Youtube is out again to compete with major social media platforms by creating Youtube Shorts. (Photo credit: Christian Wiediger, Unsplash License, Unsplash)
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Competition of Short-Form heats up between YouTube Shorts and TikTok 

The new era of video platforms began when media companies created apps that allow users to watch or make a short-form video that is creative, entertaining, informative, and user friendly.

In 2016, ByteDance released an app called Tiktok. It’s a social media app used to create and share fifteen to sixty seconds videos. It went viral in the first quarter of 2020 when the pandemic started. As of January 2021, it had reached over two billion downloads in Google Play and Apple Store. 

Introduction to Youtube Shorts

Youtube has been the home of millions of videos uploaded by thousands of creators worldwide. Yet TikTok has been taking a lot of the market share for content watch time.  To respond and stay ahead of this rising competition, Youtube released Shorts. It’s pretty similar to Tiktok, allowing users to upload multiple short videos from outside the app. Both enable users to record fifteen-second long videos (and longer if needed) in the app itself.

The Shorts’ feature includes adding clips from your phone’s camera roll to your recordings and using basic filters and automatically adding captions.

YouTube Shorts can be found on:

  • The YouTube homepage and the Shorts shelf
  • Featured on channel pages by default
  • By selecting the ‘What to Watch Next’ module
  • Through YouTube search
  • In user Subscription feeds

The most thrilling part of the Shorts release is that Youtube announced they would use $100 million funds to pay creators who have the most engaging clips. According to Youtube, “Anyone, including creators in the YouTube Partner Program, is eligible to participate in the fund simply by creating unique Shorts that resonate with the YouTube community.”

YouTube begins offering monetary incentives for creating the best YouTube Shorts content. (Photo credit: Cottonbro, License CC0, Pexels)
YouTube begins offering monetary incentives for creating the best YouTube Shorts content. (Photo credit: Cottonbro, License CC0, Pexels)

Advertising with Youtube Shorts

YouTube Shorts videos can’t be monetized.  YouTube is working on what monetization for this format might look like in the future. For now, creators are being paid using the fund allocated by Youtube. This means advertisers cannot yet include Shorts videos in their placements list.

However, companies can still advertise their products or services by creating a Shorts video and posting it on the platform. Businesses can make their ads more interactive to the viewers by using Youtube Shorts. Making YouTube Shorts videos for ads presents an opportunity for advertisers to reach YouTube’s massive audience of 2 billion people.

This new release, Youtube Shorts, guarantees that YouTube will continue growing and remain the world’s biggest video search engine. 

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