolism, so as we get older, most people, even if you don’t have pain, are going to increase their body weight. They’re going to gain body fat.

Glenn Dawson: So, what we do at ResetU is we reset those hormones that get trashed over years of damage of processed foods, and it also gets rid of the inflammation, helps you heal faster. Yeah. If you’re not confident in how your body looks, let’s just say you were 100% healthy, had no pain, you’re still not going to go hiking with your shirt off and feel confident, or want to go leave the house and go hang out with people, or go to the beach, or whatever else you want to do, or vacation photos with your shirt off. It’s going to limit your life. All those things can be reset. It’s just years of damage that compounds on itself and gets worse and worse and worse, and the same old plan that you used to do, that used to work, doesn’t work anymore, so you have to do something new, and that’s what we do at ResetU. We just reset you to when stuff used to work, and it’s easy.

Make the time to work out for less than 30 min to change your health forever.
Make the time to work out for less than 30 min to change your health forever.

Be a Go-Getter and Make the Decision

Justin Sardi: Nice, nice. I mean, I can definitely vouch for that. I know other people that I actually am friends with, talk to all the time, online entrepreneurs, you’ve definitely helped them, and that’s kind of like you as a specialty. It’s online entrepreneurs, really.

Glenn Dawson: Yeah, yeah. Honestly, we came across that by chance. I used to work with a lot of professional athletes, and that’s fun and everything, but those kinds of people, they need somebody in-person to push them and spot them and make sure that they’re all high performers, but they need somebody there in-person. Entrepreneurs, they can get to their highest level of performance without me there, so that’s an easy fit for me, and they’re also high performers, and honestly, I don’t like to work with people that are victims or are not high performers. It’s not as fun when you give somebody something to do and say, “Hey, this plan I’m going to give you will change your life drastically. It’s going to get rid of your pain. It’s going to make you drop body fat on autopilot without doing a bunch of cardio or eating less. All you have to do is follow it,” and then having to babysit them and make sure they do that plan.

Glenn Dawson: To me, that’s enough reward right there. If you’re a high performer, you hear those words, like, “Hey, just do this foam rolling and stretching that I gave you. Work out four times a week for a half hour, six if you’re a go-getter, and eat what I ask you to eat, and your life will drastically change. You’re going to perform at a higher level. You’ll have a six-pack, if you want it. You’ll be able to eat whatever you want, drink whatever you want, and get away with it, and you won’t ever have to worry about pain again. You just got to do what I ask,” that’s enough reward right there.

Justin Sardi: I totally forgot to mention that we’re definitely not in the same state. We’ve worked out together at a couple events, and when you were in Colorado one time, maybe four times. Yeah. It’s totally all remote, but I thought, that’s awesome. I do most of my foam rolling reset calls right here in my office, and then [crosstalk 00:13:54]

Glenn Dawson: Yeah, yeah. That’s the coolest part, man, is I get to… I work with people in Italy. I work with people in South Africa. I work with people all over the world, and it’s so rewarding to help somebody like that change their life, especially if somebody’s been in pain and they’ve seen every single specialist, and they’re like, “All right, I’m going to go online for this trainer in Reno, Nevada, and he’s going to pick me apart and fix me? He’s the one who’s going to do it, and he’s never going to meet me in-person?” It’s fucking awesome, man. It’s so rewarding in my position to change somebody’s life, and when I do get to see them in-person, like you and me at an event or when I’m in Colorado, it’s awesome. I love it, dude. I love it. It’s an added benefit for me, man. It’s like a kid in a candy store.

Take 25min of Your Day for Your Health

Justin Sardi: Sure. Right, right. So, I know you have a training, basically, that’ll walk people through some of these steps to, if they are in pain or anything like that, to kind of get them on the right path to starting. Right?

Glenn Dawson: Funny you mention that, Justin. I do have a training, and it will teach them how to reset their body. So, in this training, we got it down to 25 minutes or less, I believe. I know it’s not more than 25 minutes, so it won’t take up all of your time. You literally have no excuse not to do it. We’re literally going to show you exactly what’s happened to your body and how to reset it, and the exact reset protocol we use with all of our clients to get rid of years of damage to your muscular imbalances that are causing your pain, and years of damage to your hormones that are literally causing you to not put energy in your body, but you’re storing it in your fat cells, and so you just lack energy all the time, and you just keep gaining weight, even though you’re trying to lose it. We show you all of that in 20 minutes. It’s pretty insane, and we have a free gift at the end. So, there’s a lot of reason why you should go check out this training.

Justin Sardi: Yeah, and definitely, we’ll link to that below this because I do think that even if you’re just curious, like what are these things, you should definitely check it out. This whole system has literally changed my life, as I mentioned in the beginning. Yeah, I probably would’ve been fine, but not happy fine, not not in pain fine. Yeah, I would’ve pushed through it, and just like you said, just been like, hey, this is the way that life is now, but having seen the other side… Man, I remember when we first starting working together. I had the same thing, kind of just accepted, well, I have these rods in my back. That’s just the way it is, and I’m just going to have to deal with this, and maybe when I’m older I’ll just have to be in a wheelchair or something. I don’t know. I’m just going to be in pain, and it’s going to happen, and it’s starting, and it’s just going to get worse. Yeah. So, thank you. It’s been awesome.

Most every entrepreneur is responsible for 80% of the business, and when they improve their health, there's a good chance that the business does too.
Most every entrepreneur is responsible for 80% of the business, and when they improve their health, there’s a good chance that the business does too.

Invest in Your Health to Grow Your Business

Glenn Dawson: Of course, and I’m so-

Justin Sardi: Now I don’t have to deal with that.

Glenn Dawson: It’s super sad, honestly, to see people who have lost hope in that, in that future you were talking about. You are the future that a lot of would want, but there’s so many people that have chronic pain, whether it’s in their neck or their back or their shoulder, that think that if it’s in their shoulder, they’re never going to be able to throw a ball for their kid, or if in their lower back, I’m not going to be able to lift my kid over my head or sit in a plane for hours, and they just start taking things out of their life, and it’s so sad that their goal, literally, when we talk to them and we onboard these people into our ResetU protocol, they’re like, “I just don’t want to have pain.”

Glenn Dawson: I’m like, “No, no, no. But when the pain’s gone, what do you want to do?” “I just don’t want to have pain.” They can’t think past it. They’re like, “Well, if I didn’t have pain, maybe I would go golf more. If I didn’t have pain, maybe I’d go hiking, or if I didn’t have pain, maybe I would do this,” and they’ve lost so much hope that their body can function without pain because they don’t remember what it’s like to be without pain anymore. They’ve woken up with pain, and they’ve sat with pain. I had a gentleman who was literally doing his work on his laptop, only on his stomach, laying down on the floor, because it was the only way he could avoid being excruciating pain.

Glenn Dawson: If you think that your business is going to excel when you’re in that much chronic pain, you can’t. Literally, you’re producing cortisol, the stress hormone, at such a high rate because of the pain, you’re going to think in a scarcity mindset, and you’re going to be stressed out all the time because of the pain, and there’s no way that you can get out of it. There’s no meditating you can get out of it. You have to get rid of the pain. Yeah. There’s no way… Every entrepreneur I’ve ever worked with, they’ve always at least doubled their business since I’ve worked with them, and it’s not because I’m some super good business coach, but if you are responsible for over 80% of your business, which most entrepreneurs are, and you improve, there’s a good chance that your business does too, and your quality of life.

Justin Sardi: Right, right. Yeah. I would encourage everybody, definitely check the link below this. Check that training out, and at least start there. Yeah. I just couldn’t recommend it enough. Yeah. I mean, that’s about all I got, man. Thanks for coming on today, really appreciate it, and hopefully everybody enjoyed this. Like I said, it is a different kind of post, opened up a little bit, all that kind of stuff, which I don’t ever really do on the blog, but it’s extremely important, and honestly, it just had such an impact on my life and my business, everything that… I feel bad not sharing it. Yeah. That’s it for me, and definitely check out Glenn’s free training. We’ll link to that below this, and feel free to reach out to me as well if you have any questions, anything like that. I can share some more of my experiences, whatever, and go from there.


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